Eros vn

EROSS Việt Nam được thành lập từ năm 2009!Là Công ty đầu tiên áp dụng sợi hoạt tính vào sản phẩm khẩu trang hoạt tính với 100% sợi hoạt tính có trong sản phẩm được nhập ngoại. Eros Hotel, located in the Go Vap area, is a popular choice for travelers. From here, guests can make the most of all that the lively city has to offer. With its convenient location, the property offers easy access to the city's must-see destinations. Eros Hotel offers many facilities to enrich your stay in Ho Chi Minh City. Facilities like 24 ... ĐỒ ĐÁ BANH VIỆT NAM CHAMPION 03 TRẮNG. 150.000₫ ĐỒ ĐÁ BANH VIỆT NAM ĐỘC QUYỀN 2019 Thiết kế độc quyền Chất thun thái lạnh 4 chiều mặc cực mát, khô cực nhanh Thấm... The hotel has a sun terrace. The area is popular for cycling, and bike rental and car rental are available at Eros Hotel. Bac My An Beach is 1.8 miles from the accommodation, while Love Lock Bridge Da Nang is 1.2 miles away. The nearest airport is Da Nang International, 3.7 miles from Eros Hotel, and the property offers a paid airport shuttle ... EROS PALACE LUXURY ra đời với tiêu chí trở thành Trung tâm Hội Nghị - Tiệc Cưới đẳng cấp hàng đầu cùng chất lượng dịch vụ chuyên nghiệp bậc nhất tại TP. Biên Hòa, Đồng Nai. EROS PALACE LUXURY tọa lạc trên tuyến đường trọng điểm của trung tâm thành phố, được xây dựng trong khuôn viên 10.000 m2 gồm: bãi đỗ ... Eros CRM a service of Edumall system Sign in with Topica Email Sign in with Topica Email 27/07/2020 - Đăng bởi Nguyễn Văn Tuấn. Công nghệ in cao cấp. Đồ thể thao Eros là nơi sử dụng côn nghệ in chuyển nhiệt - in chìm lên bề mặt áo - không bong tróc...

About Fate/Stay Night on PsVita

2020.08.16 03:24 Daru_Titor About Fate/Stay Night on PsVita

I have this VN imported form Japan but havent played it yet. Does the psvita version have the ero scenes or are they excluded? Also do I need to find a guide or something or are all 3 branches of the game linear and have the same ending respectively?
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2020.08.07 22:50 dfesgttfggg Florida’s DMV is this website a scam?
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2020.08.01 21:19 BanjoTheBear Should You Watch It? Summer 2020 Edition

Spring 2020 Edition’s Thread
(All perspectives are based on the first three episodes of each series unless otherwise noted!)


Banjo’s Perspective

Must Watch It
A trawling, mechanical goliath. Creatures filled with important green goo. The era of the post-apocalypse. Deca-Dence combines these three base elements with expert ease, crafting a very promising project from the get-go.
And that statement is true across the board. Natsume leads as a growing protagonist, developing the relationship with her mentor Kaburagi amidst her own flaws and his own troubles. The plot takes on a ton of intrigue that drives it forward with mettle and challenge aplenty. Its themes on escaping the cog-in-a-machine lifestyle find parallels in multiple areas: the contrasting nature of the situation, the free-flowing anti-gravity combat, the control the characters have over their destiny.
Similarly, the production values reach nice heights. From the details and styles of the art itself to the fun designs and reaction faces to the movement and the directing of the scenes, the visuals provide the show another boost. Same goes for the music, effects, and the voice acting on stage.
Truth be told, the anime sits atop a precarious spot, for it has (more so than usual) a high chance of crashing and burning at any given moment when considering the premise. Until then, though, it can rest well knowing that it holds onto some form of opulence.

Another Perspective, courtesy of QBB123XX:

Must Watch It
In a world invaded by hostile creatures, you live inside a huge moving fortress with the remnants of civilisation. Do you accept your predicament, or will you fight for lasting peace?
That is the premise of Deca-dence. The story revolves around Natsume, a young girl. She wishes that the war with the Gadolls would end as soon as possible. Yet, her injuries forced her to be relegated to cleaning the Deca-dence, under Kaburagi's supervision. Determined to fight for humans' survival, she begs Kaburagi to teach her how to fight, thus embarking on a journey for Natsume, Kaburagi and the Deca-dence. The main cast has been outstanding so far. Natsume is very positive and has high hopes for the future. Meanwhile, Kaburagi is down-to-earth, believing that there is no use trying to end the war. These contrasting ideologies make for very interesting interactions between the two and their surroundings. Couple that with funny scenes and facial expressions, and you have a highly engaging show.
The story itself is intriguing too. Despite the common dystopian theme, there are many new elements to make the story refreshing. In fact, Deca-Dence Major Spoilers!
So, if you are a fan of dystopian stories, or want to see how different personalities interact with each other, Deca-dence is the anime for you. Even if you don't, watch an episode or two! You'll be surprised at how much you can enjoy in this anime.

Dokyuu Hentai HxEros

(English Title: SUPER HXEROS)

Banjo’s Perspective

Drop It
You can’t spell “hero” without “ero”, and so Retto, Kirara, and the other forces for good in Dokyuu Hentai HxEros step up to fight for humanity using the only tool for justice they know: an overwhelming sex drive.
The anime takes on the form of a lewd Power Rangers setup. The five color-specific-design leads channel their inner libido to defeat evil monsters who seek to disrupt and ruin the erotic desires of civilization, forcing the world into an emotionless lifestyle. And this campiness works in its favor when Retto’s clothes explode off his body from his sheer might or when the enemies literally die in a single hit without much cause for fanfare.
But the anime doesn’t lean into this campy feeling enough. Not only does the comedy not have enough of that punch but also the ecchi content fails to be either interesting or different to warrant such a ridiculous situation. Not to mention that the uninspired art, the weak music selections, and the lame characters further suppress its chances.
To be fair, Retto and Kirara may go against the norm of this medium with a realized romantic relationship down the line, but that possibility is highly unlikely given the format of the show and their general aptitude for the status quo. That is to say, “ero” is needed to spell “zero”, too.

Another Perspective, courtesy of metalmonstar:

Consider It
Honestly you should wait until the uncensored version before giving it a try. The show is basically ecchi power rangers but the censorship is rampant. Basically an evil race of bug aliens have come to Earth to steal our erotic energy. Luckily for Earth a team of Super Power (horny) teenagers assemble to defeat the invaders. Of course they all live together and with only 1 guy to a group of girls you can bet hijinks will ensue. Wouldn't be ecchi without a harem thrown in. Nothing too complex going on in the show, best to just kind of turn your brain off. As the villains motivation is fairly inconsistent and nonsensical. The power system also makes very little sense when scrutinized. If you are considering it I must reiterate to wait for the uncensored version. Large portions of the show are covered in beams of light, steam, or just outright starbursts. It is pretty disruptive at times. A good example is in one episode the protagonist is looking up a girls skirt (typical ecchi stuff) but all we get to see is a bright light. It takes like 15 seconds of the shot panning before you realize what you are looking at. So if you don't mind ecchi and need something light to watch give it a try.


Banjo’s Perspective

Drop It
In Gibiate, the Gibia monsters have forced humans into hiding as they attack and turn them into more of their grotesque kind. With a potential vaccine on the way, the present time still requires help. So, a samurai, a shinobi, and a monk are whisked from the past and flung to this future to fight the new war.
But this show pretty much has no future. Indeed, this project is going down the route of history (or more specifically infamy) in the making, for its current trajectory pins it as one of the worst anime from recent seasons.
It has a nonsensical plot filled with odd decisions and ridiculous scenarios. The cast are beyond hopeless in their characterizations, personalities, and motivations. Action sequences are a mixture of terrible setups and lackluster events. Comedy and drama fall flatter than chalk on the sidewalk.
Not to mention the horrendous artistry on display. Still frames. Wonky CG. Stiff movements. Off-model representations. Awful camera usage. This hodgepodge of abysmal mishaps and horrible decisions are downright inexcusable. Suffice it to say that the audio pieces fare about the same, what with their ineffective music, bland voice acting, and coarse sounds.
In short, this one deserves only to exist among the other discarded giblets of the medium.

Another Perspective, courtesy of Groenboys:

(Based on the first two episodes)
Drop It
Imagine this: You have an anime about a samurai and a ninja being send into the future in an apocalyptic version of tokio where a virus that turns humans into monsters has infected the whole world and now the samurai and ninja have to fight against the monsters and virus to safe humanity. Well at first the premise sounds like a random word generator having a stroke, it also sounds like the most dumb fun premise ever, but it somehow manages to be ungodly boring.
This is mainly due to the lackluster characters and the awful animation. The characters dont really have a personality and they make really odd decisions that only frustrate the viewer. The voice acting doesnt help either since some dont even sound right for their character designs. And then the animation. It is a slide show with loads of CGI that look like they belong on the PS2. I guess I am supose to be threatened by these CGI monsters but I end feeling nothing for them.
I would be lying if this anime didnt make me laugh at times, but that is because I laughed at the anime, not with it. “So bad that it is good” anime are fun to watch, but this is less “So bad that it is good” and more just bad. Don’t waste your time on this.

Great Pretender

Banjo’s Perspective

Must Watch It
Cunning thieves can make a pretty penny by swindling unsuspecting folks. Makoto Edamura believes himself to be a star in such a field based on his successful exploits. But after a chance encounter here and a forced hand there, Great Pretender finds him in a rather unpredictable place with thrills galore.
This anime has achieved fantastic status already. One can hear it in the audio where the chaotic energy of the jazzy music complements the pace and the fervor of the narrative extremely well. One can see it in the artistry when the colorful setting and the awesome cinematography create splendor on the screen. One can feel it in the clever storybeats that test the acuity of the audience currently watching.
The show doesn’t stop. The main cast have distinct strengths and charisma that fit the tone and the purpose of the plot. It blends dramatic backstory and comedic timing without worries. And its thematic basis on truth and truths reinforces both the characters and the story at large.
It’s mature. It’s fun. It’s interesting. With top-tier execution every which way, there’s no need to pretend about the greatness of this project.

Another Perspective, courtesy of SmurfRockRune:

Must Watch It
“Great Pretender is one of the most underwatched anime I’ve ever seen in my time watching airing anime. Everything about it is just fantastic, from the characters, the plot, and even the production values.
The story follows a group of conmen as they try to pull off a heist against a mob boss, stealing a lot of his money in the process, but constant hurdles get in their way making it way harder than it would appear to be. This show will keep you on the edge of your seat constantly as you’re trying to figure out how the characters could possibly get themselves out of each bind, as they just keep getting pulled further and further into this lie they’ve weaved for themselves.
In addition to the tension, the show Great Pretender Spoilers and am continuously blown away by the schemes that the mastermind Laurent pulls off, even if they don’t all work immediately. You will never know just how much planning and preparation he’s done in advance until it all hits you like a truck.
So definitely watch Great Pretender. It’s a shame it’s stuck in Netflix jail where it will never be as appreciated as it should be, but it’s worth it 100%. It’ll be on Netflix outside of Japan on August 20th if you would rather wait for a legal way to stream it.”
And also, it has a Freddie Mercury song as the ED.

