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Located directly across from the Save Mart Center, Dog House Grill provides customers with a venue that is perfect before or after the big event. Come see why Dog House is the best bar and grill in the Valley. Group/Large Orders Available. 24 hour notices, pick-up in Fresno only Dog House is the sister restaurant to Firestone Grill in San Luis Obispo and they are both excellent sports bars! The Tri-Tip Sandwich and a bowl of seasoned fries with some ranch and a couple of cold beers is insanely good! Order Online for Takeout / Pickup. Here at Dog House Grill Fresno you'll experience delicious BBQ, sandwiches, burgers and specialty drinks. Try our mouth-watering tri-tip or chicken sandwiches, carefully prepared with fresh ingredients! At Dog House Grill, our recipe for success is simple – Great food & care makes customers return every time. The Dog House Grill is upping the hot dog game in York, PA. These top-notch franks aren’t just good because they’re served warm, juicy, and packed with fresh-off-the-grill flavor. It all comes down to the toppings. The folks here are all about shaking up the traditional blend of ketchup and relish, opting instead to pack on decadent ... Delivery & Pickup Options - 2139 reviews of Dog House Grill 'For those of us to whom the words 'college hangout' sound slightly distasteful, dinner at the Dog House Grill comes as a pleasant surprise. No obnoxious fraternity oafs here; just laid-back counter service, yummy food, and lots of huge TVs broadcasting a constant stream of varied athletics. The Dog House Saloon & Grill has been established since 1994 and at our current location in Township of Washington since 2003. Voted best bar in Bergen County! We are family owned and operated and love coming to work every day. Check out our award winning chili, massive burgers, huge salads, 14' Cheesesteaks & more! Come, Sit, Stay Awhile!

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2020.09.23 06:53 mamamoclc How can I help my friend who’s being abused?

Sarah (14F) and I (18F) met through our parents and became good friends. We met two years ago and have been friends since then, but due to her living in another city we weren’t really super close. Until recently when I moved into the same neighborhood as them. Now we see each other almost everyday due to her house being like five houses down to ours. We walk her dog together most days and often go running in a nearby park.
We also recently slept over at each other’s house, this brought us closer. We got to know each other more and talked about struggles we have regarding our parents and abuse. Her parents are pretty narcissistic and her dad is constantly drunk and angry, yelling/abusing her and her younger brother (9M). My parents used to be the same so we were able to confide in each other. She’s like my sister and I’m glad we’re able to become closer.
Unfortunately this has been grossly misinterpreted by her mother. After we hung out today, Sarah texted me saying her mom yelled at her for hanging out with me too much and she told Sarah to “admit” she’s a lesbian. When she told me this, I was so surprised because I always believed her mom to be a wonderful lady who always stood up for her kids. Not to mention, she’s a FOURTEEN year old who’s being accused to being a lesbian for an EIGHTEEN year old. I’m so grossed out by the mental gymnastics her mom went through. She grilled Sarah and asked her why she was likes to which Sarah said “because she’s like my sister” but that was not good enough for her and she told Sarah she’s not allowed to have sleepovers with me anymore.
This doesn’t make any sense because her mom was the one always inviting me over, she was the one who let Sarah sleep over in the first place! Not to mention, Sarah has many other friends who are girls; she’s slept ovehung out with many of them. Sarah’s extremely angry and wants to start rebelling by hanging out with me even more just to go against her mom. I’m worried for her safety right now, as her parents have major anger issues and could lash out if she rebels.
But I don’t know what to do, I can’t confront her parents since I’m afraid they’ll get mad to Sarah for telling me, and I can’t tell my parents because they’re homophobic also. I’m not sure what to do now? Should I start seeing Sarah less and let everything blow over? Tell my parents? I would really appreciate advice on how to handle this and make sure Sarah is safe because what she’s going with her parents is what I went through. I wish I had someone there for me and I want to be there for her, but not if it means it’ll lead to her parents abusing her.
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2020.09.22 23:11 Hatsjusthats Creepy jackwagons come in all shapes and sizes and take aim at all kinds of people.

