Dating mies taurus

I don’t want this to ruin our relationship!

2020.11.20 05:33 TyBlack128 I don’t want this to ruin our relationship!

I am (22-Sagittarius) and have a bf (24-Taurus) we’ve known each other for 8 months and have been dating for 3. Early on in our relationship we had no problems because we were just so happy to be in each-others lives. Now we are starting to run into minor disagreements but I am not good at communicating. When he is displeased with my actions or upset with me I completely shut down and say ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. He is very open and communicative so it only upsets him even more when I shut down because he does not understand why I am the way I am. I want to change so that this relationship can work but no matter how much I try I cannot verbalize my emotions to him when I am upset. Any tips?
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2020.11.19 06:25 kiiitsunecchan Advice on crushing on a long term male Libra friend?

So, I'm (F) a Scorpio (sun, venus and mercury; aries moon, taurus rising amd leo mars) and one of my closest friends is a Libra (cancer moon and rising, virgo mercury and venus and also leo mars).
I had the briggest crush on him since i first set my eyes on him, amd things just escalated as I had the chance to get to know him better and develop a friendship. Timing was an issue, however, as he started a relationship almost at the same time.
But, well, Scorpios. My rising migh be at fault here as well, but I'm stubborn. Our friendship bloomed amd we got closer and closer together, but he could tell from the beginning that I was interested in him romantically as well because I had a hard time being subtle.
We had some arguments over time about boundaries, and went back and forth because as mich as he wanted to keep me more at distance, he was also clear that I messed with his head really badly and was alluring, but we managed to stabilish something that worked for us.
Things ended up not working between him and this girl after he moved back overseas, but our relationship slowly became more flirty until we both admitted to what we were doing and decided to explore that.
And boy, oh, boy, I've never been happier! I take back all the stuff I've said regarding Libras throughout my life because we work very well together - he brings out the best in me and brings me calm and peace and I'm able to let him express himself fully, explore his emotions and his mind, and we have an incredible amount of trust in each other to do it so without judgment.
He also admitted to being so strict nabput boundaries before, when he was dating, because he was developing feelings for me that he really shouldn't amidst his previous relationship, and had no idea about how to deal with that except for putting everything in a box and just not acting on it under any circumstances.
But things also were difficult because his distance also affected how he viewed our prospects as more than friends, as that was the breakimg point before, amd he is fairly inexperienced in relationships in general.
He ended up takimg a step back, once again, and we agreed, after mich conversation, to try to reverse back to friends, but he loathed it because he them felt like we would both be forcing ourselves to not act and say what we wanted to each other in fear of coming off as flirty or something of the sort - because that's my default and it had become his with me as well.
He took some time to himself and communication was stranded. We would speak very briefly and mich less often than what we normally did, but now there was also the pandemic and everyone's mental health took a serious hit.
A couple momths ago, he offered an olive branch of sorts for us to get back on track and talk more as time went on, and we have been working on it.
For the past couple weeks, it feels like we are back to our usual dynamic regarding how often we staybin touch with each other and how hard it is to put the phone away or end a call once we start.
I had had my suspicions alongnthe year that he had gltten in a relationship with someone living closer to him, amd turns out I was right, even if he only decided to speak plainly about it after more than six months together with that person.
Don't get me wrong, I'm terribly happy that he is in a happy and in what seems like a much healthier relationship now than the one he was when we started talking. And I wish my feelimgs for him had faded over time, but they didn't.
For an astrological point of view, we seem to be a complete mess, but I'm curious if my very sparse knowledge might just be very lacking. We acknowledged that we share a bond with each other that is difficult to come by, and that regardless of how that may be, we're beyond thankful to have crossed paths and be in each other's lives.
How on earth did that happen with between a Libra and a Scorpio?
Also, worth of notice, he's absolutely not easy to read as a Libra at all. I actually really thought he was a Virgo for the longest time until I realized I was confusing his birth month - and he shares many Cancer aspects that I've come to love and cherish in the few Cancers that I had had the pleasure to be close with. I only started seeing mkre of him as a Libra as I got closer to him and on certain settings, bit it's still not something prevalent on him at all; most, if not all the stereotypes that tend to carry at least a bit over into other sun sings are just not there.
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2020.11.18 18:00 brokentaurus anybody else’s mom choose their husband over you?

I was 19, living with my mom and her husband. We had moved to Texas a year prior since her husband got a job transfer, they always wanted to move somewhere warm when my sister and I finished high school. My sister needed up going to college in our home state but I left with my mom because I knew she couldn’t be alone.
My mom is a very, very codependent person (I believe I’m using that word right). She has never been able to think for herself, she honestly has never been alone in life because she’s scared. Family has always been number one to my mom but when she remarried no one in our family liked him. He is vulgar, rude, controlling, and can make anybody uncomfortable as soon as he walks into the room. (Not to mention he was also my dads best friend- yes, my mom married my dads best friend). My moms husband made her cut all ties with her family because he felt they didn’t respect him- which they didn’t. (There was actually a major incident that happened but that’s a story for another time)
So life in Texas has been very difficult since the first day. My mothers husband and I would always argue day after day, week after week. I would always be the one to apologize, my mom always asked me too since her husband is just too stubborn and has no problem staying mad his whole life.
(If anyone is into zodiac signs- her husband is Dec. Sagittarius, my mom is an April Aries, and I’m a May Taurus.)
Her husband always made me uncomfortable. I never knew how to say this to anyone because my mom always said he never meant in any sort of way... he always walked around the house with shirt off. I was in middle school the first time I saw him take his shirt off and I twisted his nipples because I thought it was funny? (I was like in the 8th grade, it was hilarious for some reason) But then he started doing it back to me... for years. It became more frequent when we moved to Texas, it was just the three of us in that house. He would sometimes slap my butt, he wouldn’t let me wear thongs (yes he’d check for them), I was always questioned if I had lace underwear or bras, he’d tell me to stop covering up my boobs with my arms if I was braless in the morning, he would come into my room at night and spoon me from behind if he couldn’t sleep. He also had me do his feet- put them in a foot bath, cut his toenails, massage and lotion, and even paint them black. He had me shave his face, I’d bring a bowl and shaving cream to the couch and he’d lay back. He called it a “father daughter tradition”. Back then I called him dad, he kept telling me he earned it and deserved to be called that even though I told him I didn’t feel comfortable... I told him I felt like I was betraying my dad. He also said he deserved to be kissed on the lips, it was a sign of respect. I fought him on both of those for about a year, even told him I didn’t love him- but my mom wanted her family happy. I did anything for my mom.
Her husband used to hold my hand on the couch, and move his thumb up and down on my hand. He used to caress my face when we were on the couch watching tv, I never really liked being touched by him so I would always swat him away. But one day he got mad and told me “what are you gonna do when you have boyfriend? not let him touch you??”
So I finally got a boyfriend. I never dated in high school, I was shy and I was always dealing with family issues and schoolwork to even think about one. But I met a guy at my job, my mom actually worked at the same place. She was his boss for about a year.
We started talking in January, we were friends a year prior but he worked outside the building and I worked inside so we hardly saw each other. February is when we officially started dating. We kept it a secret from everyone because we have 24 year age gap. (I understand big age gaps like this don’t make sense to some people and that’s okay, just please be kind.)
I started working two jobs around the same time we started dating. I would tell my mom that I was working late or got called in- but in reality I was meeting with my boyfriend in the parking lot. (They had a tracker on my phone so if I said I was going to work, I would drive over there and leave my phone in my car and hop into his. We never went far tho, I was always paranoid)
Fast forward to April, my mom and her husband were going out of town for his motorcycle club so I invited my boyfriend to come over after work. He drove out, I made us some dinner, and I lost my virginity. He came over to my house a total of three time.
Fast forward to May, I had just turned 20. I was in yet another argument with her husband. I was taking a shower and he proceeded to bang on the door, he wanted the phone he just bought me back. I handed it to him and closed the door. He ended up getting into a really big argument with my mother which resulted in him to pack his bags, hop on his bike and leave.... again. Hi how them resulted in my mom, hoping in her truck to try and follow him. On his way out though he destroyed my beauty room, threw my vanity mirror to the ground, knocked my painting off the wall- I was so angry I just started packing it all up.
The next day, he still wasn’t home and he still had my phone. I went in to work early to get a facial before my shift, I work in the beauty industry. As soon as I start my shift, I get a call at my job. It’s her husband, he tells me that they know about everything and that I need to get home immediately.
I started panicking at work but I left. I made it home and I saw my mom pacing on the front porch, sobbing. Her husband was inside smoking a cigarette. I honestly don’t remember everything he said, but he went through my phone. He went somewhere to get it jailbroken or something. He read all my messages with my boyfriend, he saw all the nudes I sent him, all the videos I sent him, he saw a picture of a magnum wrapper on my bedroom floor, he saw everything and saved it. He saved my nudes. He threatened to call my dad and tell him everything I did, and even said he’ll send my dad my nudes. He asked me if I liked it, if he was good since he fit a magnum, I said I wasn’t gonna answer that and he slapped me. He slapped my so hard the glasses fell off of my face and my head hit the wall. He slapped me twice. My mother didn’t say anything since she was told to shut up.
He ended up kicking me out, let me leave the house with two pairs of socks, bras, underwear, pants, and shirts. Thankfully I was able to grab my paperwork (birth certificate and everything) and I had another change of clothes in the car.
Her husband went outside to remove the license plates from my car, leaving me and mom alone for a second while I packed my bag. She was so upset, crying and hyperventilating telling me not to leave her, I’m making a big mistake, “we can fix this”- but she also said that I deserved to get hit. So I walked outside. My mom was crying in her husbands arms.
The last thing he said to me was that I was an asshole, and because I’m an asshole I don’t deserve to see my mother ever again. And he was going to take her and move her far far away from me.
So he did.
They packed up the house and moved back to our home state two months later. Without telling me.
I’m now 22 and I still haven’t spoken to my mother since. I have reached out to her multiple times over the years, but I don’t get a response. My sister tells me she’s read them, but she doesn’t say much.
Just this past September, the both of them drove from our home state to Texas to see his friend in his motorcycle club. My mom was in town for a week, and stayed twenty minutes away from me but didn’t tell me.
My mom was my best friend. I love her so much and I would do anything for her. I still don’t know how to handle not having a mom to talk to or want to see you.
Should not have invited my boyfriend over when they were out the house? Absolutely not. But isn’t that 19 year olds do?? Isn’t that what high schoolers do?? I acted my age for the first time in a long time. All I want in my life is to be happy, I chose my boyfriend because he makes me happy.
But I have never been so depressed in my life.
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2020.11.17 01:44 Awkward_Lizard 25[M] More than just a crush on my housemate [36F]