Kanojo, Okarishimasu

(English Title: Rent-A-Girlfriend)

Banjo’s Perspective

Watch It
Being in love often brings happiness and joy. However, when that love is lost or not reciprocated, darker thoughts usually win over. Kazuya Kinoshita is experiencing the latter circumstance, and so, refusing to wallow in complete despair, he rents himself a new girlfriend. Thus begins Kanojo, Okarishimasu.
The anime is doing things right. A college environment brings in a more mature, more realistic environment for the scenes and the relationships to play out. Moreover, the designs for the ladies are no doubt attractive. And, perhaps best of all, Kazuya is a peculiar person due to his major thematic roots in loneliness and failure while he upholds his “loser” status as a dejected, disheartened, and damaged individual.
But it’s also doing things wrong. The number of conveniences and just-so-happens are off the charts, causing many plot woes and eyebrow-raising moments. It also doesn’t help that the comedy doesn’t quite counterbalance the drama and tension going on.
Yet it goes back to doing things right with the unabashed portrayal of “frustrations”, a clear motif on facades, and the palpable second-hand embarrassment that fills the air. Some good voice-acting performances and music offerings further improve the show’s chances.
This combination of right and wrong is rather volatile and can explode in either direction indefinitely depending on its next few choices and inclusions. For now, though, it’s at least worth renting.

Another Perspective, courtesy of DoctorWhoops:

Consider It
At first glance, you might be inclined to write off ‘Kanojo, Okarishimasu’ as a romcom harem that, like most others, is filled with girls slowly falling in love with a loser protagonist, a narrative carried by misunderstandings, and loads of semi-sexual implications.
Saying ‘Kanojo, Okarishimasu’ is nothing like that would be a lie, but there is appeal in the series even if you’re not into that (like me). Being about rental girlfriends, ‘Kanojo, Okarishimasu’ does a pretty decent job of portraying the protagonist’s desperation for romantic contact, and the social pressure at that age to be romantically- and sexually active. The protagonist's self-loathing and self-awareness for using the service clashes with the feelings that led him to use it in the first place, which is decently well-portrayed.
This aspect is what makes ‘Kanojo, Okarishimasu’ somewhat notable, in addition to its decent presentation. Its bearing on the narrative is minor but prominent enough that I can appreciate it, even if it means sitting through the show’s more mediocre romcom/harem aspects. These other aspects are pretty decent considering the low standard for this type of show, but are unlikely to carry it for you. Three episodes in I’m not confident it’s worth finishing (as it could go downhill), but if my description above sounds reasonably appealing then I’d say at least try it. You might surprise yourself.

Another Perspective, courtesy of Hurttrain:

Watch It
Rom-com that is based around falling in love with an escort. This one isn't set in high school which gives it a breathe of fresh air, but still has lots of typical Rom-com scenes. Another bonus is one of the love interests dislikes the protagonist, but not in the tsundere way. This is the main item that item that could bump this anime from a watch it to a must watch for Rom-com fans. The two main characters don't bring anything new to Rom-com, but seeing how they react to this wrench being dropped into the system will be interesting. The animation, sound, and music are all lovely, but they are not rememberable. It is all crisp and clean but doesn't push or test any boundaries. There are some scenes where the texturized background, the sort that the American show Chowder was known for, is used and it feels off, but not terribly so. The story and pacing are set at a regular speed for a Rom-com, and would feel very natural for those who enjoy the genre.
If you like Rom-coms you will enjoy this piece, if you dislike them this will not be the show for you

Koi to Producer: EVOLxLOVE

(English Title: Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice)

Banjo’s Perspective

Drop It
Watashi, an independent woman leading a myth-centric television program in lieu of her passed father, requires a new concept to keep their struggling ratings afloat. Simultaneously, she learns of so-called EVOL users who have impossible abilities during everyday life. Coincidentally, Koi to Producer EVOLxLOVE has her crossing paths with this unknown side in her determined pursuit.
Sadly, while the show earns points for the attractive designs of the men and a clean setup for its art, much of the rest of the show does not impress.
Watashi is a weak lead who contributes very little with her actions or on a writing front. Those four main men likewise seem less like strong characters and more akin to partitioned cutouts that fit a quota. The slight supernatural angle isn’t misplaced, but the events and the situations surrounding them are not all that entertaining.
Other problems include other major items. Mediocre thematic ideas. Forgettable music. A boring mystery plot. While the anime may have a pretty outer layer, digging deeper here simply reveals that there’s not enough strength to carry its choices, queen or no.

Another Perspective, courtesy of punching_spaghetti:

Watch It
The phrase "adapted from a Chinese mobile VN" might not inspire confidence, but the fine people over at MAPPA have taken the source and turned it into a weekly bit of soapy fun. Our protagonist Watashi is a smart girl with a wardrobe of cute outfits, and the four male leads (a brusque CEO, a cop who doesn't play by the rules, a pop star, and a genius scientist), all easy on the eyes in the typical reverse harem way, provide fun interactions with Watashi and even have a few secrets for us to discover.
Add to this an intriguing, slow burn mystery plot about people who have access to a special power called EVOL, Watashi's struggles to keep her late father's internet show about the supernatural and unexplained afloat while forging her own path as a business woman, and an easy to look at visual style, and you have the recipe for a solid, entertaining show. This won't be the best show of the season, but I'll easily consider it overlooked if it stays the course.
At the very least, you can tune in for your weekly dose of demeaning Tomokazu Sugita.

Lapis Re:LiGHTs

Banjo’s Perspective

Consider It
In a rustic land of fantasy and magic, Lapis Re:LiGHTs follows a girl named Tiara who has traveled from abroad to study at a prestigious academy. There, she teams with her childhood friend and a set of eccentric ladies, building friendships and discovering her path in life.
Maybe surprisingly, the anime has been rather deliberate in its first three episodes. It has taken the time to build its world by showing off various magic uses, provided a look into the setting itself, and brought in more side characters and bonds between the cast. Doing so has established a neat trampoline from which the narrative will surely bounce off of for the remainder of the season.
Yet the major drawback right now stems from that trampoline possibly not providing enough height. That is, there’s been an awkward handling of what is meant (or at least what appears) to be the focused premise of the show: idols. Hints and displays of this focus have occurred, but, since it has not been incorporated into the crux of the story, the entire show comes off as a barely average slice-of-life anime instead.
Thankfully, the visuals, the comedic script, and what music has been heard bolster the trampoline, lighting the way for a positive experience should it find its footing.

Another Perspective, courtesy of jackachu100:

Watch It
Lapis Re:LiGHTs bills itself as a show that “blends fantasy, magical girl, and idol elements”. So far, it’s leaning more towards a CGDCT show with magic than an idol one. The show follows Tiara who has travelled to Mamkestell in hopes of joining Flora Girls’ Academy. There she reunites with an old friend, Rosetta, joins her group of friends, and CGDCT antics occur.
A CGDCT show heavily relies on its cast and while Lapis’s characters are fairly archetypal, they all feel unique and fun. The show has a large cast that gets introduced at a very fast pace, which is a bit overwhelming. The supporting characters have each had some funny moments and the main casts’ antics have been great fun. The world itself is just unique enough to be interesting.
The overall production values of Lapis have been mostly great so far. The character designs are all unique and really stand out with the beautiful art style. The backgrounds are stunning, showcasing a range of architecture at both the academy and the Mediterranean-inspired buildings of Mamkestell. The OST is great both on the BGM and idol side of things. The show walks a fine line between being generic and uninteresting, and an enjoyable show that’s great fun to watch. Personally, it lies on the latter side, but I could easily see it going the other way for people.

Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha: Shijou Saikyou no Maou no Shiso Tensei shite Shison-tachi no Gakkou e

(English Title: The Misfit of Demon King Academy)

Banjo’s Perspective

Consider It
Anos Voldigoad was the once and future ruler of the demon forces 2000 years ago. He still is, too, for his reincarnation has finally occurred. In this era, people do not know his name, but that matters not to him as he will make them remember in Maou Gakuin no Futekiousha.
Indeed, it’s almost impossible to ignore when his methods exceed the capabilities of everyone nearby. That’s not an understatement; Anos is one of the most overpowered dudes ever. It results in ludicrous moments that are fun to watch and in some comedic asides that work as a contrast to the dark tone of the show.
But it also damages the plot because, despite his actions, nobody seems to understand or to care that the person they’ve been searching for has blatantly appeared. Even disregarding this odd sidestep, Misha and Sasha, the main female leads, are nowhere near as intriguing as the show would have the audience believe.
Nevertheless, the anime boasts good lighting for its scenes, and his parents make for nice supporting cast members that keep the anime grounded, even if only a teeny tiny bit. Altogether, this anime remains at the minimum entertaining for now, avoiding a misfit label.

Another Perspective, courtesy of Tavera27:

Watch It
As a new season comes out, we find ourselves once again submerged into a fantasy world. After 2000 years, the Demon King Anos Voldigold has finally reincarnated and went to the academy for Demon King candidates, but to his surprise, he was found “inadequate”. Now Anos will have to use all of his power and knowledge to once again, make himself the demon king.
Anos is OP and he knows it, he has that face of “no one can even make me tear a sweat” and it becomes really fun to watch how he is better than everyone at everything, he’d beat the strongest student easily and would correct a teacher for making mistakes. He just knows everything and does it better than everyone, even though he is inadequate. This is one of the few times where it doesn´t matter that the main character has an absurd power, it is pretty hilarious to see him just how he is, a cynic, honest, loving, over powered (emphasis on over powered) demon.
Without a doubt it is really fun to watch and you get to emphasize with Anos and his ideals, lets say he is not what one could expect from a Demon King these days. If you take on this journey you will be laughing out loud and will enjoy it to its final minutes.

Monster Musume no Oishasan

(English Title: Monster Girl Doctor)

Banjo’s Perspective

Drop It
In another land and another time, humans and monsters coexist in peaceful harmony. Glenn (a human) and Saphentite (a lamia) prove this statement at their clinic where he works as a doctor and she works as his assistant. Together, they look after various monsters and their well-being, giving Monster Musume no Oishasan its apt title.
Admittedly, the show holds onto some interest with its descriptions and procedures related to the many animal terms and biology that the two handle. While not exactly educational or thorough, there’s knowledge to learn. If nothing else, their explanations curate some world-building opportunities.
But that’s about it; the rest of the anime flatlines. Glenn is far too straightforward of a protagonist with his low emotions. Saphentite and the other monsters are similarly tiresome and below-average. Its artistic direction is a bit rough in spots. The sparse ecchi content is neither erotic nor relevant. Narrative aspects like comedy and drama are an afterthought.
There are simply too many negatives piled onto this project, keeping health professionals away with or without apples.