This is slightly long, mostly just because I'm verbose.
So I lurk, and have enjoyed some of your stories. So I thought I would share my newest one. This is a case of a D&D player doing some real life fuckery. It's not actually about D&D, its about the importance of carefully curating your table. Also it has some political bullshit, is that important? You decide, I really should have trusted my gut and ran. But I fall into a number of demographics that a certain group of people like to speak for far to often. Female, gay, mixed race, weirdly important.
Now I've played D&D and other TTRPG's for 17 years. I've had good games, bad, great, horrible. Hell I played with a bunch of Mofo's in Afghanistan. So I've played with a lot of people over the years and I give no fucks who you are in your personal life, does not affect the game therefore I don't care.
So my little brother's girlfriend is interested in the game and they ask me if I will teach them? Hell yes, all the people in this hobby now! So they bring a couple more friends and now I've got 5 people in their early 20's sitting around the coffee table. I have a nice little fetch quest built up for just this situation, some rp opportunity, some skill work, a couple of opportunities for simple combat if they want. But I stuck to core races and classes in the PHB while explaining that this is just to keep things simple for this little 3 hour run. Basically nice and simple but versatile so they can get an idea of the potential, nice.
Now one of these people had immediately set off some alarms in my head. Everything in me said keep them hyper focused on the game and do not engage them IRL. I am given their pronouns, which directly contradict their physical appearance. Cool I literally don't care so whatever, as far as I'm concerned if you want to be a she I can call you a she.(and will just refer to them as she from here) She is wearing a orientation flag shirt with a certain 3 letter acronym on the shirt. Ok, still don't care. She also happens to fit the most offensive stereotype of a D&D player. You know the one, smells bad, takes up physical space, dirty hands, fresh crumbs on the shirt? That, that is her. So I go turn the AC off and open up the windows and get some fans running to stop the smell from settling into the house. This person takes the loveseat and promptly tucks a throw pillow under her arm...fuccckkkkk gonna need to throw that away. So admittedly I am annoyed with this person right off the bat, bad hygiene in other peoples spaces is rude.
But whatever I roll with it, not the most annoying thing people have ever done. Game goes good, they are interested, but defiantly enjoy the fuckery as a group. Intentional TV tropes and giggling abound, on multiple occasions I get to sit back and watch 3 of them just fuck around and discuss things in character only needing to interject as an NPC. The other 2 seem happy even if they are not as outgoing as the others. I don't like She, she is physically touchy irl and I do not like people I barely know touching me. I like me personal space, and the hands....the nails looked like they belonged on a mechanic but they are not one, that's how dirty she's hands are. She also insisted on playing the bard trope, attempts to hit on every single NPC in this short session. And would try to roll to force me to respond to her positively. It was a creepy that guy neck beard scene through and through. But whatever this is a one off I can suck it up.
So we do our thing, they have fun and decide they do want to join a dedicated group but have a comic artist amongst them who wants to learn to dm. I've known this kid forever so I hand over a couple of books and kick them out of my house. Well I run around my house because I'm meeting some friends. It's been maybe 10 mins since they left and as I step outside She is still parked in front of my house. Some conversation leads to her asking me out. I say no thank you. She asks if I want to hang out online and ERP with her. No. And go about my evening.
A couple days later my brother asks if he can give She my phone number or Discord handle since I won't accept any of her social media invites. He even says "I know the answer but girlfriend asked me to ask." Fair enough bro, but still no. Over the next few months, basically the whole summer, I keep running into She. She does not work or live in the same town, she doesn't have a dog but ends up at the dog park, She tried to bring me coffee on a random Sunday and even showed up to hang out when my brother and I were grilling at his place. Everywhere I go SHE is there. Always asking me to Join some new server with her, or join a game, or come watch a movie, or on more than one occasion asking me to RP with her by herself to help her improve. I am being more and more aggressive with turning her down and outright telling her to stop talking to me. So I'm being stalked...yay. Not too worried, just annoyed. So I find out through my brother that She's character in their game has a wife...who is me. Didn't even change the name just the way it is spelled. Creepy, but I don't care, that is a whole lot of not my problem. She tries to ERP...with her me puppet, my brother puts a stop to that.
So she wrote it and put it in my mailbox...yay. Now I'm annoyed. So I ask my bro when the next time he and his friends are going to be together and let him know I'm crashing it to put my foot down. I am a dramatic person, I know it, and play it up for my own entertainment. I'm also decent looking and in good shape. So I show up looking like a hot lesbian lumberjack. Frankly my normal with a few extra mins of effort, because armor up before a fight. In I come, Letter on the table, heavy handed words calling her out on stalking in front of her friends, no holds explaining she is a manipulative asshat for attempting to push me into dating her, and telling her in front of her people to fuck off out of my life. I figured a small verbal smackdown calling out her bad behavior would cause enough embarrassment to shame her into leaving me alone since asking didn't work.
I was wrong, Instead I was informed that I am an racist, a fatphobe, a transphobe, a sexist, and a Ni**er.
Did I mention I'm an asshole? I giggled, and got a beer from my bro's fridge. Then gave a deep bow and asked She to please elaborate. I just got told fuck you bitch a lot until she left.
TL;DR Ran a game of D&D with some new people interested in the game. Afterwards nasty, unclean, exceptionally pushy human being gets upset that I will not date them. Proceeds to use my hobby as an avenue to stalk me an (badly) attempt to manipulate me into dating/ERP with her. Accuses me of being a number of style of bigot and throws in some racist slurs in for good measure.
(A few points incase someone decides to get salty. 1. Two separate trans women, who I was not dating, have accused me, a lesbian who doesn't like dicks, of being a transphobe for refusing to suck their dicks. I am now incredibly cautions. 2. The local SJW community frequently butts heads with and threatens violence against our local LGBT shooting club, which I am part of. I have learned to be cautious. 3. I am ok if I'm the asshole here, thinking being a member of a specific demographic lets you be a trash human is a very trash human thing to think.)
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2020.09.22 22:13 DonTitoh My (m29) emotional ups and downs of potential divorce - how do I communicate with my wife?