So... (wall of text incomming) I recently moved to a new property a month ago and one of the housemates there i felt an instant connection. Talking for a week or so and we talked a lot connected on so many levels. We had a bit of a party that next weekend and see mentioned something was there between us but not anything explicit so later in the night after hearing this i decided to act on this and let her know i was interested and she said there was no chemistry there. Which i kinda agreed but i moved to fast as i need to feel comfortable with people before i can be my full cheeky self, not mentioning the latter i left it at that i did try and explain later how i would never move that fast. but i should mention it was something that hit me in my core and its the first and only time ive ever felt that way genuinely thinking she was my soulmate.
Now im 5 weeks in almost, we are getting along so well like she finds so many things i say funny and we have such similar mindset or compatible at least ... i would say when it comes to conversation there is definitely chemistry now since we have very similar humor and just a good thing going on. I dont know if shes just being nice but that can't be it? I thought i was just attracted to her because she us stunning but 4 weeks after im just left thinking she is literally a perfect match. We have favourite food that is exactly the same like love the same kinds of things to do want the same kind of things from life. Too much matches up and i honestly am left questioning if i may have lost the one as i really dont think I'll find anyone like her again. Im also interested in astrology of which all of our signs sun/moon/acendant are highly compatible too and shes also interested in astrology too. Too many things just click i dont know what to do i dont want to lose her as a partner but i also dont want to ruin our amazing friendship.
Should also mention ive been talking to a girl i met on a dating app and things are going well like really well ... she seems to be smitten with me. But im having 2nd thoughts since i really dont feel or think shes as compatible to me and i honestly dont see it lasting but it made me realise i dont want to lose my housemate. Im not exactly the most athletic but she is which feels like shes not attracted to me that much but the last week has had me questioning myself. Ive started to work out etc and i will adress that asap but its not gonna be soon enough as i dont want to lead on this other girl knowing i love someone else. I also dont know if she was subliminally messaging me... i mean shes told me things like im just looking for a best friend in a partner now after her previous experiences. Which is what i look for and idk if she heard me talking to the other girl im talking to as i said what i wanted or was just saying it.
Im not sure what to make of it since shes a CanceTaurus/ Sagittarius and im a Virgo/Capricorn/Libra... she can be quit closed off and stubborn to change and anything emotional or too much she closes up. So i dont want to just bring it up like that again but i really feel i need to act but feel its too soon still but like i said cant really wait too much longer ... i know im going to be friends at least with this girl for the rest of my life. I really dont know what to do as i dont want to push things especially since we live together so there is no escape unless one of us leaves. I really feel like im gonna miss something here when it comes to the future, the deeper level of connection i havent felt in like ever? If not 5+ years. Like what am i supposed to do ? I dont think I'll ever find anyone quite as compatible as her its like a once in a lifetime kinda thing and i genuinely feel like ill never feel this way again ahhhHhhh ... the self doubt in me tells me shes just being nice but i cant ignore everything else.
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2020.11.12 01:34 itsbraedenn 11/11 Portal has blown me away thus far.

so a year ago today, i asked this dude that i was in love with to officially be my boyfriend. his birth time is 12:22 and his baseball number as a child was 11. found that out the first time i was ever at his house. saw a baseball plague with “11 [his name] 11” on it, and then later i asked for his birth time for astrology and he knew it already. 12:22.
anyways, i wasn’t into him when we first started talking via snapchat, so i tried kinda fading off, but then i physically ran into him ON halloween 10/31/19, and we started talking again. we met, talked, dated, and he cheated on me ALL during the mercury retrograde that was happening at that time😅🤯 well, this last halloween there was a full blue moon in taurus, AND it was my lunar return as well. it was in the same degree at 02:22 am 11/1/20. i heard from him for the first time IN A LONG TIME on 10/30/20. he didn’t even realize it had been a year since we met (i asked if he remembered). and so, i’m now friends with the girl he is/was currently dating (that’s a hella long story😅), but she actually broke up with him this week (sorta with my help although it was unintentional as i didn’t know she’d do that😅i had just been spending time boosting her faith & strength up, and trynna help her feel better bc of the shit he does [sending healing & Unconditional Love his way.💙🦋🕊🧿]).
ANYWAYS, so i decided i wanted to cover a song for her and i had been trying for DAYS to figure one out and shit. i finally decided on “all too well” by taylor swift (if you don’t know that song—YOU NEED TO!!). i had recorded it a few times, but didn’t like it, and so last night i decided to record it again. well, in the FIRST try i started crying during it and i hadn’t during the others so i decided to use that one because of how Divine that seemed, and just the setting in general. it started sprinkling rain right when i went to record, and RIGHT when i finished,, it started POURING. also the candles dim at the perfect spot with the song. so i had told her i made something for her,, and she responded AT 00:00 MIDNIGHT AND I SENT HER THE LINK AT 00:01 11/11/20...🤯and i realized immediately after that it was 11/11... an exact year later after i had asked dude to be my boyfriend...
The Universe really does work in such magical ways...🥺🥰😌💙🦋🕊🧿 sooo,, imma link the video i made. not trynna self-promote at all😅 it’s not even good bc i was crying lmaooo, but i just hope that someone else can take a message or synchronicity from it as well🥺
11/11 Portal
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2020.11.11 05:23 snickerssnacks Any other Scorpios out there ever been extremely annoyed with the idea of dating and how others treat it? Like it's the bane of your existence?

For me dating and relationships have always been a touchy subject and pet peeve for me. Because I'm the Scorpio that only wants to be with someone I trust and truly get along with... extremely all or nothing here. (Scorpio sun, scorpio stellium, taurus moon)
I've never dated or had a serious relationship, I had some little flirty dumb experiences with boys like you do when you're, like, in high school, but I dont count that for much because those boys in high school wanted to date any girl that was nice to them for more than a week.
But that's the thing - I did not want to just date anyone just for the sake of dating or feeling like I need to have a bf to validate me or be less alone. I wanted to date or flirt with someone I actually liked and got to know and got along with. I was not going to go "Oh he's blonde and likes the same song as me, we must be soulmates :) I should be his gf now". No. I cant stand any of that...
My friend would be that way with dating and it really annoyed me and turned me off more from wanting to date anyone. It has irked me all my life and even now it gets me all peeved...
I know everyone is different but for me it's just not that way... If I date and open myself up to a romantic relationship I'm going to be serious about it. I'm loyal like that. Now that I'm older it sucks to see how a lot of people have seemed to have relationships or is in a committed one now, but I'm not really ashamed of not choosing to go on random dates or kiss random people I didnt feel that comfortable or interested in. You cant force it, and you're not in love with someone you barely know... and certainly not just because you like the same bands, Victoria!
So the first time I had a real crush was in college and I didn't even realize it until later... and I didnt convince myself we should date because I barely got to know them. But yanno what it was still nice to feel a genuine interest in someone as a person on that deeper kind of level. Because that's what I want: genuine communicative chemistry and honesty and attraction. Real stuff, not a fantasy.
Lol... and that's my scorpio thoughts on that...
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2020.10.30 11:16 sputanix 30[M4F] Italy or Europe, looking for the right one

First of all, hello to everyone and nice to meet you.
I am new to online dating, did try tinder a few years back but it was just out of curiosity and I never needed to resort to online dating.... until now, so bear with me as I speak my mind.
About me: How am I doing:
How do I look:
What do I do for fun:
What am looking for:
This is just a block of text, a summary, I'm here you if want to discover the rest.
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2020.10.30 11:15 sputanix 30[M4F] Italy or Europe, looking for the right one

First of all, hello to everyone and nice to meet you.
I am new to online dating, did try tinder a few years back but it was just out of curiosity and I never needed to resort to online dating.... until now, so bear with me as I speak my mind.
About me: How am I doing:
How do I look:
What do I do for fun:
What am looking for:
This is just a block of text, a summary, I'm here you if want to discover the rest.
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2020.10.30 11:15 sputanix 30[M4F] Italy or Europe, looking for the right one

First of all, hello to everyone and nice to meet you.
I am new to online dating, did try tinder a few years back but it was just out of curiosity and I never needed to resort to online dating.... until now, so bear with me as I speak my mind.
About me: How am I doing:
How do I look:
What do I do for fun:
What am looking for:
This is just a block of text, a summary, I'm here you if want to discover the rest.
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2020.10.28 14:49 Kkleinsorge Unexplained events at my childhood home

A few nights ago, my wife Katie invited her sister over to watch creepy, festive Halloween shows. Normally I would have just let them two do their own thing, but I wanted to watch The Haunting of Bly Manor anyways, so I hung out in the living room with them. We were a few episodes in, a few glasses of wine in, and we were paying less attention to the show and were focused more on conversation. Something in the show reminded Trisha of something creepy that happened to her. I don't quite remember what her story was because as she was talking, I was suddenly reminded of a series of events that happened to me years ago that sent chills down my spine. I couldn't believe that I had forgotten all that had happened. I don't know if I just repressed them away, convinced myself that there was some sort of explanation, or maybe that they didn't happen at all. I've been thinking about it ever since, and now here we are.

The first thing that I remember, one of my earliest memories, was waking up in the middle of the night to go to my parent's room. I must have been around 3 years old. I had just started sleeping in my own room, which was right down the hall from my parent's, and I'd often get scared and go sleep with them. It was a straight shot down the hall, with the bathroom in between. I'd have this recurring nightmare that I would fall asleep, and in my dream I would wake up in my cold dark basement with all of the lights off. One night I had the dream, woke up in the basement as usual, woke up for real, hopped out of bed and opened my bedroom door to walk to my parent's room but there was a tall shadowy figure with a top hat on standing in front of the bathroom blocking my path. I was so frozen in fear, I don't remember what happened after that but I remember that fear. I was very young, in a dream state, and it could very well have been nothing - but that image is still so vivid in my mind. I probably wouldn't think much of it if it weren't for things that happened later in that house.