Another Perspective, courtesy of Stalwartheart:

Consider It
“When talking to my Dungeons and Dragons group after a session, we stumbled upon the topic of a daily life of a werewolf. Would their hands burn if they touched silver coins? Would they ask restaurant staff if they used silver cutlery like an allergy? These “what if” scenarios are what drew me into this show. This is the main premise of Monster Girl Doctor, “What would a doctor’s visit be like for a non-human creature?” This harem, slice of life, borderline ecchi show is more than simply fan-service to the monster girl community; despite offering that in spades. You will find world building that answers the niche questions of what living as a non-human creature is like. The formula for this show is pretty clear from the get-go: Dr. Glenn Leitbeit and his lamia assistant Saphentite Neikes (who is clearly in love with him), help monster girls every episode; exploring medical issues that plague them. The monster girl falls for him too, rinse, repeat. The good doctor is either fantastically good at deflecting every girl’s advances or blind as a bat. While this pattern is predictable, the interesting world building surrounding the girl’s lives are enough to keep me satisfied. If you can overlook the fanservice for what it is, ask yourself “what would life be like as a ____?” and give this show a try.”

Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan

(English Title: Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time)

Banjo’s Perspective

Drop It
Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan stars the titular Peter Grill, the newly crowned strongest man in the world. By winning the tournament, he believes he has certainly secured his future with Luvelia, the love of his life. However, other women from other races have learned of his victory, and so they seek him out for their own genealogical desires.
At about twelve minutes per episode, the anime has a quick runtime that does help in keeping events on topic and to the point. It can even get some comedy going with its willingness to be more upfront with sex or with particular characters such as Luvelia’s insanely protective father.
Otherwise, the show has a tough time justifying its numerous other decisions. The premise itself is rather bizarre and off-putting with just how aggressive and mean-spirited the advances reach, especially when his romantic relationship is not only established but also understood by the other women. Moreover, the legitimate ecchi content is tacked on and devoid of staying power despite the length of the episodes. And both the visual and the audio quality aren’t anything noteworthy whatsoever.
So, in this case, there’s no need to spend time musing over the philosophy of this show.

Another Perspective, courtesy of Almondweeb:

Drop It
“To preface this review, I am going to critique this as I would with Interspecies Reviewers – not as a hentai but an anime. Lets start off with what I liked. The guildmaster / dad is funny.
Now onto what I disliked about the show. All of the other characters and the (nonexistent) plot. Unless you really like the sex scenes that make up 7-8 minutes of the 12 minute episodes, I can’t recommend it. This is coming from someone who loved Interspecies reviewers, because the sex scenes were important to the story and world, and not just fanservice.
Now to address the biggest issue I have with this show, rape. Because Peter is the strongest man in the world, every lady lusts for his seed. He has no interest however, because he has a fiance. So they blackmail or straight up rape him in his sleep. Now rape scenes in general don’t inherently condemn a show, take Goblin’s Slayer rape scene; Goblin Slayer Spoilers Same with Plunderers panty peaking scenes, as it not only sets up initial dislike for the main character, but also Plunderer Spoilers. Those anime show off scenes in a way that actually add substance, as apposed to this show which is glorifying it.”
Thank you all for reading my first ever hentai review.

The God of High School

Banjo’s Perspective

Drop It
Only the best fighters in the world have a shot at claiming total victory within the The God of High School as techniques and stances clash in tournament-duel fashion. The winner will have their wish granted, and the trio of Jin, Han, and Yu will do what they can to see their dream become a reality.
To its credit, the project contains a lot of nice art for the designs and neat animation for the sparring and choreographies at play. Nevertheless, this all-style-no-substance anime cannot deliver in its other areas.
That’s by its own design, for the show foregoes a substantial story in favor of a bunch of fights stringed together one after another. The pacing is way too fast for its own good, skipping over narrative tidbits or ruining buildup for the battles (or both). In turn, powers are all over the place and lacking proper comparisons. Which then causes the main and side characters to miss out on stronger foundations. And so on and so forth.
Arguably, it can teeter into outright disaster territory if the quality of the fighting ever dips later in the season. It’s not quite at such a bottom-of-the-barrel level yet. But, with tacky, overt in-universe ads for “Webtoon” and “Crunchyroll” acting as ominous flags already, it is on the floor, praying to a higher being for much-needed guidance.

Another Perspective, courtesy of rip_intonation:

Must Watch It
This anime follows Mori Jin, a Korean high schooler, and his two friends Daewi Han and Mira Yoo, as they battle it out in a fierce martial arts competition—The God of High School—for the chance to have their greatest wish realized. However, this competition seems to be hiding something far more sinister...
From the start, we are introduced to Mori Jin, our main character, and we are instantly hit with the two other important characters in the series (quite literally). GOHS doesn't waste its time to establish that, yes, this is a fighting anime, and there's going to be a lot of it. Yes, not that much has really come together story-wise, but we're shown small moments that foreshadow some potentially big events in the near future.
The animation is fluid and the fight scenes are beautifully constructed (no less from MAPPA). With each punch, throw, and kick executed, you can really feel the weight behind each movement, which brings it all to life.
Of course, as another webtoon adaptation, GOHS gets compared to TOG from the spring season. I can tell you for a fact that GOHS is much more promising, and seems to be doing a better job at fully adapting the webtoon into an anime.
Whether you're an anime only or a reader of the webtoon, you'll definitely enjoy watching this fun and action-packed adaptation.

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!

(English Title: Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!)

Banjo’s Perspective

Consider It
Shinichi Sakurai has no qualms with his lonesome college experience – but Hana Uzaki cares a lot. So, as the title Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! describes, she goes really out of her way to meetup with, talk to, or otherwise befriend him (much to his chagrin) with her never-ending teasing nature.
A slice-of-life format follows these two disparate personalities, their feuds fueling the comedy as they go about their daily activities. It’s quite simple, but this simplicity works, if only because the supporting characters don’t get in the way, the grounded, university setting aims for realism and maturity, and they have good chemistry together (even if a romantic pairing is so beyond unlikely to happen given the focus and intent).
Uzaki herself can be seen as intrusive, but her heart is in the right place. Shinichi can sometimes be harsh, but he still appreciates what she does for him (when she isn’t being completely obtuse). In combination, they create a bunch of cute scenes that again aid the anime.
Average art, missing themes, and a stretched runtime work against this project. However, solid voice acting, visual meta jokes, and modest ecchi content ensure that hanging out with it may, in fact, be an okay want.

Another Perspective, courtesy of saxman2112:

Watch It
“Hana Uzaki is excited to start her freshman year when she bumps into Shinichi Sakurai, her senior by one year who she knew in high school. While Uzaki is excited for the college experience she notices that Sakurai spends his time being a loner and not participating in college life. After a montage year goes by Uzaki is determined to hang out with Sakurai to help him become less introverted.
I started this show because of memes, expecting it to rely entirely on ‘hurr durr oppai.’ While that is still present to some degree, Uzaki-chan is actually a strong character driven show. To some, Uzaki-chan is a bully, but she clearly cares for Sakurai and values their friendship. Uzaki is still a bit childish, which some interpret as bullying, but I find her teasing adorable. Sakurai, on the other hand, intimidates people with his stony gaze, but also has goals and emotions he merely keeps to himself. This juxtaposition of extroversion and introversion drives the plot and their adventures. Uzaki and Sakurai bicker constantly, but they are also positive influences on each other, pushing each other toward being well-rounded adults.
These characters feel real, more real than a lot of SOL shows, which makes me want to follow their innocuous fighting as they grow and develop as people.”
Banjo's Top Three Picks:
1 Great Pretender
2 Deca-Dence
3 Kanojo, Okarishimasu
Volunteer Consensus:
(General estimation based off every potential volunteer and their feelings across all anime)
Tier 1 (Mostly “Must Watch It” Range):
Great Pretender
Tier 2 (Mostly “Watch It” Range):
Tier 3 (Mostly “Consider It” Range):
Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha: Shijou Saikyou no Maou no Shiso Tensei shite Shison-tachi no Gakkou e
Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!
The God of High School
Kanojo, Okarishimasu
Lapis Re:LiGHTs
Monster Musume no Oishasan
Dokyuu Hentai HxEros
Tier 4 (Mostly “Drop It” Range):
Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan
Thank you so much for reading!
Also, give the volunteers a round of applause for their efforts!!
I hope that the community continues to enjoy this Summer 2020 anime season to its fullest!!! :3
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2020.07.30 06:07 DiamondCentral Dự Án Diamond Central - Biên Hòa Gotecland tại đường Võ Thị Sáu

Dự Án Diamond Central - Biên Hòa Gotecland tại đường Võ Thị Sáu
Diamond Central là dự án nhà phố thương mại & Shophouse tại Biên Hòa, do chủ đầu tư Gotecland triển khai.

Shophouse dự án Diamond Central

Dự Án Diamond Central - Võ Thị Sáu TP.Biên Hòa Chính thức ra mắt KDC cao cấp nhất con đường dát vàng Võ Thị Sáu.
✅Chính thức ra mắt #Diamond_Central Nhà Phố Thương Mại - Shophouse: - Quy Mô: 12,500 m2 - Sản Phẩm: 87 căn - Pháp Lý: Sổ hồng lâu dài, 1/500 - Mở Bán: Tháng 09/2020

Nhà Phố Diamond Central

Diamond Central là dự án nhà phố cao cấp lần đầu tiên xuất hiện tại Biên Hòa, liền kề 300m dự AEON MALL sắp xây dựng trong năm tới.

Phân lô Phân Khu Diamond Central
Diamond Central hưởng lợi mọi tiện ích khu vực, và 4 Khu Vực nội khu đẳng cấp: ▶Phố Red Diamond (24 căn) ▶Phố Black Diamond (19 căn) ▶Phố Blue Diamond (28 căn) ▶Phố Green Diamond (16 căn)

Công viên thương mại Diamond Central

Phối cảnh dự án Diamond Central

Dự kiến Gotecland sẽ triển khai truyền thông và mở bán vào tháng 08 & tháng 09 năm nay 2020,
Vị trí dự án Diamond Central
Thông tin liên hệ
☎️0858888808 🌐
#diamondcentral #diamond_central #duandiamondcentra; #diamondcentralbienhoa #diamoncentralvothisau #diamoncentraldongnai #diamoncentralgotecland #shophousediamondcentral
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2020.07.28 01:11 hkanything 2020 Everyone's Galge/Eroge Music TOP202 (Good way to find an ero VN)

2020 Everyone's Galge/Eroge Music TOP202 (Good way to find an ero VN) submitted by hkanything to visualnovels [link] [comments]

2020.07.24 09:59 DrTrenchcoatCat DMM sales for VNs with unofficial English patches

Some DMM sales going on right now. (NB: most links are NSFW.) I'm not sure if all the fan patches work with the DMM versions, so check that before you buy. Let me know if I've missed something (probably).
You can buy from DMM using PayPal, there's just an extra step (when you're checking out, you have to purchase points with PayPal and then actually buy the games).
DLsite English sale list
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2020.06.29 01:58 DeceptiveFallacy Reading list from /r/DebateAltRight

As composed by Carl_Schmitt_14 (archive here:
Since many people have asked for a reading list, I'm making a comprehensive reading list divided by various topics.
This is meant for people in our sphere trying to gain a rigorous understanding of politics and philosophy, as well as politically neutral/independent, libertarians, normie conservatives and even leftists looking to understand our views. Any suggestions are welcome.
Most books mentioned here can either be found for free on or (many already linked in the following list). The rest can be purchased for a few bucks on Amazon in Kindle format.