My wife is considering a divorce and I have no idea how it got this bad. We have been married for 3 years and have been together for about 9 years total. I was totally blindsided by her comment and it really threw me for a loop. I am all in on going to therapy trying to work it out, but she is the kind of person that makes up her mind and sticks with it. I really think she had already decided to leave me, but doesn't know how. We have a new house with no equity, 2 dogs, her brother lives with us because he lost his job and home to covid related financial issues. We had our fair share of little problems, but apparently communication was a massive problem that I just overlooked. I have no idea what to do because I have no control over this situation. She told me she needs to decide on her own if she wants to work this out. I don't see that making logical sense because if we are going to have successful marriage again, how can only one person decide that.... looking for a advice or just a person to talk to about this.
It has been a week since she told me and I have really been trying to give her space and focus on what makes me happy. I have been reaching out to a lot of my friends I had been neglecting and my parents just to reconnect. My emotional rollercoaster continues, in the evenings after work we have talks and try to improve communication. In the mornings and during the day while we are working it feels like there is a massive wall. She stopped wearing her engagment ring and 2 bands and I found them in a drawer in our room. Honestly, looking at them was soul crushing. I haven't brought it up, but I really want to confront her about it. I still wear mine and it feels extremely unnatural to not wear it. It feels like one more step in the direction of divorce.
I don't personally believe in divorce and that's one of my core beliefs, I was always told marriage takes work and covid has been rough on everyone. I can't logically understand how it got this bad in my marriage. I know she has unresolved abandonment issues and her mom went through 3 marriages before her passing. She always told me it was one of the things she really valued about our relationship was my strong belief that nothing was ever too late to work on and be happy.
More time has passed and we continue to go about our daily work lives with the act of ships passing in the night. We have stopped all productive or unproductive conversations. My therapist has explained to me that I have a problem with confrontation. However, my problem is that I apparently never back down from verbal sparring. I was raised by two trial attorneys and was constantly grilled when I was younger. I don't see an issue with voicing ones stance and defending ones position - it's just how I was raised. I always believed that it lead to better understanding across the board because our relationship was not a courtroom. No one is going to rule anything right or wrong.
I need emotional attention and not being able to get it from someone who I thought was my best friend kills me inside. I'm not asking to be right back where we were before the divorce talk happened. I want a new normal that encourages love, support, and open dialogue. I will be able to get over this eventually, but I keep seeing signs of more and more discomfort/distance between us. My therapist says that not everything can be broken down and neatly bottled and labeled for emotional analysis when it comes to other individuals. It's something that I am going to have to live with for the time being and change my ways of trying to talk about it. My opinion that this lack of communication is killing her healing process may be incorrect. All I know is that I want to either work on this relationship or just be over it already because the pain and indecision eats at me every night. I am currently working out daily to alleviate my stress and putting all my mental agility towards work. I'm not trying to impress her by doing this - I just have to create action or I fear I will become lost to my own dark thoughts.
So that was the backstory and now I am struggling with questions about how to brings stuff up and address it with her. I have bullet pointed them below.
After all of this, I am looking for answers on how to approach my wife in a delicate way. To be blunt, I want to address the emotional needs of both parties and see If they are fixable or not in this current setting. The last thing I want to do is just keep doing this until she decides to leave me because it's not working out. She hasnt even tried to work on anything. I am just so lonely, frustrated and confused.
Looking for answers, help me understand.
TD;LR my emotional saga after my wife told me she wanted to leave me a month ago and the things I need answers for...
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2020.09.22 05:04 shelbygettings My first encounter with the man with the salt and pepper ponytail