Fast forward a few years, I must have been around 14 or 15. By this time, I had 3 younger sisters, and privacy was hard to come by in our tiny 2 bedroom bungalow. We only had one bathroom with a clawfoot bathtub. I always made sure that I locked the door so that one of my sisters didn't wander in while I was taking a bath. I was laying in there one day after school, went under to rinse my hair, and when I came back up, the cold water handle of the sink was turned a full 90 degrees on full blast. It took a minute to process what the hell happened. I wasn't under water long enough for someone to come in and turn it on, and I was 100% positive that it wasn't on before I went under; there was no reason for it to be. I double checked the lock on the bathroom door anyways, and it was locked. I got out and told my mom about it, and she kind of brushed it off like it wasn't a big deal. I didn't know what else to do but forget about it.

A few weeks or months later I was sitting down at the dining room table, my mom was nearby in the kitchen, when my toddler sister came bumbling around the corner of what used to be my old bedroom . She stopped when she reached the bathroom and looked confused. "How come the sink turned on?" she said. I got goosebumps. I asked her what she meant, already knowing, and she replied "I saw the sink turn on all by itself". My mom walked into the room, pale as a ghost, continued into the bathroom and turned off the now running faucet.

I'm not sure exactly how long after that the humming started, but this I know was real and it scared the living shit out of me. I've had to wipe nervous tears from my eyes a few times just trying to write about it. It happened every night for a long time. Some nights I would stay awake waiting for it, other nights it was so loud that it would wake me up, but it would always happen around 2:30am. My bedroom was now upstairs, which was just a narrow single room. I would hear the hum slowly move from the far end of the room, to right above the head of my bed where it would stay and hover for a while, then move back down the room towards the back of the house. It was so loud when it was above me that I could physically feel it in my chest. Things on my bedside table would rattle. It was a dull, deep, mechanical sounding hum. Almost a buzz, I don't really know how to describe it but it was paralyzing. Nobody else in my family ever heard it. It would only last for a minute or two, not long enough to bolt downstairs, wake my parents up, and convince them to come have a listen. I told them about it, but they just said it was probably an airplane or something. It absolutely was not.

From what I can recall, nothing strange happened after that until I got my drivers license and got my 94 Ford Thunderbird. I started noticing that I'd have to keep turning the passenger side cabin light off. It didn't make sense; I rarely had passengers, and if I ever needed to turn the light on for something, I'd use the rotating knob on the left side of the dashboard to light up all of the lights in the car, not just a manual clicky push one, especially the one on the other side. It happened dozens of times. Sometimes I'd notice it from inside the house when it got dark and I'd have to run out and click it off. It got to the point where I'd check it during the day and it would be on. Luckily it never killed my battery, but I have no explanation for why it kept happening.

A couple years later I ended up getting into an accident and totalling my Thunderbird. I replaced it with a 99 Ford Taurus...and the same thing kept happening. The passenger side light would be on all the time.

When I was 23, I moved out and nothing strange has happened in the 11 years since. When I told these stories to my wife and her sister, Katie said she remembered me telling her about the car light being on all the time when we first started dating and she thought I was a little ridiculous. She vaguely remembers me talking about some kind of humming, and something with a sink. These things mean nothing to anyone else really, but thinking back on them now just gives me the absolute creeps.
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2020.10.25 16:29 sputanix 30[M4F] Italy or Europe, looking for the right one

First of all, hello to everyone and nice to meet you.
I am new to online dating, did try tinder a few years back but it was just out of curiosity and I never needed to resort to online dating.... until now, so bear with me as I speak my mind.
About me: How am I doing:
How do I look:
What do I do for fun:
What am looking for:
This is just a block of text, a summary, I'm here you if want to discover the rest.
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2020.10.23 14:36 Ronin528 So ummmmmm yeah

I was accused of cheating and having another girl , by my girl.. She confronted me , broke it off said I really thought you were different and good luck I hope she's a great gal... Um I've only been dating Mel and I've fallen for her , I tried texting , and getting a mutual friend to explain , every time I'm talking about a girl and in a very very I'm in love with her way , it correlates. To out conversations or when we did things , .. I don't think there's any saving it , She's a Taurus , a amputee and maybe something mental health issues I never caught or knew of ... I just don't get how she didn't catch that ever other post , I tag her in comments so her family don't see nothing , and we really just linked our 20th time had our 3 sex session and went in for 3 hours , best cuddles and intimacy I've ever had .. I'm 38 She's 41 , maybe she stuck in hear ways, maybe she was just done with me, maybe her psycho abusive ex emailing her today , flipped a switch , either way here I am , not sleeping and wanting answears or a second chance for still never cheating on anyone ... I made a public post and @ her so when she signs back on she might see it , she didn't block me ,she just disabled her account , wouldn't answear the door , won't text back .... I feel like I should go there while she's working at home , show her everything if shell look at it , then when she realizes I really only want her and love her ...make her crawl beg or apologize 40 times
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2020.10.22 00:52 doingokayhby Taurus & Pisces: confusing relationship/communication?

Hi there, To detail: Taurus man has Sun, Mars, Mercury: Taurus Moon: Pisces Venus: Aries
Me: Pisces Sun Moon, Mercury, Mars: Pisces Venus: Capricorn
I’ve known this Taurus man for about 10 years now. We have had a long term on and off relationship. There has always been romantic feelings involved, but we were always best friends first. Wrong timing prevented us from dating (either he or I was in a relationship).
However, 2 years ago we reconnected and both fresh out of a relationships (mine longer than his) we started talking again/romantic feelings grew. The time we did have together was really special and we connected easily. He would showered me with love and affection. We felt like kids again.
However, I started to ease back a bit, though I had really deep feelings for him, I just got out a relationship. Also mistakes me made as kids made me a little bit more cautious. Mistake on my part, I didn’t communicate this well. I guess he was more impatient, and due to my lack of communication may have given off the idea that I wasn’t as interested, so he found another relationship, sadly... We both aren’t as assertive with our emotions so he never asked questions and I never gave answers. I saw him with another girl and cut the relationship.
A year after that, I messaged him for closure and told him how I felt and that I cared about him always. Because we practically grew up together. No response, he was still dating that girl.
To present day: I entered a relationship year ago. Taurus man added me on FB week ago, I didn’t respond quickly because I was confused and I guess he cancelled the request, however naive me added him and he accepted. All the feelings of nostalgia came back, I was hurt, happy, and hopeful. He messaged me. Everything seemed perfect, we connected instantly again and then he left me on read and blocked me.
I know he cares about me, thinks about me from time to time. He’s admitted to this and I also just know. It just irks me because there’s this dialogue between us, these emotions, these feelings that we don’t talk about! We stop talking we talk again and we just never talk about what happens in the middle and why. I just don’t know what to do, it eats me up.
I just don’t know why he blocked me and if I should even be assertive enough to message him like “okay we need to talk this out like adults now, everything on the table” Just to stop playing this cat and mouse game.
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2020.10.21 13:11 KiwiWitchAF [Intro]

Is it just me, or do intro posts always kind of feel like you're writing an online dating profile, haha? I'm a 37 year old Taurus who enjoys long walks on the beach etc...
I live in New Zealand and I have an 8 year old boy who is my world. I work part time at the local university doing ethnographic research in Anatomy and tutoring in Epidemiology and Population Health (AMA!), while also working on my Master's in Bioethics and Health Law (AMalmostA haha) after finishing my Honor's in Anthropology last year looking at how students cope with learning with human cadaveric materials.
I come from a Romani background, and reading the tarot on the kitchen table was as normal as having a cup of tea there, hence the username (AMA about that too, if you want lol).
I'm not really sure what else to add in here... I'm a Ravenclaw INFJ if that helps? And also I look forward to getting to know people and participating in what looks to be a really cool page!
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2020.10.18 18:22 flowerfolly How do I [26F] support my boyfriend [28M] against my roommate's [26F] sort of obsession with him?