1) Introduction

2) Immigration

3) Traditionalism

4) HBD (Human Bio-Diversity)

5) Nationalism

6) JQ (Jewish Question)

7) Self Help

8) The New Right

9) Economics

10) Green Right

11) Anti Liberalism

12) Mass Psychology and Social Engineering

13) Cultural Decay

14) Some Advanced Political/Philosophical Texts

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2020.06.26 18:24 MJNorby Davie's Subscriptions

📷 YotobiGames 744K subscribers 📷 D3v1LuZz0 425 subscribers 📷 CalebCity 3.05M subscribers 📷 Vsauce 15.8M subscribers 📷 ExplosmEntertainment 10.5M subscribers 📷 Synergo 268K subscribers 📷 H3 Podcast 2.16M subscribers 📷 D!NG 1.8M subscribers 📷 331Erock 1.5M subscribers 📷 musiclisha 71.4K subscribers 📷 Unbox Therapy 16.7M subscribers 📷 Gus Johnson 2.04M subscribers 📷 iDubbbzTV2 3.12M subscribers 📷 Chris Kogos 249K subscribers 📷 penguinz0 5.35M subscribers 📷 h3h3Productions 6.59M subscribers 📷 Rob Landes 2.72M subscribers 📷 MrBeast 37.5M subscribers 📷 Kmac2021 734K subscribers 📷 deppwaswho 82.8K subscribers 📷 HowToBasic 14.8M subscribers 📷 Think Media 1.23M subscribers 📷 294K subscribers 📷 RoomieOfficial 6.19M subscribers 📷 Dolan Darker 849K subscribers 📷 TottiBest 16.3K subscribers 📷 Un Poco De Todo 4.16M subscribers 📷 Scottecs 2.09M subscribers 📷 Vargskelethor Joel 709K subscribers 📷 Party In Backyard 366K subscribers 📷 LongBeachGriffy 2.16M subscribers 📷 Grandayy 2.69M subscribers 📷 Gordon Ramsay 14.6M subscribers 📷 MarloweDK - 117K subscribers 📷 Boyinaband 2.92M subscribers 📷 Domics 7.28M subscribers 📷 cyriak 1.56M subscribers 📷 Rob Scallon 2.01M subscribers 📷 RTGame 2.43M subscribers 📷 Ownage Pranks 5.2M subscribers 📷 Dizparity 486 subscribers 📷 Justin Y. 543K subscribers 📷 alpha m. 6.06M subscribers 📷 JackSucksAtLife 1.27M subscribers 📷 Sorrow TV 1.48M subscribers 📷 Frog Leap Studios 3.85M subscribers 📷 iDubbbzTV 7.94M subscribers 📷 Pete Cottrell 216K subscribers 📷 Drungayuuu 158K subscribers 📷 grande1899 826K subscribers 📷 Smosh 25.1M subscribers 📷 DaftPunkVEVO 📷 pac1fic0 8.28K subscribers 📷 Viaceslav Svedov 45.2K subscribers 📷 Joe Penna / MysteryGuitarMan 2.7M subscribers 📷 PewDiePie 105M subscribers 📷 pasqualapassaguai 102 subscribers 📷 Ozzy Man Reviews 3.93M subscribers 📷 SethEverman 3.37M subscribers 📷 AnimeBassMe 120K subscribers 📷 Luke TheNotable 2.28M subscribers 📷 Kitchen Nightmares 4.47M subscribers 📷 ChristianIce 164K subscribers 📷 VoiceoverPete 1.08M subscribers 📷 yotobi 1.44M subscribers 📷 The Living Tombstone 4.04M subscribers 📷 CharlesBerthoud 362K subscribers 📷 Miki Santamaria 164K subscribers 📷 Jared Dines 2.81M subscribers 📷 RobScallon2 336K subscribers 📷 Daft Punk 3.66M subscribers 📷 Aldo Giovanni e Giacomo Ufficiale 819K subscribers 📷 Parliamo di Videogiochi 466K subscribers 📷 RomanAtwood 10.5M subscribers 📷 jacksepticeye 24.3M subscribers 📷 ANDREW HUANG 2.02M subscribers 📷 利惟庸Tony Li 2.64K subscribers 📷 Joe Jenkins 2.46M subscribers 📷 samuraiguitarist 659K subscribers 📷 TommyLeeDepp 340K subscribers 📷 Monstercat: Uncaged 7.5M subscribers 📷 Quei Due Sul Server 695K subscribers 📷 twomad 360 1.45M subscribers 📷 Sive 391K subscribers 📷 Dolan Dark 1.64M subscribers 📷 Pyrocynical 4.28M subscribers
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2020.06.25 06:16 NipponHamu How to break into immersion (my method)

Hey everyone. I have been studying Japanese for a few years now and these days my main focus is on learning through immersion. I think that breaking into studying through immersion can be intimidating, and a lot of newcomers don't know the best ways to go about it or helpful tools that can assist their learning so I wanted to write this to help anyone who wants to either begin learning through immersion or streamline their immersion process. Reading through this post is probably much more effective than watching a million hour-long Matt vs Japan videos. I will explain this through teaching you my own personal study methods and my hope is that you will adapt them or improve them to fit your own study methods. Just a disclaimer, this study method is not perfect and it is in no way the best study method available, it's just what I personally do. It took a lot of trial and error to get this down pat and I hope to help others to skip over some of those hurdles I ran into when I first transitioned to this method of study. I want to eventually turn this into a guide in google docs to be shared around. I'm going to break this down by media type and describe what I do for each media type and add some general QA's.

What is immersion?
Studying through immersion is studying Japanese by using Japanese. This means consuming Japanese media and using it as your primary means of study rather than a textbook. This doesn't mean that you can't use a textbook or another structured method of study on the side, doing so would certainly be very useful. It just means using native materials as your main way of learning the language.
Why did I start studying through immersion?
I used to study with textbooks but once I got to the intermediate stage I grew incredibly bored of them. I actually burned out for a while because I wasn't having fun with my textbooks anymore. I tried apps like memrise but I quickly learned that's a horrible way to learn a language. I don't like studying in general and I just want to consume media and more importantly have fun. There was a new visual novel being released and I was very interested in playing it, I then found out that some people use visual novels as their primary method of learning Japanese. I bought the game, I used a text hooking software to try and play it and I had a great time with it. I had so much fun, and I learned so many new words and phrases by just doing something I enjoyed. I quickly realized that this was the best way to learn a language. From there I put away my textbooks permanently and went on to consuming more native content.
Do I use any traditional study methods?
Yes! It's just not my primary study method. I don't believe that you can learn by 100% immersion, but I would be very impressed if you have. I use the Bunpo app to study grammar. It has great explanations, multiple choice quiz's, and a built in SRS function. Going through grammar forms in this app is much more convenient for me than going through a textbook. Outside of grammar I don't use any traditional study methods except for flash cards but I don't overly rely on flash cards either like other learners often do. There are many other great resources out there too, this is just what I personally use. Use whatever is convenient for you.
When should I start immersion?At some point during the intermediate level. Once you hit the intermediate level you will get the most use from this method of studying. You can certainly do immersion on the side during the earlier stages but I would not recommend making it your primary study method until you have a decent foundation to draw from. It will be hard when you first get into it, but it gets better as you go.
What is the best content for my level?
I often hear people asking what is the best manga, light novel or visual novel for their level. The truth is that there is no best content for your level, native materials do not follow the JLPT. The best content is whatever content you are interested in enough that you will complete it. As a newcomer to native materials, the easiest materials for you will be anything focused on the topic of every day life, while anything dipping into the realms of fantasy or scifi etc will be more difficult for you. So in light novel terms, you might have an easier time with Ero Manga Sensei than you would with Re: Zero. Keep that in mind when choosing content to consume, but that doesn't mean that you can't learn from your favorite series just because it has some light scifi elements. If you are interested in the material enough that you will complete it despite the challenge then that's fine. Otherwise if you're interested in anything at all, choose based on the content - closer to real life if you're new, and start dipping into other areas after you have more experience.
Regarding SRS and flash cards
SRS and flash cards are super useful. The idea behind this is that seeing a word once is not enough to learn it, you need to come across the word multiple times. SRS and flash cards are useful because they increase exposure to the same group of words. One problem I find with many flash card decks is that it only contains the word by itself. Without any context you cannot truly learn the word because you do not know how to use it. I recommend adding the entire sentence to your flashcards, not just the word by itself. Maybe put the sentence on the back of the card below the meaning of the word. If you use manabi it does this for you automatically. I always make it a point to read the entire sentence.
Another common problem with flashcards is that you might find yourself putting too many words into your deck. I promise you, you do not need to make a flash card for every single word. There are some words you do not know which are very common and you will run across them often, and there are some words you do not know that are very useful but are not as common - you should be making flashcards only for the less common words. A good example of this is the very first time I read a visual novel, I ran into the word 向かう and I did not know what it meant. I saved the sentence in case I wanted to make a flash card for it later, but throughout the game the word 向かう appeared many, many times so I did not need to make a flashcard for it because I was often exposed to this word naturally. The same thing happened with other words too. Instead I limited my flash cards to only the words that seemed kind of rare or those that I seemed to have trouble remembering, and generally I try to make no more than 10 flash cards at a time so I don't overwhelm myself. You don't want to get stuck doing a bunch of reviews all the time, you should spend more time reading instead.
Regarding Yomichan, Rikai, and Manabi Reader
These tools are extremely useful for helping you quickly find the reading and the meaning for a word you don't know. Because of how useful these tools are, I consume the majority of my media digitally so that I can quickly look up words. The pitfall of this is that these tools can easily become a crutch to you. I try not to use the tool altogether, and I only use it if I truly don't know a word. If I know I have come across the word before I always try to make a guess before I check what it is. I don't have a problem with relying on these tools too much, but I can see how it would be easy to fall into such a trap, so I recommend trying not to use them if you can but keeping them installed for when you really do need it because they are extremely useful. If you are using Manabi Reader I recommend turning off furigana and never turning it back on.
Regarding output
Output is super important. I highly recommend to speak as much as you can. Find a friend if you don't have one, or come join the English-Japanese Language Exchange discord and chat with us.