Before I begin I just want to lay something out- this isnt psychosis. These aren’t dreams. This isn’t “all in my head”. Years and years I’ve spent hearing those phrases to describe the stories I’ve told to doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, family, friends and exes. Some of them, like TJ, God bless TJ, looked me in the eyes and tried to at least pretend that they believed me. But even in his big brown eyes I saw the lack of sincerity when the words “I trust you” left his mouth. It’s not like he thought I was crazy. He thought the same thing everyone else thought. When I was five years old I was abducted at a water park and assaulted, only for an hour, but enough to make every shrink for the next nineteen years of my life rule all of the strange occurrences I’ve had as bouts of PTSD. They’re called “false memories”, they’re supposed to be some sort of way the brain tries to protect itself from its “darkest hours.” Right. My brain is protecting me from the trauma by producing its own “made up” trauma. Sure.
The man who kidnapped me had a long, ratty brown ponytail that stretched from the nape of his neck down to his lower back. I only vaguely remember how he looked walking away, but I remember every detail about that ponytail. Tangled. Dry. Brown. Unhealthy. Long. Brown. The doctors and shrinks and exes and so on have all tried to tell me my “false memories” are the reason behind the difference in color but I know the man who kidnapped me and the man with the salt and pepper ponytail are two different beings completely. That must be understood. Before you progress anymore into these stories I need you to believe me. The man with the salt and pepper ponytail never kidnapped me or assaulted me, he’s never even tried to touch me, but even his mere existence is a thousand times more sinister than the pedophile rotting in jail for his crimes.
Part One: The Woods The first time I saw him was in the middle of the forest by my house. There is a creek that runs through the woods in my neighborhood with two clearings made for the local children to play. They’re deep in the woods, so basically the only people who knew how to reach them were the kids in the neighborhood and a few of their friends from class. The first clearing was closest to my house, right across the cul-de-sac and behind the blue house belonging to the Jones family. It had a small rope swing and a zip line going across the water.
The second clearing was a little farther away, you had to cross two streets to get to the entrance of the woods. From the entrance it was about a half mile trek along the creek, over fallen trees and through mud banks where you had to know just where to step to not slip. The paths were covered year round in crunchy dead forest leaves- the perfect spot for spiders, snakes, and dangerous roots to hide. You had to watch your step the entire way. But the trip was always worth it. This clearing was on a hill overlooking the creek. The hill had a massive tree growing out of the side of it, the roots were incredible, you could climb the side of the hill with them. From the tree hung another rope swing that would glide you over the creek a good ways before gently swinging back towards the hilltop. If you closed your eyes you could swear you were flying.
It was summertime and I think we were about eight years old. That’s right, we. The first time I met the salt and pepper man I wasn’t alone. You would think that would make my stories more credible but… well, you’ll see. I was with my best friend at the time, Olive Vinehome. As we had done most Saturdays for the duration of our friendship, we started the day by trudging deep into the forest along the creek to take turns pushing each other on the swing. We had only been out there for about forty five minutes when we started our usual argument about whose turn it was next. Olive was straddling the swing, facing me, with her back turned towards the creek. In the middle of our bickering she suddenly stopped, her face dropped and she started to pale as her eyes focused on something just above my head.
When I turned around I was face to face with the front pocket of a black suit jacket. Raising my head to look at the jacket’s owner I noticed a very thick layer of cologne resting in the air. It smelled like fire. Not the way your clothes smell after a good backyard s’mores roast in the summertime. But the way it smelled the one time my dad accidentally set the grill on fire at our Fourth of July barbecue and all the meat had burned to a crisp.