Sorry in advance if this is a little long. My roommate (let’s call her Bella) has been my best friend since age twelve. At the start of the pandemic, my boyfriend of four years was laid off just before our lease was up, so to have a security net, we decided to get a flat with Bella to save some money and have peace of mind while my boyfriend looked for another job. Of course, the week we moved in with her, my boyfriend was offered a job, making the move pretty pointless, except we had already paid for everything so we couldn’t back out.
To preference, Bella has issues. She has self-diagnosed herself with borderline personality disorder. She attaches herself to people she is dating and they become her entire universe. When she first starts dating someone, she changes her personality, she dresses differently, she takes over whatever hobby they have, etc. So, because she’s rather tumultuous, she’s never had a relationship last more than eight months. Her average is 2-3 months. For the most part, she dates online and “falls in love” but only meets these people once or twice.
I knew going into it that I would have to be careful around Bella and set boundaries because she often invites herself along to things because she hates feeling left out, and my boyfriend and I are both working 40+ hours and taking 15 hours of school a semester, so our time together is pretty infrequent right now. Everything went to shit pretty fast. She is constantly following us around. We were privately discussing taking a weekend trip for our anniversary, and she invited herself to it, which we politely discussed was not a possibility. If we go to the grocery store, she tags along. If we get something to eat, she follows. If our bedroom door isn’t shut, she comes in and sits with us on our bed. If I am not at my desk with the door closed while studying, she interrupts me. She even interrupted my midterms last week. All the while, she is prone to hysterical crying and depression and constantly pushing us to soothe her during these episodes.
Now, the weird stuff starts to settle in. Three years ago, she went on a date with someone who turned out to be married/cheating on his wife. They met one time, she tried to force him to have really kinky/BDSM sex (her words) and he became very uncomfortable, since it was their first time meeting, and he left. He lived in a different state. This was the only time they met, but she says they texted for months and talked on the phone, and he was the love of her life. A few weeks ago, he liked a status on her FB page even though they aren’t friends. She said it was one of her only public ones, so I figure he was lurking and made a mistake. She claims he did it just to send her whole life spiraling. She burst into my room in hysterics and threw her phone at me, saying, “LOOK AT THIS!” And I had no idea who this person was because I had never met him.
It turns out the guy was engaged. He divorced his wife and was with the other girl he was talking to in addition to Bella. She was unraveling because he was engaged and she had it in her mind that they were “end game” and that he would come back to her in the end. I had to nope out of a Zoom class I was in because she was wailing and sobbing over the professor, so I clicked out and had to go console her. I told her I had to go back to class and left. My boyfriend was in the living room studying, so she sat down with him and unloaded on him.
Except the conversation turned weird. She kept comparing this guy (who has the same name as my bf) to him. That they have the same personalities, look similar, share a zodiac sign, etc. My boyfriend asked if it made her uncomfortable because he reminded her of this guy (whom she gave him the impression they dated for years) and he left the room after a bit to let her sob. She’s still undone about this guy even today, posting strange things on her social media vague posting about him and bemoaning that she’s cursed.
Now all of a sudden, if my boyfriend is home, she’s like wiretapped to him. Bella talks to him before I do. If we’re having dinner or a conversation, she butts in and focuses on him. She texts him and talks to him more than me. For instance, he was at work and does a lot of physical labor, and for safety regulations, he can’t check his phone. She and I both work from home, and I’m available if she has questions. She texted him to see if she could use a bottle of 409 in the kitchen when she could have asked me.
My boyfriend is very smart and witty. He’s very sarcastic and not afraid to say what he thinks. She goads him into this, so often they have very loud arguments where he quips at her and she screams that he’s an asshole, and then pushes him to be meaner to her. He doesn’t like this interaction but says it’s become so awkward to be around her that at least being sarcastic is a reprieve. She told him the other day that she “needs” us. He asked her what she was going to do once we moved/moved on with our lives, and she said she would “never leave us” and that she “needs someone to take care of her” so she would just stay with us forever.
Last night, while she is at a family reunion for the weekend, he told me that she asks him a lot of invasive questions about our relationship. She offered to help him pick out an engagement ring for me and insisted that I would like a large diamond and that he should propose in a super public area. He replied that I would like none of those things, to which she responded that seeing *me* be proposed to by him was the best she could do/get, so he should meet her in the middle and do something she would like to have too. Then she started insisting he propose this year, the dreaded 2020, of all years, and he politely reminded her that I was very adamant that I wanted to finish school first before another life event occurred.
When she talked to me the other day, she told me that the love of her life was going to be a Taurus and that they were the most compatible with her. Laughing, I responded that my bf is a Taurus and the two of them never got along. She responded that the guy she has been in fits over was a Taurus and then left the room to cry.
I’m…just at a loss as to how to handle this. Obviously, we will be moving when the lease is up, but that’s 9 months away. I feel like I simultaneously have an almost-thirty-year-old child and a crazy person in my house. My boyfriend and I have enough stress on our plates without her weird meddling and creepy vibes. I know she likely has a mental health issue, and I have been begging her for years to see a therapist, but she refuses. I don’t see her ever becoming violent, because she mostly just cries and gets depressed when her obsessions don’t go the way she wants them to, so I don’t think my boyfriend is unsafe. However, this is obviously making him *extremely* uncomfortable and he isn’t sure how to navigate it because she’s my best friend. I told him under no circumstances is he required to deal with nonsense. That he is allowed to argue back with her, speak his mind, enforce boundaries, etc. and that I support him.
That said, is there something I should do additionally? I have had discussions with Bella about her codependency, about the fact that she should ask us before she wants to go with us (and things like wanting to go grocery shopping as a family, watch TV with us, etc. is totally fine. It’s inviting herself on trips that bother us.) and I have brought up that I think she needs to develop a sense of self/have hobbies, improve herself through school/reading, whatever it is that she is interested in. She goes on “highs” for a bit and is really invested in a hobby, then quits it and watches Netflix in bed for 16+ hours at a time. I know that I am limited in how I can help Bella because she needs to help herself, but how do I support my boyfriend through this?
TLDR: my roommate has codependency issues and has attached herself to my boyfriend and now does really creepy stuff.
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2020.10.16 13:15 BasicQ2x I’m having problems trusting my girlfriend

Ok soo to give a little context , I’ve been in 4 serious relationships, this is my fourth one and three out of the four I was cheated on but I believe I’ve healed enough to the point that I can start dating and not project my past on too anyone. We’ve been together for a little over a year now and there has been a couple instances where it seems I can’t trust or she’s hiding something from me that she doesn’t feel comfortable sharing , first last year in November she went out with a group of friends and would not have told me had some dude not dm her about it , but I wasn’t really tripping off of that , then a couple months go by and her ex texts her on Instagram, so I snapped nothing crazy but just projecting my past on to her and being insecure , I realized it could’ve been harmless so I just asked that she stop deleting messages , few more months went by and she posts on Instagram that she misses Taurus(her sign) and Taurus (not my sign) vibes and when I ask her about dude in question at first she said oh it’s for a lot of people and then finally told me what she said was the truth which is that dude is like a brother too her , so now she’s deleting messages Between her “brother” and her ex , so I did some weird shit and unfollowed her ex on her social media , I left her house and not even 2 hours later she was back following him , I realize I was being very controlling at this point , so I don’t say anything else and I also bring up that we should stop going thru each other’s phone , I wanted to show her that I could really trust her. We end up going a break at the begging of September because she wanted to , but when I had wanted a break earlier in the year she was against it because she swore down that I would cheat on her or something along those lines so I asked her what changed her mind on breaks and she said that she was just tired and then started to tell me about why she went on breaks in previous relationships , we got back together like 3days later , so flash forward to this week. I made the mistake of going thru her phone , her ex and previous love interest our all in her close friends , no messages of course 🙂, I find out that the dude she’s been getting weed from for a couple months now is also an ex but he has a kid and a gf , and today I seen some guy from her old job text her , I went to the bathroom , came back and the messages where off her phone. I love this woman at lot , a whole lot and I know I can be insecure and overthink at times but something is just not sitting right in my stomach
(TL;DR my girl is hiding messages after I asked her not too almost a year ago and it’s makin me overthink)
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2020.10.15 12:17 Haughtamale Need some insight into my boyfriend and I's placement

Hello, people of reddit! I'm pretty into astrology but I know there must be others here who know much more than I do and that can offer more insight into our charts.
I'm honestly so in love with my boyfriend. We're passionate, creative, independent individuals. But I also feel like I can trust him and we're super sweet together. The sex is bomb. 🔥 We have mutual interests and goals in life and we both seem very committed to making this thing work. We want to head in the same direction. Although.. we oftentimes are not on the same page. I'm more of a spontaneous go-getter, happy go lucky type, and he's brooding and serious and dark, and sometimes, just a plain drag haha. I do love him but that definitely gets in the way sometimes. My last partner was a gemini ( I'm an aries) so we were like best friends and laughed about everything and nothing was too serious, so this seems different for me. Intense in many good ways, but also, like, I wish my dude would chill the fuck out and relax and enjoy life. Lol anyway, here we go. How can we make this thing work out based off of our charts? Cause he's my honey and I think he's the best most sexy/ sweet/ smart lover there is :) Any recommendations are welcome!
My placements: sun - aries, moon- cancer, rising- pisces , venus- taurus. My mars is in aries as well.
My lovers placements: sun- scorpio, moon- aquarius, rising- sagittarius, venus- capricorn. His mars is in scorpio too.
Oh, we've been dating for two years. The only arguments we get into is him being kind of negative and judgmental and stubborn. And me being like, "life is amazing and there are so many opportunities, let's do whatever we want!!", And then him replying with like an hour long rumination sesh. Ugh. Lol
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2020.10.12 17:59 Incognito_Hodophile Advice please - guy I met via OLD says he's demi but his actions/behavior in conversation show differently

I appreciate the time you all took to give me input and advice! I guess I recognized the things you all advised me of, but needed to talk it out first.
And Edit**
And Edit** - I only met this guy like 4 days ago. So yes, him listing what he's looking for physically in a relationship is ok, but the urgency of making sure he told me this numerous times.. was not.
.... So, I sent him a message and this is how it went:
Me: Do you think, from our conversations so far, that we are compatible?
Him: I think we have some of the opposite difficulties foretold of Libra x Taurus lol. But I think we have enough compatibility to meet at this stage, but really not sure 😅 What you think?
Me: Honestly, not sure. There are some things I've liked in our conversations, hence why I've continued, but I don't know if you really are demisexual, or you are, but in a way I dont understand. You've brought up sex related conversation more than I'm comfortable with at the moment, and when I mentioned it, although maybe you didn't straight out call me a prude, you referenced it, and I'm not ok with that. Or the way you tried to lead the conversation to a sexual tone yesterday, with this "So what excites you? 😏" . I get it, everyone has different views on sex and intimacy, and I judge no one for theirs, but as you've said , it's important to you, and to me, it's low on the priority list of things in a relationship. I don't want to be in a situation where I constantly feel pressure in that regard, so maybe we arent compatible
Him: Agreed. That was my reservation too 😈🤷🏻‍♂️ ... ..
I know i put a lot (maybe too much) into explaining my feelings in dating situations, but his super short reply was low effort and turned me off. So, The End.
Hi 👋 need some advice please. First time poster here, not sure if I'm doing it right. On mobile TL;DR Met a guy who i could possibly be into after getting to know each other more. I identify as somewhere on the demi /gray spectrum. He says he does too. But keeps bringing up sex/sex related, when I've asked him not to.
.. .. ..
I matched with a guy on OLD and we have been messaging for a few days. Back story- Currently I'm in the midst of selling my house and packing/moving and doing it alllll myself 💪 so I don't have much free time. Also, I identify somewhere on the scales of demisexual / greysexual, which i clearly told him as soon as we started talking. I am very open, sex positive and have no issues talking about sex, I just prefer to keep it fairly pg until I am comfortable with someone, WHICH TAKES TIME and doesn't happen with every person.
I'd like to post some screenshots of my conversation with this guy but apparently I suck at using reddit and can't figure out how 🤦‍♀️.
I usually just tell em off, delete and move on. But, that leaves me continually single lol, when it's not ultimately what I want. So instead of doing that, I'm trying to have patience and handle it a different way.
To be fair, There have been some decent parts in this conversation, that spur my interest and due to that, I have considered meeting him once i have free time and feel comfortable, but here are the parts that are tossing red flags at me and making me hesitate.
🚩🚩🚩 - right off the hop, his 2nd message is a skin pic. (It is 🔥🤭, but whhhyyyy do guys start with this 🙄🤦‍♀️), and he has sent many selfies, I have sent one, of my dog. Lol. When I mention it, says people are visual and thats how we get attention. (I beg to differ but.. ) - kind of pushy about meeting irl even tho I'm supremely busy atm and also would like to get to know him via chatting a bit more first - When I say how I'm demi/grey, he says he is also 100% demi. But his behavioconversation doesn't reflect that.. - He then references the term 'prude' when I ask him to stop talking about sexual stuff. -he stopped briefly but he then came back around saying more sexualized things, which is starting to annoy me because at this point, I DON'T KNOW HIM well enough to do so, or want to.
I totally understand that there are so many different types of sexualities - allosexual, aromantic, demi, etc
And I don't judge this man for his feelings about sex, etc.
I just.. feel like he isn't respecting mine.
What do I do? I'm not sure how else to tell him his continual references to sex stuff is making me uncomfortable and turned off, and if he respected my feelings and cut the shit, and took the time to get to know me, he'd probably get further long term (bc there are things I like about him and he does talk about wanting a long term relationship)..
Thanks in advance. 🙂
Hope this make sense and if anyone can teach me how to add the pictures, this post will be so much easier to follow ☺ lol.
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2020.10.10 15:29 OcasioDan620 Mess with my best girl, your new bf, and me? Let me smack some sense into you