Alright now let's get into media in general.Visual novels:
I love visual novels as a study tool. They are great in that you can practice reading and listening skills at the same time. The story reads like a normal book rather than a manga so you can learn lots of descriptive words too. Visual novels often have multiple endings with different routes, which makes playing through them a second time great because there's enough new content that you're still interested, but you can also run into some of the same scenes again and understand them better the second time now that your Japanese has improved.
There is a kind of software which can rip the text from the game and copy it to the clipboard, and you can use a browser extension to display this text in your browser and be able to check words you don't know using yomichan or a similar extension. Here is a great guide on how to do this. Personally I use nazeka for checking my words. I arrange my screen so that the visual novel is on the top, my nazeka window (firefox) is along the bottom, and I keep notepad open to the right. I read inside the visual novel window as much as possible, but when I truly don't know a word I hover over it in the nazeka window to see what it is. If I want to save it I click on the notepad window and just press ctrl + v to paste it (because it's already in the clipboard). After my play sessions I narrow down which saved sentences I want to learn and then I email them to myself, open them in Manabi Reader on my iphone and then make flashcards. If you're using yomichan and anki I believe you can make the flashcard in a single click. Again, try not to rely too much on yomichan/nazeka/rikai but they are extremely useful and especially if it's your first time reading a VN. VN's are my main method of immersion and I recommend them to everyone, especially anything by Key Visual Arts.
Light novels:
Light novels are also great for learning. In my opinion ebooks are the best way to read these because you can use tools to assist you similarly to visual novels. There is an ebook format called epub, and epub file is basically an HTML file in a zip folder meaning that the file for the book is a website. You can extract these files and open them in your web browser and use whatever extension you prefer to help you read. There are epubs for all of the popular light novels floating around online and they're very easy to find, otherwise there are guides online for converting your own legit ebooks that you purchased to epub format. I extract the epubs and upload them to a personal website and I open the link in Manabi Reader and I read through that app. I like to read light novels on the go, such as during my commute or when I am away from my PC, so I find that this is the best method for me. If you are using android there is an app that works similarly to Manabi Reader but it works ONLY FOR EPUB FILES (no websites) and it is a bit buggy. It is called Typhon and honestly it's not very good but it's better than nothing. If you're on iphone just use manabi reader. Again, try not to rely too much on manabi readeyomichan/typhon/whatever you're using to assist you. It's there to assist you, not for you to rely on it. If you have the physical light novels they are great for testing yourself later on when you have more experience.
Manabi Reader:
I'm giving this its own section because I use it often. This app is great because it pulls articles from Japanese websites like NHK, 2ch, rocket news etc and has a popup dictionary which can export the words as flash cards to use in the companion app. If you want to read from a source that's not provided you can import the text through the page url or through the clipboard. The flash card app is paid if you want to do more than 10 cards a day, but the annual cost is extremely cheap so I don't mind paying for it. Of course you can do all of these things from your pc for free, but I prefer to use my phone so this app is a blessing for me.
Physical books:
I don't read too many books, but I have this one book called 5分後に笑えるどんでん返し which is a collection of short stories that take roughly five minutes to read. This is a kids book aimed at upper elementary aged students (or maybe low junior high, I'm actually not sure), some of the words have furigana and many of them don't. This book is a great test for yourself if you are in the intermediate stages. What I like to do is flip through the story and find words that I do not yet know and study them, then after studying them for a bit I make an attempt to read the story. It's a great opportunity to read without having the option to use something like yomichan. This book is part of a series, there are many many books in this series of 5 minute short stories. Search on google for 5分シリーズ and see if there's one you're interested in, I highly recommend this one.
Alright so I actually don't look up words when I read manga. I prefer to read physical manga and searching words takes a lot of time compared to the fraction of a second it takes on my pc, combing through a dictionary so boring so I just read and don't look anything up. And that's totally fine, your brain can make connections for some (not all) words based on the context and I often find myself learning new words and slang this way. It's also a great way to reinforce what you have learned while reading digital content. If there's a word that seems important to understand what's going on I will stop and search it but this doesn't happen so often. If there's a word that I really feel like I should learn I will come back to it after I finish reading and search it (marking it with a pencil is useful). I read enough digital content while looking up words that I feel it is ok for me to read manga without looking up words.
Anime and dramas:
I love me some anime. I think a lot of people run into this problem where they don't want to watch an anime in Japanese because they're afraid they won't understand every word. The truth is that you don't need to understand everything, just do your best and it gives you an excuse to come back and watch the show again later if you like it. Some people use Japanese subtitles, but I personally view this as a crutch because I am watching in order to develop my listening skills. I do a lot of reading as it is, so for me anime and dramas are just to practice listening. I prefer to put on a pair of headphones so that I can better focus on the dialogue.
I don't listen to any music that's not Japanese. The reason I am mentioning music is because I have one recommendation for improving your reading speed. Yes, you read that right. It's a little silly so hear me out. I like to sing even though I'm not good at it. For many songs on spotify there is an option to view the lyrics to the song as you listen to it, and the lyrics are timed perfectly so you can do some karaoke. If there is a song that I'm really getting into I like to do some karaoke on spotify because it feels like a test for me to read faster to keep up with the song. Also it fixes any problems I had of misheard lyrics. Yes I have even learned new words and new kanji this way. Of course your reading speed will get better the more you read (so keep reading), but I feel like this is a fun way to practice that area as well if you want to take a break from a book.

I really hope this was helpful. This is my study method and I hope that maybe you can incorporate some of this into your own routine if you're bored of textbooks too. In a typical day, I like to play a VN for an hour during my lunch break and then at night I play for another hour or two before bed - that's two or three hours of immersion every day. Besides that, I try to find time to immerse with the other content when I can. If I'm playing on my phone, I like to go to a Japanese website or read a light novel on my phone, even just a little bit is better than nothing. I keep Japanese music playing in the background while I work and I like to sing along. These days I work from home, and it seems that will be the case for the entirety of this year, but if I were to take the train I would normally read a light novel or a manga on my phone during my commute or even watch an anime. Sometimes I read manga while I use my restroom, or I'll watch anime while I cook food. I changed the language settings on all of my devices to Japanese as well and now I'm playing all of my video games in Japanese (Looking forward to Paper Mario!). My overall goal is to expose myself to Japanese as much as possible, and I use visual novels and light novels as a sort of classroom setting to learn more vocabulary and the bunpo app to learn more grammar.

Good luck, I hope this was helpful and I hope you all have fun with Japanese.

Recommended based on feedback:
NHK News Web Easy is useful for breaking into reading for the first time. This website is an easier version of the normal news from Japan's public broadcaster and is written for both Japanese children and foreigners learning Japanese.
submitted by NipponHamu to LearnJapanese [link] [comments]

2020.06.19 06:05 Haas-bioroid-AoT Recommendation for reasonably short, perferably unlocalised VNs

Hello, vnsuggest, I'm learning Japanese.
My Japanese is not terrible, that is, I can manage most JRPGs, ero doujin and twitter.
My dream is to play Higurashi compliation released on consoles one day from start to finish.
Before that, is there any VN you could recommend me playing?
submitted by Haas-bioroid-AoT to vnsuggest [link] [comments]


submitted by BrokenWANHA to u/BrokenWANHA [link] [comments]

2020.04.17 23:31 wolfstone835 Serenity UHC Season 5 - Episode 1

Welcome to Serenity UHC Season 4
Serenity As a Whole:
This is a non reddit recorded round organized by SiahStone where I basically do whatever I want, whenever I want. It's supposed to be played for fun and for the players not to take it seriously. It's a lot of fun and I hope you all enjoy!

This Season

Terrain Jumpers: Every episode every player gets scattered into a new world with new terrain. Episode 1 will be Dungeoneering where natural ores are hard to come by but there are a ton of dungeons around. Episode 2 will be Slimy Crack, on the x axis there is a crack in the world with slime blocks at the bottom opening the world for resources. Episode 3 is what I like to call "Gus Terrain" basically its just a random world with smaller biomes and just wacky. Episode 4 is Amplified Terrain where it is very mountainous and hilly. Episode 5 is Destroyed City World where there is just a massive city on the map but it's deserted and destroyed. Finally Episode 6 which is meetup takes place in the End which has a bigger platform.
FastSmelting: Stuff smelts faster
Episode Links
Players Links
Team 1 Cyan
Broseph Lost Footage
ShyGus Episode 1
Team 2 Orange
Alacan E1
Mistic Dungeoneering Sucks
Team 3 Pink
FreekBoi Episode 1
zac083 Episode 1
Team 4 Aqua
BlueSparks Episode 1
Centrios Waiting
Team 5 Purple
Abdalain Episode 1
JustNolan Lost Footage
Team 6 Grey
Exstreme All Eps In 1
Jyke All Eps In 1
Team 7 Dark Green
Harryb2000 I'm Tired
InsertDotJpeg Episode 1
Team 8 Pink Italic
MemeDotJpeg Episode 1
nFang Episode 1
Team 9 Light Grey Italics
ERHDude Episode 1
ChrisMS ep 1
Team 10 Aqua Italic
CipherKai All Footage In Finale
SummerBqsh Episode 1
Team 11 Yellow
Andrew512 Episode 1
Drake Episode 1
Team 12 Blue Italic
PatCreeperBrown Waiting
aalaan Kevin! There's Spawners Everywhere
Team 13 Lime Italic
ImCjYT Episode 1
MicrousMC Episode 1
Team 14 Black Italic
Espik Episode 1
Kelawesome Episode 1
Team 15 Dark Blue Italic
UltimateZerc The International Alliance
m4ku Episode 1
Team 16 Yellow
Brodator Into The Dungeon
TFerm This Seems Familiar
Team 17 Dark Grey Italic
Fra49 ep1
PedroLeGamer Waiting
Team 18 Dark Red Italic
Psykl0ne All Eps In 1
SiahStone Starting Off Good
Team 19 Blue
EnergyPulse Footage Broke
JustTyson Episode 1
Team 20 Dark Blue
Pelycosaur Lost Footage
EGLGaming Man Shit Dungeoneering
Team 21 Red
TorinFBF Got the club going up, on a Monday
Alxn Highlights At End Of Season
Team 22 Lime
Eroe Episode 1
pigghetti Episode 1
Team 23 Dark Grey
Bofishkix No Book
Stravilight Ep 1
Team 24 Dark Red
Greeples In Chemistry Class
JamestheDouglas Team AFK Half The Time
Team 25 Black
Maxaa Episode 1
Potsie Waiting
  • Organization: SiahStone
  • Intro: Codwhy
  • Renders: EGL
  • Logo: Freek
  • Episode Posts: SiahStone :3
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2020.03.31 17:43 atoponce Password generators with CyberChef

I know there are only three members, and the sub has been around since Jan 2018, but seems fitting too share here.
With the COVID-19 pandemic, I figured I would learn CyberChef a bit more. Here's two approaches at an unbiased password generator. The PRNG is CyberChef uses the browser's CSRPNG, so it's a suitable application
Now to figure out how to build a passphrase generator. I'm getting there, but clearly not working.
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2020.03.29 19:22 BegoniaInBloom [Saturday Social Media Summary Extravaganza] – 29 March 2020 (on a Sunday)

Hello and welcome. With no racing you'd think that riders' social media would be rather quiet, wouldn't you? That's what fewfiet and I thought too.... but this week we bring you the biggest edition of SSMSE yet.
Kiel Reijnen did an AMA over on the /TrekBikes subreddit on Friday, it's here if you missed it.
More birthdays than usual this week for some reason.
Dani Rowe had a special announcement on Mother's Day
JJ Rojas remembered his late brother Mariano at the 1995 Tour, and rather poigniantly modelled his ONCE jersey
Diego Ulissi posted a sweet picture of his new baby daughter with her older sister
Loads of riders took part in this game of keepy-uppy using toilet rolls (and hopefully kept them to use). Luis Leon Sanchez's professional footballer brother Pedro Leon started them off, and then the floodgates opened.
With tons of time on their hands, lots of riders are talking live on Instagram for our entertainment.
GCN Italia's Alan Marangoni is going to be as fit as when he was racing if the quarantine lasts much longer, because he's been training as well as chatting. Here he is with Daniel Oss and with Filippo Ganna (who was on his TT bike) – but he's been doing it almost every day so far.
Luis Angel Mate and Juan Pedro Lopez often train together in Andalucia – this time they had to meet virtually to train and to celebrate Mate's birthday
Luckily for us, there have been plenty of written Q&A sessions.
And several riders tackled questions on their Instagram stories
Tadej Pogacar
Nicolas Roche
Lorena Wiebes
Bodyweight exercises are usually done using your OWN bodyweight, right? Nope. Use your partner, child or dog, it's much more fun.
Back to solo training
Vincenzo Nibali rode Milan Sanremo at home – right in front of that trophy cabinet he invited Primoz Roglic round to see last year
So did Davide Martinelli – and he showed us as he arrived at the Poggio on his Garmin for good measure
Michal Kwiatkowski remembered his win in 2017 – and the aftermath
In some places riders are still choosing to ride outdoors.
With all that spare time, more riders than ever are in the kitchen.
With all this kitchen activity, not many riders were buying their food.
No riding in this section. New hobbies and ways to pass the time (in no particular order).
Lots of riders passed the time with various challenges, including a one to post childhood photos.
That's all for this week, so goodbye until the next time and remember to keep positive!
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2020.02.05 23:37 xnfd Nanairo Reincarnation is kami-nuki-nakige