Should I have run into him at a department store or bank I would have paid him no mind. He was wearing an all black, lint-free suit. His leather shoes were so clean they reflected the sunlight that leaked through the treetops. When my gaze reached his head I noticed his salt and pepper hair was slicked back into a short ponytail that didn’t go past the nape of his neck with a well kept salt and pepper goatee to match. As he looked down at me I noticed the color of his eyes. I’ve tried to convince myself that his irises were just an intensely deep shade of brown. But I know what I saw- what I’ve seen since then. He stared down at me, his all black eyes locking in place with mine and for a few seconds the only sound coming from the clearing was the light bubbling of water in the creek.
He drew in a big breath and pulled from his front pocket a photograph of a boy about our age. He had brown hair and glasses and standing next to him was a large black dog. As he exhaled he asked in a low deep voice if we had seen his son and his dog around the clearing. I waited for Olive to say something behind me but she hadn’t moved a centimeter since she first saw him.
“No,” I said, trying to keep a steady and brave eight-year-old voice, “we’ve been here almost an hour and we haven’t seen anyone. I’m sorry sir.” Without changing his facial expression or even blinking, eyes still locked on mine, he put the photograph back into his front pocket. He didn’t say anything else, just stared at me for another fifteen seconds before starting off in the direction of the bridge crossing the creek, leading further into the thick woods. We didn’t say a word or move as he walked away. When he was about thirty feet into the woods he turned, smiled, and waved at the both of us. We shakily raised our hands to wave in return. He turned to face the path again but after about ten more steps he turned around again, this time smiling even bigger, eyes open much wider, waving a little harder. This time we didn’t wave back. Again he turned back towards the path and once more made it about ten paces before slowly turning to face us again. His face this time uprooted both Olive and I from our spots and made us hightail it out of there as fast as our little legs could carry us. Through the crunchy leaves, into the slippery muddy banks and over the fallen trees, we didn’t stop running until we made it all the way into my house, up the stairs and into my bedroom and locked the door.
When he had turned to us the third time he no longer looked like a man. His face had turned into a smiling caricature of itself, the apples of his cheeks hyper extending past his eyebrows, the curls of his mustache almost touching the corners of his now completely black eyes. His mouth was open wide, his jaw reached the first button on his suit jacket. He would have almost looked joyous if it weren’t for his newly elongated eyebrows slanting downwards towards his nose. Even as far away as he was and with nothing in his jet-black eyes I knew he was staring directly at me. A low rumble started throughout the trees. His shoulders were slightly shaking in rhythm with the noise- that’s how I realized he was laughing. While still waving with one arm he slowly lifted the other one and pointed his index finger directly at us. At me. He was laughing at me. As we ran away I glanced back towards the man and saw his face continuing to grow, his cheeks now well beyond the top of his head with his jaw open all the way to his belt. Still laughing, still pointing at me.
Back at my house it was almost as if Olive had immediately forgotten how freakish our encounter had been. When I tried to bring up his face she scolded me for speaking to a stranger. That’s why she had been quiet, she knew not to talk to strangers, especially the ones who were looking for their children. It had been a trick and we were lucky that I didn’t get us kidnapped. That’s all he had been to her- a creepy stranger in the woods looking for his son. When I tried to press her about how weird it was that he had managed to show up behind me so quietly and without any mud on his perfect shoes she just shrugged her shoulders. “Let’s forget about it” I remember her saying “do you want to play Wii bowling?”. Needing a distraction I agreed, but I couldn’t get that horrible caricature out of my head. When I saw her on Monday I tried to bring up the salt and pepper man to Olive again. She said she had no idea what I was talking about, we never went to the creek on Saturday. We decided against going because there had been too much rain from the days beforehand and the water level was too high. She said we played polly pockets and Wii bowling all afternoon before her mom came to pick her up at five. I was stunned. As soon as I got home that day I made a beeline to my room, taking the stairs two at a time, knowing exactly what I’d find. And just as I suspected, all of my polly pockets were laid out in the arrangement I had left them on Thursday when I played pretend water park by myself.
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2020.09.21 21:35 prettyokaylad Logan Square bedroom available October 1. Free W/D. $625 incl utilities