Name changes to protect identity and privacy. Location and time stamps are confidential. I used astrology signs b/c I can. I’m leaving out personal stuff that law enforcement should deal with.
Leo(F best friend), Taurus(F ex), Cancer(F ex friend)
HS: Dated a leo on and off (even through other relationships). Dated a Cancer and ended messy for unrelated reasons. Went back to Leo and finally ended it on a bitter-wholesome note. Awkwardly agreed to date a Taurus just 2 days later after breaking up with Leo (apparently Leo told Taurus about the breakup and Taurus went behind Leo’s back). She lied about breaking up with Cancer and a messy breakup ensued, but continued to date Taurus (I’m an idiot ik). Messy breakup with Taurus (Basically Taurus cheated on Cancer with me, arguments frequently, didn’t work out).
After HS: Went back to Cancer. Messy Breakup from being told the truth by Taurus (Taurus was dating an older guy nearly a decade older than her).
While emotionally distraught and vulnerable, the Taurus rushed in to comfort me and asked me what I wanted. I explained. I fell back with the Taurus. The Taurus decided to cheat on her now ex with me (ik the same thing happened from HS like wtf). I forced the truth out of her to her ex, by convincing her that I wanted to “meet” him. As soon as I got the chance, I told him the truth. Taurus blamed me and tried to make an excuse. I called her out on it.
While Taurus was cheating, she decided to cheat on me with another guy she met at her workplace. We agreed to an open relationship (not a dumbass, I was thinking on how to break off this BS trainwreck of a relationship). I decided to finally break it off a few days later by showing her the 3 years of her BS that I compiled (this post, while editing to fit reddit). She decided to jump into another relationship.
I’m now with someone WAYYY better than ex Taurus.
P.S. Leo’s honesty that I respect, actually caused this butterfly effect. Like wow.
TL;DR: Ex Taurus Used my best girl to get to me, cheated on Cancer, then told me the truth about Cancer to get me back while she was dating someone and goes on a date with someone else. I bring the truth to him and end their relationship and the trainwreck of a relationship.
2 lessons were learned
  1. Don’t cheat.
  2. Protect your best friend from being wrongfully stolen and hurt. No matter how much you are honest and upfront about relationships.
Edit: added content
Edit 2: my apologies for the structure of this post. I use mobile a lot.
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2020.10.09 15:09 Bohrbrain The Gospel of Mark: Evidence of Petrine Origins (Part 2)

I thought it would be interesting to update my post I made about 6 months ago regarding the Petrine origins of Mark. After argumentation in favor of tradition, I will try to respond to important objections to Petrine origins (from Michael J. Kok, Joel Marcus, as well as criticisms I received last post) that I didn't respond to last time.

Internal evidence

1.1) Peter in Mark:
"Given its essentially smaller extent, the Gospel of Mark mentions Simon Peter more frequently than the other Synoptic Gospels and also more frequently than John, if we leave out the chapter which is critical of Peter in the supplement, John 21. Simon Peter is mentioned 25 times in all. Simon is the first disciple to be mentioned, in 1:16, directly after the proposition in 1:14, 15, and quite unusually his brother Andrew is described as ‘the brother of Simon’ (on this cf. 15:21). At the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, after the call of the first four disciples and the first exorcism in the synagogue of Capernaum, Jesus visits the house of the brothers—a report in the Gospel which falls outside its framework and seems very personal—and heals Simon’s mother-in-law (1:29). In 1:36, unusually, the first group of disciples is described as Σίμων καὶ οἱ μετʼ αὐτοῦ. Subsequently he stands at the head of all the lists of disciples, the Twelve and also the three and the four. All this cannot simply be explained as mere convention; there must be profound historical reasons behind it. As the spokesmen of the Twelve Peter not only acknowledges the messiahship of Jesus but is also sharply rejected by him (8:29, 32f.); he is an embodiment of the disciples’ lack of understanding and their failure. He is the last disciple whom Jesus addresses personally in Gethsemane (14:37), the last who accompanies Jesus as far as the courtyard of the high priest’s palace (14:37), indeed, even more, the last to be mentioned in the Gospel. [...] It can hardly be doubted that Mark is clearly stressing the unique significance of Peter, though without disguising his failure. Might this not be connected with the special origin of his tradition?
Certainly Simon Peter does not appear as a living individual, but as a type; however, this is part of the kerygamtic style of the narrator generally and affects all the people in the Gospel including Jesus himself."
(Hengel, Studies in the Gospel of Mark, p. 50-51)

1.2) Parts of gMark read like a Direct Eyewitness Account (Independent of Papias' tradition)
As C.F.D Moule says (defending Papias' tradition): "Parts of [Mark] do, in fact, read like a direct, eyewitness account..." (C.F.D Moule, The Gospel According to Mark, The Cambridge Bible Commentary, p. 5)
This is exemplified in J.P Meier's work (vol. 2) The Marginal Jew. He thinks the following miracle stories are historical (in the sense of the Gospel of Mark portraying an accurate picture of what people thought occurred):
- The story of the healing of blind Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46-52) -page 686-690
- The blind man of Bethsaida (Mark 8:22–26)- page 690-694
- Mark 2:1-12 - page 679-680
- The possessed boy (Mark 9:14–29) - page 653-656
- The deaf-mute (Mark 7:31–37)- 711-714
Maurice Casey also thinks that the miracles of Mark 1:23-27; Mark 1:32-34; Mark 3:1-6; Mark 5:21-43, etc, are "literally true," "authentic," and "genuine" (Jesus of Nazareth, 2010, p. 107, 109, 247-248, 268).

1.2.2) The Last Supper (Mark 14:22-24 1 Cor 11:23-25)
James P. Ware writes: "Two factors make Paul’s testimony invaluable for the historian. First, Paul’s account of the words and actions of Jesus on that night is independent of the Gospels. Second, Paul had extensive and direct contacts with apostles who had shared the table with Jesus on that night. Paul met with Peter for a fifteen-day conference in 37/38, for the specific purpose of hearing his eyewitness testimony to Jesus, and at the Apostolic Council in 48/49, Paul had met with Peter, John, and other apostles. It is historically certain that Paul had the opportunity to verify with Peter and the other eyewitnesses what Jesus had actually said and done on that night. After all, on these occasions Paul not only had extensive discussions with Peter and other members of the Twelve, but, as we have seen, he also shared in the celebration of the Eucharist with them. Paul’s letters provide striking and explosive evidence that, beyond a reasonable historical doubt, the words of Jesus identifying the bread with his body and the wine with his blood go back to the eyewitness testimony of the apostles who reclined with Jesus at table on that night. [...] Moreover, this confirmation of the eyewitness origins of the account of the Last Supper in the canonical gospels (considered alongside the coherence of 1 Cor 15:1–11 with the narrative of Jesus’s death and resurrection in these same gospels) strongly suggests that the narrative of Jesus’s deeds and teaching in the Gospels as a whole has its origins in the eyewitnesses’ testimony of the apostles [along with what has been considered above]."
(James P. Ware, Paul’s Theology in Context, Eerdmans, 2019, p. 269-270)

External Evidence

1) Matthew & Luke (75-95 C.E.)
Hengel writes on page 48 (Studies):
There are yet other reasons for supposing that Petrine authority stands behind the Gospel of Mark.
(1) Mark’s work was used by the historian Luke and also by Matthew, so self-consciously a Christian scribe, in a quite natural way as a guideline. The fidelity with which Matthew reproduces the whole of his Marcan model is particularly striking.
(2) The best explanation of the fact that Mark lived on in the church, although Matthew had taken over about ninety per cent of the material in it, is that the work of Mark was from the beginning bound up with the authority of the name of Peter.
Luke's preface is also important. It's more so the kind of preface historians wrote and shows that Luke is more keen to present his work in the way that literary historians did (see Sean Adams, "Luke's Preface and its Relationship to Greek Historiography: A Response to Loveday Alexander" [2006]). If we take seriously what he says about his sources, he must have considered Mark a good means of access to eyewitness testimony.