Here's what I liked.
  1. It's a relatively short VN (10 - 20 hours) so the pacing is very good. Once the mystery ramps up it's very hard to put down.
  2. Good comedy. The absurd voice acting from the catgirl is especially amusing.
  3. Wide variety in girls. The demons are sexy and the human girls have their own appeal.
  4. Good amount of CG, not only ero ones.
  5. Most VN H-scenes barely arouse me and I just skip past them. Nanairo is really good at getting you in the mood and the scenes themselves are pretty good. This is quite accurate as I was playing through:
  6. It only tries to tell one story and it does it very well. The other routes are just side endings. The nakige part really hits you at the end and the events lingered in my mind long after I finished the VN. (minor spoilers since there's no context)
  7. edit: forgot to mention, no high school setting! MC is in college but on summer break
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2019.11.17 17:02 MyNameIsJeffHarrison Respect Thanos, the Mad Titan (Marvel: Earth-616)

Respect Thanos, the Mad Titan

Fools taking up arms against omnipotence. They rush head-on into Armageddon. So I shall provide them with a most glorious doomsday! The heavens will run red with blood. But in the end, as always, Thanos will stand triumphant.
Thanos was born on Saturn's moon Titan as the son of Eternals A'lars and Sui-San; his brother is Eros of Titan. Thanos carries the Deviants gene, and as such, shares the physical appearance of the Eternals' cousin race. Shocked by his appearance and the belief that he would destroy all life in the universe, Sui-San attempted to kill him, but she was stopped by A'lars. During his school years, Thanos was a pacifist and would only play with his brother Eros and pets. By adolescence, Thanos had become fascinated with nihilism and death, worshiping and eventually falling in love with the physical embodiment of death, Mistress Death. As an adult, Thanos augmented his physical strength and powers through his superior scientific knowledge. He also attempted to create a new life for himself by siring many children as well as becoming a pirate. He finds no fulfillment in either until he is visited again by Mistress Death, for whom he murders his offspring and his pirate captain. Wishing to impress Mistress Death, Thanos gathers an army of villainous aliens and begins a nuclear bombardment of Titan that kills millions of his race, and then begins search of more power in order to fulfill his goal of spreading death and destruction through the universe for his love.
Note: Thanos while he was amped with the God Quarry can be found here, though some notable feats with the amp can be found marked within this thread.



Blunt Force/Impact
Extreme Temperature
Esoteric Resistances
Force Fields


Energy Projection

MatteEnergy Manipulation





Teleportation/Portal Creation
Healing/Energy Transfer
Cosmic Placement and Awareness
Magical Capability



Sanctuary is Thanos' signature starship, one of the most powerful starships in the universe. It comes equipped with a variety of features, including a teleportation system that can be used anywhere throughout the universe, powerful force fields, and advanced weapon systems

Space Throne

Gear and Equipment



Synthetic Gem



Thanos' most consistent weakness is his ego and tendency for self-sabotage. He lets his opponents live when he could easily disable them and frequently weakens himself while fighting weaker foes. As said by Adam Warlock, Thanos always subconsciously supplied the means for his own defeat, such as letting Nebula grab the Gauntlet from his physical body.

The Cosmic Cube

God Thanos

The Infinity Gauntlet

For I am transformed! I have left the mortal plane behind me! In truth I have risen above the mantle of godhood! Even celestial status is now below me! The Infinity Gems have given me the power of Supreme Being!
Reality Warping/Alteration
Space Manipulation
Time Manipulation
Soul Manipulation

Heart of the Universe

Note: The canonical status of Marvel Universe: The End is questionable and up for debate.
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2019.11.09 00:03 zughy2 Vestiti made in China, ovvero il 90% ("rant")

mi ero salvato tempo fa il post alla guida sulla "moda uomo" di Nicolò Zuliani. In questi giorni ho finalmente provato a metterlo in pratica, e tra le cose a cui ho iniziato a far caso, ci ho messo dentro anche le etichette. Non solo per le percentuali di materiali (cotone, poliestere, amianto) ma anche per la manifattura.
Ora, dalle marche più "blande", ti puoi aspettare che vengano fatte dall'altra parte del mondo da gente sottopagata perché la manodopera costa meno. E "ok". Ci sono però rimasto male quando cose da 100€+ si ponevano allo stesso livello: Cina.
Magari direte voi, cosa c'è di male d'altronde che le cose siano fatte in Cina? Per me è una questione etica rilevante, dato che la Cina permette "campi di rieducazione", molto simili ai famosi campi di concentramento del "mai più". Articolo d'esempio (contiene immagini forti): oppure direttamente il video. O un altro video ancora.Un altro documentario, Harvested Alive, riassume 30 anni di indagini per dimostrare come i praticanti di un arte marziale -il Falun Gong, tipo Tai Chi- siano stati repressi, fatti sparire, e usati per esportarne organi DA VIVI (da rivendere). Inoltre, nello Xinjiang, una regione nel nord-ovest della Cina, la minoranza musulmana degli uighuri è costantemente tenuta sott'occhio da un Grande Fratello 24/7 che assegna loro dei punteggi -il sistema di credito sociale-, che sarà esteso a tutta la Cina dal 1° gennaio 2020. Per intenderci, è come l'episodio Nosedive di Black Mirror (ma il punteggio glielo dà lo stato). E gli svantaggi superano di gran lunga i vantaggi. Ora, se permettete, uno stato del genere -o un'azienda che fa affari con esso- non voglio supportarlo, anche se è solo la manodopera (potremmo parlare anche della storia delle leggi sul figlio unico di anni fa o della censura di Piazza Tiananmen 1989 su Baidu, ma penso di aver reso già abbastanza l'idea). Paradossalmente, siamo bravi a condannare Auschwitz, la tratta dei neri e quant'altro, ma se si parla del nostro quotidiano molte volto sento un "eh vabbè, ma che ci vuoi fare? Devo pensare a me" (e questo non vale solo per la Cina: vedere Amazon e lo sfruttamento dei suoi dipendenti. Da cui la gente continua comunque a comprare).
Tornando ai negozi: scopro a mio malincuore che non sono solo le marche blande a usare manodopera cinese. Persino brand mediamente costosi che sfoggiano la loro italianità, il loro stile, di Made in Italy non hanno proprio nulla (cose da outlet della moda, per intenderci). O anche accessori come le 24 Bottles, che la cantano con "designed in Bologna", ma che sotto la confezione recitano "made responsibly in China." Non fanno eccezione le scarpe, come le Champion, o le Clarks (non proprio 2 spicci) che solo ultimamente sono passate dalla Cina al Vietnam. Addirittura alcuni negozi non-catene che al solo guardarli diventi povero tentano gli escamotage tipo "made in Extra-EU". In alcuni casi non ho letteralmente trovato alternative valide (quindi se ne avete, tipo per i cappotti, ditemele volentieri).
Qui, chiariamo, non è una questione di Made in Italy. Qui è questione di "posso comprare qualcosa senza finanziare un paese che reputo una violazione dei diritti umani vivente?". Mi hanno per esempio spiegato che l'UE, grazie alle sue leggi, permette la fabbricazione di prodotti molto più controllati e -spero- più rispettosi. Quindi che vengano dalla Spagna, dalla Grecia, da cosa ne so, va benissimo. Vorrei, insomma, fare una spesa più corretta e "solidale" (o empatica, a voi la parola che preferite). Preferibilmente, senza diventare povero (per esempio le Frau che sono di Verona fanno scarpe informali sul centino, che secondo me è un ottimo compromesso. Un Giorgio Armani è invece uno status symbol, quindi no grazie).
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2019.05.25 18:46 Math_Dragon Ongoing bombardment of scam link(s) by a botnet with randomized names on hundreds of subs.

Scam domain being used:
Many of these accounts were made last week, and the list keeps growing the more they're spamming:
... The list just keeps getting longer.
Edit: 7 hours later, it's still going. There must be hundreds, no, thousands of these bots.
Edit 2: 1 day later, still hasn't fucking stopped.
Edit 3: 5/31 A new wave has begun.
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2019.04.07 03:08 IWasABitcoinNoobToo I haven't met you yet, and this is crazy, but here's my public key, message me maybe?

-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- Version: GnuPG v1 mQINBFrTVKMBEADSNbFsF2RsY7i8oUTAozWIgOpQtXbr5cHV53KJo9TfR6BaPi tEIGVeDsXw++ep4DWWMRK9LmlJXLwGTuSxcYMuOKbz8ZhQYR5rsLyk1eqN+hobLX eUpQDCOZNtz9+SGTpJPA/xj0T18phRtQvBt6gW+a/strv4GC83s9ByvCrUjY2l3k vRdMp6Xgt8k1xUz1xBNFPY1J/cT7/e2iKrXZ9G8/uk/+M4UwcEieEOeyPijJMoLp OfV6pXh4/zTyegcjOiEeLbi/DvejRMouW/5IJqaMp5cILnPETJCfHbN0+DS5qumR OvdCkFyIKuhQFaQOB7wU793ieCZnxQH0pCR3q5p9x8duYyhbYE4ZiMq5OvU3gkh+ 6XyB7Zk38yXsOOUZ6m4AFEddUFBQk0d1VEOKcLQ1I3RyJqXL+pj8TftJkgy4dF7k qmUvJCXsQGIEv7c+gTgN1fOsXMoqgBBLjBL6epa8c2B3NRLviVYicU/FvTEcH2PT e00fjy2B6csbtyquivMCkgjd0vbeNKlkbrN3cGv/RjH1LGsGnVt/Hb+mhzhajppp eFuYOaaYNY2meV6GhFQtsa9t96LZW9sG8VBIyCzMmHu3AikWh6RCfByn+qpIJjGi tPuklFKFF2iTOAwf2jzYG9wX1elXkdfvruW2WMYTOiFWqErlH6GN0q0YjwARAQAB tDRSZWFsIE5hbWUgKFRoaXMgaXMgb25seSBhIHRlc3QuKSA8ZW1haWxAYWRkcmVz cy5jb20+iQI/BBMBCAApBQJa01SjAhsBBQkeEzgABwsJCAcDAgEGFQgCCQoLBBYC AwECHgECF4AACgkQmtw9znRjWYYgTxAAvMMfbfMEQ0f9SjhLIgKmtRE7eDsmrX49 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I'm moving (!!!) and am starting the declutter of the apartment. HELP ME HELP YOU.
Prices below do not include shipping - Shipping to USA ONLY.
No shipping minimum. USPS starting at $3 and increasing by weight! I accept payment via Paypal :)
I feel I've been pretty fair with the pricing, but willing to consider offers especially if you're purchasing more than one item :)
If I have not heard back from you within 2 hours time, I will move onto the next person in line.
Thank you!