We rent the 2 main floors of a house on the western border of Logan Square. We have 5 bedrooms (4 for roommates and a guest room) and 2 full bathrooms. The open bedroom had the floor resurfaced last summer. There's free laundry and a fenced-in backyard. The backyard has a smoker, grill, fire pit and plenty of chairs to hang out. We get firewood year round from a man just a few houses down.
Currently there are 3 of us, 2 guys and a girl. I am a Cybersecurity/Network security engineer. The other dude is an electrician, the girl does furniture refurbishment from home and small things on etsy. For the most part, the house is quiet during the week and we hangout and BBQ on the weekends. The other dude and I run the smoker once a week year round and sometimes more than that. We smoke pretty much everything including brisket, pulled pork, st louis ribs, short ribs, duck, goat, seitan, fish etc. We all enjoy lots of different types of music, adult beverages, and conversation. We generally hang out on weekends around the pool table or out back. Although we don't usually play pool, the table is level and refelted annually. There is also a dart board if that fits your fancy. The bedrooms are all upstairs, making the sound unintrusive for anyone who isn't hanging out. The guestroom and one bathroom is on the main floor. We have 2 big friendly dogs, so our new roommate must be down with friends of the k9 variety. Both are rescues, one is a Czech Wolfdog, the other is a Staffy.
Ideally, we're looking for someone who is laid back, and enjoys music and weekend get togethers.
•Must be 21+ •Must have a reliable way to pay rent. •Must like dogs. •Must be okay with vapes.
The room will be available October 1st. The room is 12'x12'. There is a hardline ethernet cable feed into the room. Rent is $625 per month, which includes all utilities and gigabit internet. That does not increase during the winter months. We have various streaming packages that are not included in the rent but will share them freely. We have a maid clean up weekly and that is also not included in the rent. We don't require a lease, but we do request 1st and last months rent at move-in. The garage is unavailable for parked as it is currently filled. We can show the place via video chat/facetime or in person with masks.
Some pictures are here and I can send more on request.
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2020.09.21 18:54 hhgreenhome90 8 Elements Needed to Create the Perfect Backyard Area for Your New House