2) 1 Peter 5:13 (~85 C.E.)
our sister church in Babylon, chosen together with you, sends you greetings; and so does my son Mark.
The Presbyter John, Papias' informant, may be independent of 1 Peter, which associated Mark with Peter. Adela Y. Collins notes:
Given the common, and probably independent, association of the man with Peter, it is likely that Papias and 1Peter refer to the same person named Mark.
(Adela Yarbro Collins, Mark: A Commentary, Hermeneia, 2007, p. 4)

3) Papias of Hierapolis (95-109 C.E.) & the Presbyter John (70/80-100 C.E.)
Davies and Allison in their Commentary on Matthew (ICC) questions the dismissal of Papias:
In the light of the general considerations adduced and of the work of Kennedy and Kürzinger, the simplistic understanding of Papias which dismisses him out of hand must be questioned if not abandoned.
(Davies and Allison, Matthew, ICC, pp. 16)
So let's question, shall we?
Papias' statements about Mark seems to fit Mark as we have it today. First of all, Papias' critical judgement that "Mark was out of order is similar to Dionysius of Halicarnassus' criticism that Thucydides' history was not in order because it did not begin and end properly (On Thucydides 10; cf. Lucian, True History 47f). Mark does not begin with the recommended topics of birth and ancestry (cf. Theon, Progymnasmaia 8), and it ends abruptly at Mark 16:8. Matthew and Luke also made many linguistic and stylistic improvements on Mark..." (David E. Aune, The New Testament in its Literary Environment, 1987, p. 65-66)
As Hengel writes, Papias complaint that Mark was out of order "does not in fact relate to the literary arrangement, which in the Second Gospel is faultless, but to the historical and chronological arrangement of the material" (Studies in the Gospel of Mark, p. 48)
Second of all, the work of Mark does, in large part, seem like a bunch of anecdotes or little more than such. E.P Sanders & Margaret Davies, Studying the Synoptic Gospels, p. 20 sums it up this point nicely:
The material (in Mark) consists of a series of episodes which concentrates on teaching, disputes and miracles. Only the last week of Jesus’ life appears anything like a connected narrative
Norman Perrin’s What Is Redaction Criticism? claims that the passion narrative in Mark is the most organized, with much of the rest being anecdotes. Eta Linnemann, however, sees the PN as a collection of anecdotes.
One must keep the possibility open that there was an earlier draft of Mark, as Delbert Burkett argues in his book "The Case for Proto-Mark" (2018). The reconstructed draft of Mark would look more like the Gospel of Thomas in structure, in that it was a collection of unconnected chreia.

3.1) Why should we trust Papias?
Papias seems to have historiographical practices in the back of his mind, his tradition seems to be direct from an eyewitness of Jesus, his comments about Mark are very modest, if not even critical, and his location are all relevant to this question.

"Wrote down accurately whatsoever he remembered".
Where is Peter's supervision establishing a complete 2nd hand apostolic connection? Papias later on also says:
" Wherefore Mark made no mistake in thus writing some things as he remembered them
Further severing the direct 2nd hand connection.

"It was not, however, in exact order"
"The remark that it is “not in order” implies that it does not measure up to Papias’ standard of what a Gospel should be; nevertheless, he defends it" (Adela Y. Collins. Mark, Hermeneia, p. 4).

"For he neither heard the Lord nor accompanied Him."
Here he is saying Mark is not an eyewitness. It makes little sense to stress such a thing if Papias wasn't interested in genuine tradition. This is more weighty than it appears though, because as Joel Marcus points out on page 18 of his Anchor Yale Bible commentary on Mark 1-8:
Acts 13:13 relates that Mark abandoned Paul for some unknown reason in the middle of a missionary journey, and 15:36-41 describes this desertion as the cause of a subsequent quarrel between Paul and Barnabas, who may have been Mark’s cousin (cf. Col 4:10). Barnabas wanted to take Mark along with them on a later mission, but Paul, because of the earlier experience, refused, and the two missionaries therefore parted acrimoniously.
With this considered, it would not only be appropriate to explicitly say Peter okay'd Mark's work, but it would also be most appropriate to just name the Gospel after Peter himself.
All of this suggest that Papias did not have apologetic interests, or, at least, that was not his primary interest. Adela Y. Collins, citing Hengel, rejects Papian invention of Mark's relation with Peter on these grounds of Papias being critical of Mark in her Hermeneia commentary on Mark, p. 4. Jeff Jay (Mohr Siebeck, 2014, p. 180) likewise finds Hengel's arguments convincing.

If, then, any one who had attended on the elders came, I asked minutely after their sayings,--what Andrew or Peter said, or what was said by Philip, or by Thomas, or by James, or by John, or by Matthew, or by any other of the Lord's disciples: which things Aristion and the presbyter John, the disciples of the Lord, say.
Notice the difference between what the members of the 12 said, and what the Elder John and Aristion, disciples of the Lord, still say. Notice also how the members of the twelve are called "disciples of the Lord," just like Aristion and the Presbyter John, as if to equate their authority and eyewitness status.
Irenaeus claims that Papias knew the apostle who leaned on "the bosom of Christ" first hand, and Eusebius contradicts himself when he separates Papias from the elder John, since he also says that Papias asserts that he heard the Presbyter John in person:
Papias [...] moreover asserts that he heard in person Aristion and the presbyter John. Accordingly he mentions them frequently by name, and in his writings gives their traditions.
The context Eusebius cites suggests that this is the same Presbyter John that was spoken of in his preface:
He moreover hands down, in his own writing, other narratives given by the previously mentioned Aristion of the Lord's sayings, and the traditions of the presbyter John. For information on these points, we can merely refer our readers to the books themselves; but now, to the extracts already made, we shall add, as being a matter of primary importance, a tradition regarding Mark who wrote the Gospel, which he [Papias] has given in the following words]: And the presbyter said this. Mark having become the interpreter of Peter...
This point about Papias' source can hardly be overstated.

David E Aune raised the possibility that Papias thought of himself as a historian:
Papias reflects a considerable degree of rhetorical sophistication (Kürzinger 1983: 43-67; Black 1989: 31-41), and suggests that he thought of himself as a historian (Aune 1978: 79-82; 1987: 66-67).
(David E. Aune, 'Prolegomena to the Study of Oral Traditions in the Hellenistic World', in Henry Wansborough (ed.), Jesus and the Oral Gospel Tradition (JSNTSup 64; Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 1991), p. 81).
Hengel notes that:
"The positive statements, that as far as Mark remembered the teaching of Peter he set this down on paper ἀκριβῶς, and that he took trouble not to leave out or falsify anything that he had heard, are conventional in character: similar formulae appear almost as stereotypes in the prologues of historians.1
1 For its frequency see e.g. also Plutarch, Lycurgus, 6.4; 13.2; 25.4; Theopompus, FGrHist 115 T 31 = Photius bibl. 176 p.121a 35; Dionysius of Halicarnassus, Thuc. 5 (LCL Vol. 465, p.472) and 8 (p.478), on Thucydides: πλείστην ἐποιήσατο πρόνοιαν, οὔτε προστιθεὶς τοῖς πράγμασιν οὐδὲν ὃ μὴ δίκαιον οὔτε ἀφαιρῶν, οὐδὲ ἐνεξουσιάζων τῇ γραφῇ.
(Martin Hengel, Studies in the Gospel of Mark, p. 49)
Furthermore, Papias' criticism that Mark was not in order "was a rhetorical term meaning "not artistically arranged." Portions of the historical preface of Papias' work survive complete with references to sources and method in accordance with historiographal convention (Eusebius, Church History, 3.39-2-4; 15; note the formal parallels with Luke 1:1-4). The reveals Papias' familiarity with the rhetorical conventions of Hellenistic historiography. His explicit preference for oral over written tradition (Eusebius, Church History, 3.39.3-4) typifies ancient historians from Herodotus to Plutarch (cf. Plutarch, Demosthenes 2.1)." (David E. Aune, The New Testament in Its Literary Environment, 1987, p. 67)
See this article for more on this (2014):

We should also note the relevance of his geographical location in Hierapolis. Vernon Bartlet explains:
Hierapolis, of which he became “bishop” or chief local pastor, stood at the meeting-point of two great roads: one running east and west, between Antioch in Syria and Ephesus, the chief city of “Asia,” the other south-east to Attalia in Pamphylia and north-west to Smyrna. There Papias was almost uniquely placed for collecting traditions coming direct from the original home of the Gospel both before his own day and during it, as well as from Palestinian Christian leaders settled in Asia (a great centre of the Jewish Dispersion).
(V. Bartlet, “‘Papias’ ‘Exposition’: it’s date and contents, p. 16-17: 20-22)

4) Irenaeus (175-185 C.E.)
Irenaeus' report of Mark writing after Peter's death (as per the vast majority of scholarship) makes him a very relevant source, despite his lateness (especially if we are to trust his hearing of Polycarp). Indeed, it seems like a huge coincidence, at the very least, that contemporary critical scholarship places Mark's composition around 70 C.E., with Peter's death around 64-68 C.E., cohering with Irenaeus' report of Mark being written after Peter's death perfectly.
Some call into question Peter's death in Rome during the Neronic persecution, but not for very good reasons. There is ample independent evidence of Peter's execution in Rome during the Neronic persecution around 64-68 C.E.:

4.1) 1 Clement (90-100 C.E.)
1 Clement indicates that Peter was martyred. Timothy Barnes writes: "The letter [then] continues by describing the deaths of numerous others besides Peter and Paul who are presented as having perished with them:
Because of jealousy women were persecuted as Danaids and Dircae and suffered terrible and unholy indignities. But they confidently completed the race of faith and, though weak in body, received a noble reward.
The reference to “Danaids and Dircae” (Δαναΐδες καὶ Διρκαί) has appeared so puzzling to many scholars that it has sometimes been emended away. [...] The problematic words have now been explained by Edward Champlin as conveying a specific allusion to Nero’s “fatal charades” (Champlin, Nero, pp. 123–25). Why Danaids? Because the temple of Apollo on the Palatine, dedicated in 28 bce, had been destroyed in the fire of Rome, and the portico surrounding the sacred area in front of the temple contained statues of the fifty mythical daughters of King Danaus. Why Dircae? The mythical Dirce, wife of the king of Thebes, was tied by her hair to a bull, which then trampled and gored her to death. One of the buildings burned down in 64 was the amphitheater in the Campus Martius built by Statilius Taurus in 26 bce, known as the amphitheater of Taurus or the amphitheater of the Bull (Cassius Dio 62.18.2).
The Letter of the Church of Rome to the Church of Corinth thus states [...] that both Peter and many women perished in Nero’s entertainments in 64."
(Timothy D. Barnes, "Another Shall Gird Thee," in Peter in Early Christianity, edited by Helen K. Bond, Larry W. Hurtado, 2015, p. 91-92).