Bite Beauty French Press Lipgloss Flat White $11 / Full Size (Original Cost: $22) Never Used
Buxom Lipstick Mistress $2 / .04oz Swatched
Buxom Lipstick Provocateur $2 / .04oz Swatched
Clarins Joli Rouge Lipstick Velvet $20 / Full Size (Original Price: $30) Never Used
Dior Rouge Dior 999 Matte Red $3 / ? (Small Sample Size) Never Used
Dominique Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick Heartbeat $10 / Full Size (Original Price: $18) Never Used
Flirt Triple Lip Puffy Pout Lipstick 3D Rose $5 / Full Size (Original Price: $12) Never Used - In Original Box
Givency Le Rouge Givency / Open Carmin Escarpin $22 / Full Size (Original Price: $37) Never Used - Small Nick On Top From Closure
Hourglass Confession Ultra Slim Lipstick Refill My Icon Is $14 / Full Size (Original Price: $22) Never Used + In Original Box (NOTE: This is a REFILL)
Kat Von D Everlasting Lipliner Lolita $11 / Full Size (Original Price: $18) Worn Three Times
Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick Piaf $13 / Full Size (Original Price: $22) Swatched
Kiehl's Butterstick Lip Treatment / Open Pop of Peony $10 / Full Size (Original Price: $22) Never Used
KKW Beauty Nude Creme Lipstick 4 Nude $10 / Full Size (Original Price: $18) Swatched (Small Nick On Top From Closing)
LAQA & Co Lip Lube Honeypot $2 / .07oz Used Once
Laura Geller Fifty Kisses Lip Locking Liquid Color Makeout Merlot $9 / Full Size (Original Price: $21) Swatched
Lime Crime Velvetines Lip Liner Petunia $9 / Full Size (Original Price: $16) Swatched
Lime Crime Wet Cherry Ultra Shiny Lip Gloss White Cherry $12 / Full Size (Original Price: $18) Never Used - In Original Box
LOC Ultra Gloss Lip Pencil Punch Line $1 / .09oz Used Once
MAC Matte Lipstick Flatter Me Fierce $10 / Full Size (Original Price: $18) Swatched
MAC Amplified Lipstick Half N Half $10 / Full Size (Original Price: $18) Worn Twice
MAC Frost Lipstick At Leisure $11 / Full Size (Original Price: $18) Never Used - In Original Box
MAC Rossy De Palma Lipstick Sample Velvet Me/Soft Dream/Plum Bite $8 / ? Never Used
MAC Cream Lip Stain 110 Effervescent $12 / Full Size (Original Price: $22) Never Used - In Original Box
Model Co Lip Lacquer Morocco $1 / 1.5ml Never Used
NYX Wicked Lippie Immortal $1 / Full Size Used Once
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar (Metallic) Black Metal Dahlia $3 / Full Size Swatched
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar (Matte) Stalker $3 / Full Size Swatched
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar (Matte) Harlot $3 / Full Size Swatched
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar (Matte) Strumpet $1 / .08oz Swatched
Rituel De Fille Forbidden Lipstick Prey $14 / Full Size (Original Price: $24) Never Used
Smashbox Gloss Angeles Lip Gloss Acai You Girl $11 / Full Size (Original Price: $19) Never Used - In Original Box
Smashbox Gloss Angeles Lip Gloss Traffic Jam $11 / Full Size (Original Price: $19) Never Used - In Original Box
Smashbox Gloss Angeles Lip Gloss Self Promocean $11 / Full Size (Original Price: $19) Never Used
Smashbox Gloss Angeles Lip Gloss Sorbet Watch $11 / Full Size (Original Price: $19) Never Used
Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment / Open Honey $13 / Full Size (Original Price: $24) Swatched
Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment / Open Petal $13 / Full Size (Original Price: $24) Swatched
Tarte Lip Paint Birthday Suit $1 / .034oz Swatched
Tarte LipSurgence Lip Tint / Open Moody $5 / Full Size Worn Twice
Too Faced Peach Kiss Lipstick Love Is A Battlefield $11 / Full Size (Original Price: $21) Never Used
Urban Decay Hi Fi Shine Lip Gloss Rapture $12 / Full Size (Original Price: $20) Never Used
Urban Decay Hi Fi Shine Lip Gloss Snapped $12 / Full Size (Original Price: $20) Never Used
Urban Decay Hi Fi Shine Lip Gloss Goldmine $12 / Full Size (Original Price: $20) Never Used
Urban Decay Hi Fi Shine Lip Gloss Naked $12 / Full Size (Original Price: $20) Never Used
Urban Decay Hi Fi Shine Lip Gloss Midnight Cowgirl $12 / Full Size (Original Price: $20) Never Used
Urban Decay Hi Fi Shine Lip Gloss Big Bang $12 / Full Size (Original Price: $20) Never Used
Urban Decay Lo-Fi Lip Mousse Wavelength $14 / Full Size (Original Price: $22) Never Used - In Original Box
Urban Decay Kristen Leanne Lipstick Spellbound $11 / Full Size (Original Price: $19) Never Used
Vapour Organic Beauty Velvet Lip Gloss Harmony $15 / Full Size (Original Price: $25) Never Used / In Original Box


Avon 8-in-1 Eyeshadow Palette Smoky Nights $6 / Full Size (Original Price: $12) Never Used
Benefit Gimme Brow #3 $15 / Full Size (Original Price: $24) Never Used
Chella Eyebrow Defining Gel Clear $5 / .14oz Used Twice
Coastal Scents Eye Shadow Sampler Formal Eyes $1 / .023oz Never Used
Dose of Colors Block Party Eyeshadow Olive You $12 / Full Size (Original Price: $20) Never Used
Dose of Colors Block Party Eyeshadow Wild and Free $12 / Full Size (Original Price: $20) Never Used
Elizabeth Arden High Drama Eyeliner Purple Passion - 06 $10 / Full Size (Original Price: $22) Never Used (In Original Box)
Kat Von D 24-Hour Super Brow White Out $11 / Full Size (Original Price: $19) Never Used
Kat Von D 24-Hour Super Brow Graphite $11 / Full Size (Original Price: $19) Never Used
Kat Von D Brow Struck Dimension Powder Taupe $12 / Full Size (Original Price: $21) Never Used - I HAVE TWO OF THESE
Laura Geller Glamlash Mascara Blak $4 / .20oz Never Used
MAC Eyeshadow Sun Tan and Repeat $11 / Full Size (Original Price: $17) Never Used
MAC Eyeshadow Omega $11 / Full Size (Original Price: $17) Never Used
MAC Eyeshadow Carbon $11 / Full Size (Original Price: $17) Swatched
MAC Shiny Pretty Eyeshadow Major Win $15 / Full Size (Original Price: $24) Never Used - In Original Box
MAC Extra Dimensional Eyeshadow Stylishly Merry $12 / Full Size (Original Price: $20) Never Used
Mally Volumizing Mascara Black $2 / Sample Size Never Used
Marcelle Eyeliner Indigo $1 / .028oz Swatched
Marcelle Mascara Black $4 / ? Sample Size Never Used
NARS Eyeshadow Single Ishta $11 / Full Size (Original Price: $19) Never Used
Physicians Formula Eye Definer Liner Ultra Black $1 / Full Size Never Used
Pop Beauty Eyeshadow Trio Sugar Plum $2 / .15oz Swatched
Sephora Shimmer Colorful Eyeshadow Glazed Donut $3 / Full Size (Original Price: $8) Never Used (Still Plastic Sealed)
Smashbox Photo Edit Eye Shadow Trio Showmance $13 / Full Size (Original Price: $22) Never Used
Smashbox Photo Edit Eye Shadow Trio Night Shoot $13 / Full Size (Original Price: $22) Never Used
Surratt Beauty Lid Laquer Pika Pika $26 / Full Size (Original Price: $36) Never Used (Missing Red "Band" That Goes Across The Packaging)
Trestique Shadow Crayon Aspen Pine $3 / .02oz Used Once
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil Smog $12 / Full Size (Original Price: $21) Never Used
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil Scorch $12 / Full Size (Original Price: $21) Never Used
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil Goldmine $12 / Full Size (Original Price: $21) Never Used
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Space Cowboy $14 / Full Size (Original Price: $22) Never Used
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Easy Baked $14 / Full Size (Original Price: $22) Never Used