4.2) John 21:18-19 (90-100 C.E.)
"The allusion to Peter’s execution in John’s Gospel cannot refer to a death by crucifixion because it states that Peter died clothed, not naked. The allusion dovetails perfectly with what Tacitus reports about the emperor Nero’s execution of Christians in Rome in the year 64." (Barnes: p. 80). See p. 77-86 for more on this point.

4.3) The Ascension of Isaiah ("End of the First Century")
Timothy Barnes writes: "The Ascension of Isaiah [...] contains a passage in which the Old Testament prophet Isaiah predicts that one of Jesus' twelve original disciples will be killed by Nero:
Now, therefore, Hezekiah and Josab my son, these are the days of the completion of the world. And after it is completed, Beliar will descend, the great ruler, the king of this world, which he has ruled ever since it existed. He will descend from his firmament in the form of a man, a lawless emperor, a matricide—this is the king of this world—and he will persecute the plant which the Twelve Apostles of the Beloved will have planted, and one of the Twelve will be delivered into his hands. This ruler will come in the form of that emperor, and with him will come all the powers of this world, and they will obey him in all that he desires. (4.1-4)
Barnes writes: "The reference to Nero is clear, and Champlin’s discussion of Nero’s posthumous reputation duly quotes the passage. No Roman emperor other than Nero killed his mother, still less was any other Roman emperor famous precisely for killing his mother. Moreover, this passage of the Ascension of Isaiah not only alludes to Nero’s persecution of the Christians of Rome in 64 but also reflects the belief, widespread in the East in the decades after his death in 68, that Nero would reappear on earth restored to life again and usher in the end of the world. Historical considerations, including this allusion to Nero redivivus, indicate a date “about the end of the first century” for the composition of this section of the work (3.13–4.22). Peter is the obvious and inevitable candidate." (Barnes: p. 92-93)

4.4) The Apocalypse of Peter (80-135 C.E.)
Look Peter, I have manifested to you and expounded all this [after the last judgement after the destruction of the world]. And go into the city that rules over the west and drink the cup that I promised you at the hand of the son of the one who is in Hades, so that his destruction may have a beginning and you, the receiver of the promise... (14:4-6)
Barnes writes: "Presumably, "the son of the one who is in Hades" means "the son of the devil" and denotes Nero. More significant, the passage alludes to Jesus' private prayer in the garden of Gethsemane that the cup be taken from him (Mark 13:36, 39), so that "the cup that I promised you" must refer to the future death of Peter: Peter will go to Rome, the "city that rules over the west," where he will drink the cup promised to him by Jesus; that is, he will be executed as a follower of Christ" (Barnes: p. 94-95)

4.5) A Petrine shrine dating around 160 C.E. in Vatican hill
Barnes writes: "There is ample archaeological, liturgical, and literary evidence for a cult of Peter on the Vatican Hill from the second half of the second century onward. From this varied evidence it is clear that the Christians of Rome a century after Peter’s death firmly believed that Peter had died in Rome, since a shrine was built around 160 on the Vatican Hill over the place where either Peter’s body or at least some relic of Peter was believed to be." (Barnes: p. 88).

Summary of Irenaeus: Evidence has it that Peter died around 64-68 C.E. Irenaeus very likely claims that Mark wrote after Peter died. Critical scholarship has confirmed indeed that Mark was written fairly shortly after Peter's death (~70 C.E.). Thus, the coherence of Irenaeus' tradition to the conclusions of critical scholarship regarding Mark makes him reliable on this specific Gospel, in spite of his date. This accuracy probably indicates that Irenaeus draws upon independent tradition.


Objection #1: Peter in Mark
According to Michael J. Kok:
"Scholars too excuse the texts where the Twelve come across in a less than flattering light, such as their constant misunderstandings (4:13, 40-41; 6:51-52; 7:17-18; 8:4, 14-21, 31-33; 9:10, 32-34, 38-41; 10:35-45; 14:4-5), the bold request of James and John for seats of honor (10:35-40), the rebuke of Peter as the mouthpiece of Satan (8:33), or Peter’s threefold denials (14:66-72), by crediting it as a testament to apostolic humility.
The problem is that Mark does not just document the Twelve’s occasional foibles. Their extraordinary powers of incomprehension—worrying over bread after Jesus miraculously multiplied it twice (8:16-21) or caught off-guard in Gethsemane despite three straightforward passion predictions (8:31-32; 9:31-32; 10:32-34)—goes beyond reasonable miscommunication and borders on parody. Their lapses in judgment are retained in Synoptic parallels (Matt 16:5-12; Matt 16:21-22; Matt 17:22-23/Luke 9:44-45; Matt 20:17-23/Luke 18:31-34), but Mark alone has their hearts collectively hardened (6:52; 8:17) like Pharaoh (Exod 7:3, 13-14, 22; 8:19; 9:12, 35; 10:20, 27; 11:10; 14:4) or Jesus’ foes (Mark 3:5). Peter’s denials are not suppressed, but Matthew 16:17-19, Luke 22:32, and the Johannine epilogue (21:15-19) balance it out by explicitly re-affirming Peter’s leadership of the post-Easter community.
At any rate, Peter, the Twelve, and the family of Jesus are all represented ambivalently in the narrative and it is hard to imagine that its author worked at the behest of one of the Jerusalem Pillars.
(Michael J. Kok, The Gospel on the Margins, 2015, kindle location 1442-1476)
Joel Marcus likewise rejects Mark for it's "anti-petrine" stance.
Perhaps Kok will also favor us with another book, First Corinthians on the Margins, where he shows that this letter could not have likely been written by Paul, because of its strong anti-Pauline polemic (his "weakness and fear and great trembling," 2:4, "the least of the apostles," 15:9, etc.). Why does Paul talk this way? He highlights his own weakness, in order to glorify the transforming power and grace of God (see 2 Corinthians 10-13). Does Kok not know about the revolutionary Christian conception of humility, and the Christian conception that "he who boasts must boast in the Lord"? This is why the portrayal of Peter in Mark is one more evidence that the basis of Mark is the eyewitness account of Peter (see "Peter in Mark" at the top of the post). Only Peter would recount the events in this unvarnished way. We should be very weary of retrojecting our modern conception of what is "beyond reasonable miscommunication and borders on parody" onto theirs.
Furthermore, many of the passages cited by Kok don't really paint a picture of the Evangelist portraying Peter (or the disciples) as negative. In fact, the Evangelist may be attempting to do the opposite for Peter specifically (see "Conclusion of Objection #1").

- Mark 8:33
John R. Markley writes: "Fourth Ezra may provide a helpful analogy for understanding Peter's rebuke of Jesus, and Jesus' subsequent rebuke of Peter. In this apocalypse, Ezra questions whether God is just since the righteous suffer at the hands of the unrighteous. Occasionally, Ezra presumes to possess a point of view that is superior to the one represented by his angelic mediator, Uriel. For this reason, Uriel takes a biting tone with Ezra at points. He claims that a human like Ezra cannot understand the ways of God (4 Ezra 4:2, 10-11, 21; 5:35-37, 40); he questions whether Ezra believes that he loves Israel more than God does (5:33; cf. 4:34; 8:47a); and he is critical of Ezra for considering the present rather than what is yet to come (7:15). When Ezra queries whether if the fate of the wicked is just, Uriel sharply rebukes him: You are not a better judge than God, or wiser than the Most High!" (7:19). Uriel's antagonistic tone must be interpreted against the backdrop of the glowing statements made about Ezra elsewhere in the apocalypse (e.g. 6:32-33; 7:67-77; 8:47b--54; 10:38-40. 55-58; 13:53-56), the direct comparison of him with Moses (14:1-6, 37-48), and his removal from the earth before death (14:9). In light of these, it does not seem likely that the apocalypse reflects an antagonistic or ambivalent of Ezra himself; rather, it seems that Uriel's tone is directed towards Ezra's human point of view, which is fundamentally different from the divine point of view that is required to grapple faithfully with the problems with gentile hegemony, sin, and divine justice.
Ezra's human perspective is continually contrasted with the divine perspective that the angel Uriel discloses, much like Peter's rebuke of Jesus' passion prediction is designed to sharply contrast his human perspective with the divine perspective Jesus discloses. Indeed, just as the angle Uriel criticized Ezra's limited human perspective, Jesus says that Peter is thinking "human things," rather than "divine things.
The main purpose of this episode, therefore, is probably not to use Peter as an example of faulty discipleship. Instead, Peter performs the somewhat stereotyped function of a seer, who voices the human perspective that the divine revelation is designed to correct"
(John R. Markley, "Reassessing Peter's Imperception in Synoptic Traditions" in Peter in Early Christianity, edited by Helen K. Bond , Larry W. Hurtado, 2015, p. 107-108)
This analysis fits in very nicely with Hengel's point of view above.

- The Failure of Peter and the Disciples to Understand (i.e. Mark 9:5-6; 7:17; 10:35-45; 14:4-5, etc)
The failure to understand is a "motif that is common in apocalyptic literature: human imperception in the face of divinely revealed mysteries. In apocalyptic texts, human seers are regularly portrayed as being profoundly confused by the otherworldly realities they observe during visions are epiphanies. The venerable figure of Daniel, for example, cannot perceive the significance of his visions apart from divine explanation, despite his unrivaled qualities of wisdom and understanding. In Daniel 8:27, after Daniel has received an explanation of his vision, he comments that he did not understand it. Similarly, following the historical review of chapters 10-12, Daniel says "I heard but could not understand" (12:8). Daniel is therefore portrayed as expressing confusion and imperception when confronted with eschatological mysteries revealed to him, but there is no indication that his confusion is designed to reflect negativity on him. It merely plays into the duality between God's plan for the righteous, expressed as otherworldly mysteries, and the ability of finite human such as Daniel to grasp this ominous plan." (Markley: p. 107)
Markley also goes over similar confusion texts in 4 Ezra (cf. 10:30, 35, etc), whereby the seer is confused by divine mysteries, and more in his book Peter - Apocalyptic Seer, p. 78-113.

- The Gospel of Mark Leaves Peter Unredeemed
But this is just false. First of all, even Michael J. Kok thinks that Mark hints at Peter's reconciliation when he says:
If not for the hints of reconciliation at 14:28 and 16:7, the last time the Twelve appear in the narrative is on a note of their utter failure. (Kindle location 1468)
Furthermore, "the reference to Peter's weeping [Mark 14:72] to some extent cancels his previous behavior as it indicates his repentance and therefore his re-acceptance" (Ernest Best, Peter in the Gospel According to Mark, JSTOR, 1978, p. 554).
Lastly, the silence of the women (potentially leaving Peter unredeemed by reason of the angelic message not reaching Peter) is moot, as Adela Y. Collins writes:
Their silence is a result of their being struck with awe at the extraordinary events. The tension between the commission given the women by the angel in v. 7* and the silence of the women in v. 8* is due to the depiction of the overwhelming effect of the overall experience on the women. The text does not address the question whether the women eventually gave the disciples and Peter the message. It focuses rather on the numinous and shocking character of the event of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead..
(Adela Y. Collins, Mark: A Commentary, Hermeneia, 2007, p. 799)
Ernest Best thinks Mark 16:7 was sufficient, apart from Peter's weeping, for Peter's reconciliation (see "Conclusion to Objection #1"), especially considering that Mark 16:7 seems redactional.

- Conclusion to Objection #1
Ernest Best looks at Markan redactional tendencies from the tradition the Evangelist held, and actually concludes that the Markan author smoothed over the tradition which held Peter's failures! It may just be that our Marcus was a bit uncomfortable with Peter's humility he displayed in his tradition. Best concludes:
Where Peter appears in the tradition in a bad light Mark normally lifts the strain off him by associating other disciples with him; the only exception is the story of the denial where Mark may have increased the amount of material about him, perhaps turning the single denial into a threefold; but it is by no means clear that he did this in order to vilify Peter, since he probably also emphasized the flight of all the disciples. There may also be another factor: Peter's failure may be heightened in order to bring out the contrast in behavior to Jesus. Where Mark has himself introduced Peter he either presents him in a good light or, at least, neutrally; if the reference in 16:7 is Markan then this is an obvious attempt to correct the impression left by the denial. Thus there is no reason to conclude that Mark was attacking the historical Peter.
More generally, to ask the question about Mark's treatment of Peter may imply a view of Mark's purpose as ultimately biographical. But Mark does not set out to tell his community about Peter for Peter's sake but for the sake of the community. Failure occasioned by pressure from outside the community must have been all too common; if Peter's failure was eliminated he could not be seen as the proto-penitent
(Ernest Best, Peter in the Gospel According to Mark, JSTOR, 1978, p. 557-558)
And finally, Helen K. Bond writes:
The figure of Peter has been a favorite topic in many recent literary studies of Mark’s Gospel, with the prevailing opinion nowadays suggesting that the evangelist is not really so negative toward Jesus’ closest disciple as an earlier generation might have supposed.
(Helen K. Bond, "Was Peter behind Mark’s Gospel?" in Peter in Early Christianity, edited by Helen K. Bond Larry W. Hurtado, 2015, p. 49)

Objection #2:
According to Michael J. Kok, Papias does not seem to have historiographical tendenciesd (partially) because:
"Papias relates extravagant details about the grotesque death of Judas, a resuscitation of a corpse in his own day, and the miraculous drinking of poison with no ill effects (Hist. Eccl. 3.39.9) that Lucian would detest as myths." (The Gospel on the Margins, 2015, Kindle Location 1360)
Papias also records a tale about John the disciple speaking about "the days [...] in which vines shall grow, having each ten thousand branches, and in each branch ten thousand twigs, and in each true twig ten thousand shoots, and in every one of the shoots ten thousand clusters, and on every one of the clusters ten thousand grapes [...] And when any one of the saints shall lay hold of a cluster, another shall cry out, 'I am a better cluster, take me.'"
The talking grape is prophetic hyperbole. It’s not much different than a camel going through the eye or a needle, or straining a gnat and swallowing a camel, or a Jesus saying: "if they were quiet, the very stones would cry out." Talking stones! I don't see how this affects Papias' reliability.
Regarding Judas, what Papias actually wrote is a problem, because there is more than one version of what he said. But the blowing up business isn’t really any different than Acts 1, is it? Acts 1:18: he burst open in the middle. The weird part is the bloating. It does sound like a legend to me. It was just someone’s way of making Judas look horrible. It's not like he cites a source for this "tradition" like he does with Mark, and as we saw that the informant regarding Mark was an eyewitness of Jesus.
An ingestion of snake poison with no ill effects is also recorded in Acts, and Luke-Acts almost certainly is following historiographical practices (just look at his preface, for instance).
Luke also records the resuscitation of a corpse. Note also that Papias' source for the resuscitation of a corpse was different than that of Mark's Gospel. We should not put all of Papias' traditions under one blanket.

Objection #3:
Why doesn't Mark just say that Peter was his source? Many respected historians relayed their eyewitness sources in their writings.
These are accomplished literary writers we are talking about here. Mark writes on a much more popular style (see E.P Sanders' Studying the Synoptic Gospels) than many of the respected historians whose works have seen survived today. Unfortunately we don't have much in the way of biographies that belong to the same popular literary level as our Gospels, because what got preserved of ancient literature was the stuff that people most admired as literary works.
As noted by Adela Y. Collins in her Hermeneia commentary on Mark (p. 524), Mark was meant to be read aloud. For the author of Mark to say that Peter was his source, Mark would have to speak in the first person directly addressing his readers. This interrupts the flow of narrative and intrudes into the reader's experience of the narrative.
Luke's preface is also important, as pointed out above.

Objection #4:
Joel Marcus rejects a link with Peter. One reason is that Mark does not appear to be any closer to Peter than the other evangelists and that Mark's passages lack the kind of detail one would expect from the reminiscences of an eyewitness. He writes:
"If, for example, the first Markan narrative that features Peter, the story of his call in 1:16–18, were a genuine personal reminiscence, we should expect more details, such as an explanation of what it was about Jesus that made Peter and Andrew drop everything to follow him." (Mark 1-8, p. 23)
"This, however, is to confuse a “genuine reminiscence” (in the sense of an event told for its own sake) with a story retold as part of an ancient bios. Peter may well have had a clear recollection of the first time he set eyes on Jesus, of the tremendous impact it made on him. Perhaps he remembered other strange, inconsequential details as we sometimes do in connection with important events—but none of these details would have been relevant to Mark’s biographical enterprise. The evangelist was not interested in supplying his audience with details of Peter’s own call experience, but in raising the call to discipleship to a level of abstraction that would include his audience, and emphasizing to them (whatever Peter’s own call experience might have been like) that following Jesus required immediate and wholehearted commitment. The Gospel is not a biography of Peter, but of Jesus. Thus inconsequential details concerning Peter would simply be out of place."
(Helen K. Bond, "Was Peter behind Mark’s Gospel?" in Peter in Early Christianity, edited by Helen K. Bond Larry W. Hurtado, 2015, p. 56)

Helen K. Bond holds to a Petrine connection with our gMark (Ibid, 61),
submitted by Bohrbrain to AcademicBiblical [link] [comments]

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This is his first ever indiscretion (I think). I know nothing happened. He got played in the end too. Ugh idiooooot. I feel so crazy. I google image searched her and found the same pics all over a twitter account.
I dno how to proceed here. How do we come back to trusting each other?
TL;DR - Caught my boyfriend frequenting swinger sites I knew about but he lied about the extent of his use. Deleted stuff. Was having a back and forth and even open to an encounter. How do I trust him again? Hes deleted them now but he had initially just changed the name and thought I wouldnt find out. But I'm an FBI agent. I ended up messaging the girl too, and she showed me his raunchy, inappropriate msgs that he had deleted and pretended didnt even exist when he was showing me their back and forth. I'm certain this his first and only real indiscretion. Advice?
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2020.10.08 08:27 KittiesForCommunism Four months of TEXTING a cap man.

I’m not exactly sure I even want to post this. Trolls will come out and say the same shit as always...just leave, just stop, move on, blah blah blah.
But to really understand what is happening here, I figured I’d at least ask and see what happens. So, here we go!
Four months ago I ( Taurus sun, Aquarius moon, Pisces rising) signed up for FB dating. That very night I matched with the most amazing man (Cap sun, Sag Moon, Aquarius rising). We hit it off instantly, joked about getting married, having kids, and dying holding hands. In the beginning he was very flirty. Naturally as we started to get to know each other the flirting has died off a little bit. We talk all day, almost every day. We are both hard working, single parents. He’s 28, I’m 36. The age difference doesn’t bother either of us. We have mutual friends in common, people I’ve worked with that are former employees of his. My tattoo artist is a mutual friend. So none of it screams catfish.
This is where I need advice, we don’t talk on the phone (fine. We both hate voice to voice interaction) or FaceTime, that one bugs me a little bit, but it’s nothing to get upset over. He was floxed by leviaquin two years ago and deals with a lot of nerve pain, tingling, anxiety, depression, OH and he’s also exmo, his mom just died right before we started talking, and he didn’t have a relationship with her because of his ex wife. Plus Covid.
We get along so well. We want the same things. Have the same sense of humor. Laugh constantly at everything from camouflage jokes to ridiculous politics. The light hearted flirting has turned to us both believing we are meant to be together. We want to have more kids together, build a life and a family. He is very open with me about his ups, downs, terrible things in life, I can ask him anything and he just tells me, and I the same.
But, I cannot get him to meet me in person. His reason: “I want to be the best version of myself for you and right now this isn’t it. I hate it, I want it all with you”
I mean god damn. I know y’all move slow, and analyze everything, but how do I get him to meet me?
Thanks, new to Reddit, so please go easy.
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