Almay Make Them Jelly Hi-Lite Illuminator 200 Unicorn Light $8 / .58oz (Original Price: $15) Used Once
Anastasia Beverly Hills Dual Angled Firm Brush #12 $10 / N/A (Original Price: $18) Never Use (In Original Packaging)
The Balm BronzeBlush Take A Dip $1 / .028oz Never Used
Bare Minerals Mineral Veil Original $2 / Sample Size Never Used
Bare Minerals All Over Face Color Vanilla Sugar Radiance $2 / Sample Size Never Used
Benefit Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation #9 $17 / Full Size (Original Price: $29) Never Used - In Original Box
Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation Espresso 10 $30 / Full Size (Original Price: $46) Never Used
Boxum Wanderlust Primer-Infused Blush Goal $12 / Full Size (Original Price: $22) Never Used
Cargo Swimmables Shadow Stick Sunkissed $10 / Full Size Never Used
Cargo Water Resistant Blush Bali $14 / Full Size (Original Price: $26) Swatched
Clarins Skin Illusion Natural Hydrating Foundation Porceclain 102.5 $30 / Full Size (Original Price: $44) Never Used
Coastal Scents Reveal 3D Palette Sampler Desert Bloom $1 / 0.08oz Never Used
Colourpop No Filter Sheer Pressed Powder Fair $4 / Full Size (Original Size: $9) Never Used
Colourpop No Filter Foundation Light 75 $6 / Full Size (Original $12) Swatched - In Original Box
Colourpop No Filter Foundation Fair 05 $7 / Full Size (Original $12) Never Used - In Original Box
Colourpop No Filter Foundation Fair 15 $7 / Full Size (Original $12) Never Used - In Original Box
Colourpop No Filter Foundation Deep Dark 190 $6 / Full Size (Original $12) Never Used
Colourpop No Filter Foundation Deep Dark 205 $6 / Full Size (Original $12) Never Used
Cynthia Rowley Illuminator ? $1 / .04oz Never Used
Dermablend Cover Creme Cafe Brown $25 / Full Size (Original Price: $39) Never Used (In Original Box)
Dermablend Flawless Creator Multi-Use Liquid Pigments 85N $30 / Full Size (Original Price: $40) Never Used
Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation 9N $30 / Full Size (Original Price: $40) Swatched
Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Foundation 4N1 Shell Beige $26 / Full Size (Original Price: $41) Swatched
Flesh Blush Fever $16 / Full Size (Original Cost: $26) Never Used
Flesh Highlighting Balm Squeeze $10 / Full Size (Original Cost: $18) Never Used
It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Illumination Pressed Powder Radiant Translucent $18 / Full Size (Original Price: $29) Never Used (BNIB)
It Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation Rich Honey $25 / Full Size (Original Price: $40) Never Used
It Cosmetics CC Cream Medium $3 / .135 oz Never Used (BNIB)
It Cosmetics Confidence In A Compact Golden Deep $25 / Full Size (Original Price: $38) Never Used
It Cosmetics Heavenly Skin Complexion Brush #704 $33 / N/A (Original Price: $48) Never Used (In Original Packaging)
Jouer Powder Highlighter Celestial $15 / Full Size (Original Price: $24) Swatched
Jouer Essential High Coverage Liquid Concealer Toast $14 / Full Size (Original Price: $22) Swatched
Jouer Essential High Coverage Liquid Concealer Filligree $14 / Full Size (Original Price: $22) Swatched
KKW Beauty Flashing Lights Pressed Powder New Drip $11 / Full Size (Original Price: $21) Never Used (There's a little bit of the pink powder in this one - not sure why!)
Lawless Woke Up Like This Flawless Finish Foundation Kalahari $30 / Full Size (Original Price: $46) Never Used
Lime Crime Hi-Lite Angels $25 / Full Size (Original Price: $38) Never Used
MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation NW44 $20 / Full Size Original Price: $30) Never Used
MAC Jade Jagger Mineralize Skin Finish Satin Shim ? $20 / Full Size (Original Price: $45) Never Used
MAC Patrick Starr Powder Blush Duo Take Me Home $15 / Full Size (Original Price: $22) Never Used
MAC Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation NW43 $20 / Full Size (Original Price: $36) Never Used (but dropper doesn't seem to work - you can absolutely get the product out just by shaking or using a different tool)
Make Face Gloss N/A $1 / .1oz Never Used
MannaKadar BronzeHighlighter ? $3 / ? Swatched
Marc Jacobs Shameless Youthful Look 24 Hours Foundation Light Y210 $30 / Full Size (Original Price: $46) Swatched
Marc Jacobs Shameless Youthful Look 24 Hours Foundation Deep Y570 $30 / Full Size (Original Price: $46) Swatched
Maybelline Master Kajal Onyx Rush $1 / Full Size Never Used
Models Own Foundation Stick 10 $7 / Full Size (Original Price: $13) Never Used (Sealed In Plastic)
Morphe Brontour (Bronzer + Contour) Vlogger $7 / Full Size (Original Price: $12) Never Used (In Original Box)
Milk Makeup Highlighter ? $4 / .1oz Never Used
Rituel De Fille The Ethereal Veil Conceal and Cover Arche $15 / Full Size (Original Price $34) Never Used (There's a darker spot which I think is normal)
Sephora Pro Airbrush Detail Brush #57 $16 / N/A (Original Price: $24) Never Used (In Original Packaging)
Sigma F03 - High Cheekbone Highlighter N/A $10 / N/A (Original Price: $20) Never Used (In Plastic Sleeve)
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Oil N/A $1 / .13oz Never Used
Smashbox Studio Skin Shaping Foundation Stick 1.0 - Foundation + Soft Contur $30 / Full Size (Original Price: $42) Foundation Swatched
Smashbox Ablaze Face Palette Filtered, Claim to Fame, Suntan, Sun Sign, Fire Sign, Get Heated $28 / Full Size (Original Price: $39) Never Used
Snowcrystal Blusher / Bronzer ? $25 / Full Size Never Used
Stila Stay All Day Concealear Refill Espresso 15 $7 / Full Size Never Used
Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush Paaarty $5 / Mini (1.5g/.05z) Never Used
Vapour Aura Multi Use Classic Blush Eros $26 / Full Size (Original Price: $36) Never Used
Victorias Secret Baked Mineral Bronzing Powder Goddess $1 / .05oz Used Once
Wander Beauty On-The-Glow Blush and Illuminator Coral Rose $30 / Full Size (Original Price: $42) Never Used (In Original Box)
W3ll People Bio Brightener Invisible Powder N/A $15 / Full Size (Original Price: $22)


Acqua Di Parma Blue Mediterraneo Body Lotion Natural Spray N/A $25 / Full Size (Original Price: $53) Never Used (Sealed In Plastic)
Beautycounter Countersun Mineral Sunscreen Lotion N/A $25 / Full Size (Original Price: $39) Never Used - In Original Box
Bliss Fat Girl Slim Skin Firming Cream N/A $15 / 6oz Used Twice
Bliss Fat Girl Slim Arm Candy N/A $15 / 4.2oz (Original Price: $32) Used Once
Boscia Cactus Water Hydrating Cream N/A $28 / 1.61oz (Original Price: $38) Never Used
Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal and Coconut Oil Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo N/A $25 / Full Size (Original Price: $42) Never Used
Caudalie Paris Vinopure Serum N/A $32 / Full Size (Original Price: $49) Never Use - In Original Box
Clinique Moisture Surge 72-hour Hydrator N/A $6 / 15ml (Original Price: $12) Never Use - In Original Box
Coola Classic Sunscreen N/A $1 / .24oz Never Used
Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum N/A $60 / Full Size (Original Price: $80) Used 5x - 90% Left
First Aid Beauty Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer N/A $18 / Full Size (Original Price: $28) Never Used (In Original Box)
Glamglow Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer Nude Glow $3 / .5oz Never Used
Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment N/A $3 / .5oz Never Used
Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask N/A $35 / Full Size (Original Price: $45) Never Used
Hey Honey Walk The Walk Propolis Foot and Heel Cream N/A $2 / .84oz Never Used
Honest Beauty Organic Beauty Facial Oil N/A $18 / Full Size (Original Price: $28) Never Used (In Original Box)
Jin soon Nail Polish Abyss $9 / Full Size (Original Price: $18) Never Used (In Original Box)
Joanna Vargas Rescue Serum N/A $115 / Full Size (Original Price: $150) Never Used (In Original Box)
Juice Beauty Cleansing Milk N/A $2 / .5oz Never Used
Korres Wild Rose Vitamin C Brightening Sleeping Facial N/A $32 / Full Size (Original Price: $48) Never Used - In Original Box
Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser N/A $2 / 1oz Never Used
MAC Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator N/A $22 / 3.4oz Used Three Times
Matrix Biolage Texturizing Styling Spray N/A $10 / 8oz Used Once
Matrix Biolage Frizz Control Styling Spray N/A $10 / 8oz Never Used
Memebox Sugar Kitten Hydrating Holographic Peel Off Mask N/A $15 / Full Size (Original Price: $23) Never Used
Ole Henrikson Force of Nurture Intensive Hand Creme N/A $3 / 1oz Never Used
Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Featherlight Styling Cream N/A $12 / Full Size (Original Price: $26) Never Used
Paula's Choice Resist Omega+ Complex Serum N/A $22 / Full Size (Original Price: $37) Never Used
philosophy Purity Made Simple Pore Extractor N/A $12 / 2.5oz (Original Price: $18) Never Used
Shiseido WASO Soft + Cushy Polisher N/A $20 / Full Size (Original Price: $32) Never Used (In Original Box)
Skylar Eau De Toilette Arrow $55 / Full Size (Original Price: $78) Never Used
Sunday Riley Luna Retinol Sleeping Night Oil N/A $13 / .25fl oz (7.5mL) Never Used (In Original Box)
Versace Pour Femme Dylan Blue Eau De Parfum N/A $58 / 30ml / 1fl oz (Original Price: $72) Never Used (In Original Box - Barcode Scratched Off)
Vita Liberata Body Blur HD Skin Finish Latte $30 / Full Size (Original Price: $45) Never Used

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2019.01.16 20:17 Piruri Visual novels similar to "Momoiro Closet" or "Loca Love - Dousei x Kouhai "

Here the vndb links:
Momoiro Closet:
Love Love:

Why do I like these two?
They are ridiculously sweet and have nothing except lovey-dovey moments and of course, sex scenes. I enjoy stuff like this a lot. It's just my typical rom-com manga/doujinshi with voice acting, colors and audio. So I'd like to read more these, if possible. I wanted to mention Hitomebore but decided against it since there was no "ero" in it. (Although there was a scar fetish, lol).

Are there other ones which are like these? Short. More focused on moments than overall-plot (use 4-koma manga as reference). English and overall something, you really like to read once in a while. I'm aware that this is not the typical vn-reader question and that some people might say, these two are trash but still...

Thanks. Have a nice day. (ㆆᴗㆆ)
submitted by Piruri to vnsuggest [link] [comments]

2019.01.01 05:20 990076 2018 Sales Ranking from

(NSFW Link)
Sales ranking from Getchu, no specific number.
Top 10:
  1. RIDDLE JOKER (Yuzusoft) ¥9,504
  2. Onee-chan no Yuuwaku (hibiki works) ¥5,184
  3. Summer Pockets (Key) ¥9,504
  4. Fuukan no Grasesta (Eushully) ¥10,584
  5. Rance X (ALICESOFT) ¥10,584
  6. Motto! Haramase! Honoo no Oppai Isekai Ero Mahou Gakuen! (Milk Factory) ¥9,504
  7. Raspberry Cube (Madosoft) ¥9,990
  8. Nukige Mitai na Shima ni Sunderu Watashi wa Dou Surya Ii Desu ka? (Qruppo) ¥9,504
  9. Bosei Kanojo -Shikyuu Kikan Hen- (Akabei Soft2) ¥3,024
The ranking is only applied for sales from Getchu, but it should be representative to the whole VN market in Japan.
If you want to see the ranking of previous years, just change the year in the URL.
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Eros Ramazzotti - Vita Ce N'é (Hits des Jahres 2018) - YouTube YouTube Music - YouTube eros online - YouTube Eros Song - YouTube REVIEW Nước Hoa Versace Eros Nam


  1. Eros Ramazzotti - Vita Ce N'é (Hits des Jahres 2018) - YouTube
  2. YouTube
  3. Music - YouTube
  4. eros online - YouTube
  5. Eros Song - YouTube
  6. REVIEW Nước Hoa Versace Eros Nam
  7. PRISE PAR DERRIÈRE.. Cette jolie nana ne méritait pas ça ...
  8. The Most Honest Versace Eros Fragrance Review Ever - YouTube
  9. Eros Ramazzotti-Noi - YouTube

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Un homme surprend une femme par derrière pour son bien et elle réagit mal mais.. ⚠️ATTENTION⚠️ Ce film est une leçon de vie Regardez jusqu’à la fin pour comp... VIDEO REVIEW NƯỚC HOA VERSACE EROS Xem chi tiết sản phẩm tại đây: Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Greatest Rock N Roll Vietnam War Music 60s and 70s Classic Rock Songs - Duration: 1:09:58. MoMo Lisa Recommended for you I have simplified the fragrance hobby for you Instagram: scentscavenger Your support to help me continue my hobby is deeply appreciated https://www.patreon.c... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Der beliebste Musikexport Italiens ist zurück. Superstar Eros Ramazzotti veröffentlicht sein bereits 16. Studioalbum 'Vita Ce N'É'. Hier geht's zum Album: ht... Visit the YouTube Music Channel to find today’s top talent, featured artists, and playlists. Subscribe to see the latest in the music world. This channel was...