Your new backyard is a great place to create a spot for open-air dining, trying out plants you've always wanted to grow and building yourself a getaway. Consider the eight elements described below when you're in the process of coming up with the best backyard layout for you and your family.

A Deck

Wouldn't it be wonderful to step right out of your home onto a beautiful deck loaded with amenities for cooking, relaxing and enjoying the weather? The first step is to figure out what size you want the deck to be. According to Keystone Custom Decks, when determining the size of your deck, you want to create a design that flows with your house and is based around what features you want your deck to have. Do you want multiple levels for conversation, or will you need a particular railing to keep your grandchildren safe?

A Comfy Seating Area

Your deck will be an ideal spot for a dining table and chairs. You can also add colorful and comfortable benches to create a spot where you can enjoy a conversation or read for a bit. When laying out your deck, pay special attention to where the sunlight will fall. Do you plan to enjoy your morning coffee on the deck, or will you just be there for dinner? The addition of a retractable awning will keep you cooler if your deck is on the west side of your home.

An Outdoor Kitchen

The options for anoutdoor kitchen run the gamut. From a stone construction on top of your concrete patio to a spot to roll the grill, you can build your outdoor kitchen into anything you want. If you're just in the planning stages on your new home, carefully review where you can run things like a natural gas line for a grill and water for a quick washup sink.
Additionally, according to Compact Appliance, it's a good idea to consider what winter might do to your outdoor kitchen. For example, if your region gets extremely cold in the winter, you may need to be able to disconnect and blow out your water lines to avoid a rupture or other form of damage to your outdoor sink.

Proper Lighting

If you've got multiple layers planned for your deck, consider adding a lighting strip or other wired feature along the steps to avoid trips and falls. According to, you can also use solar-powered lights to string along fences for an eye-catching feature that will require little maintenance when it's up. Also, review paths in your yard and consider adding solar lights to brighten the edges. If you can't add lights to your garden paths, line them with crushed white stone for a natural, reflective walking space after dark.
Finally, look for light fixtures you can add to the corner posts of your deck. This is a lovely option to define the space and reduce the risk that someone will miss a step in the dark. Additionally, this ambient lighting can give you extra security as it will be easy to see if anyone is crossing the deck after dark.

A She-Shed or Man-Cave

Everyone needs a break from the business of the world. The addition of a she-shed or man-cave to your space doesn't have to cost a lot. In fact, according to Morning Chores, you can build a simple shed from scrap wood and pallets to get started. If you're new to carpentry, consider building an open-sided structure where you can store your lawnmower and basic garden tools. As your skills grow, you can build a bigger shed.
You don't need a foundation for your first shed, but you will need posts. If you're not ready to dig large holes in your new yard, consider using spiked fence posts for your shed supports. Make sure you call your utility company before you sink the spikes to get features such as phone and gas lines marked.

Fresh Produce

A backyard is a great place to grow some vegetables. You don't need a huge yard or even a rototiller to create a place for fresh cucumbers, zucchini or tomatoes. Large flower pots will look terrific with a lush summer squash or zucchini plant filling the container. Zucchini plants feature a beautiful yellow flower before the vegetable sets.
Another edible plant that's actually quite pretty in the landscape is the eggplant. Like the beautiful purple skin of the vegetable, the flower of an eggplant is purple as well. Tomatoes can be easily grown in pots and can even be suspended upside down for easy picking of cherry tomatoes.

A Place for Pets

If you've got dogs, consider creating a running space to keep them healthy and strong. Talk with your veterinarian about pests you need to watch for in your region. ProFlowers suggests using companion plantings such as lemon balm and lavender that will repel mosquitoes and keep your pets safer and healthier. You can install special fencing that keeps cats safely in the yard or a designated area of it. While you're making a spot for your family pets, consider adding a spot for clover in your backyard. If you've got the room, this plant will create a lush place for walking barefoot and will create a haven for the bees.

A Secret Garden

While you're working on a space for family and guests to enjoy, consider creating a small spot just for you and your loved ones to linger. With a simple arbor construction and some time, you can create a private oasis under a wisteria vine or climbing grapevine that will give you a spot to enjoy a beverage and the company of a special person. Add comfy chairs and a small table just for your use.
Your perfect backyard will be like your perfect home. It will never be completely done. However, as with a dream house, putting your imagination to work on the features you'll most enjoy will be a labor of love.
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2020.09.20 23:30 code_noob 37 [M4F] Maine/Online Really Hoping to Make A New Friend or Two

I must not be doing tindebumble correctly, cause I get no responses to anything. It's a little frustrating. I'm really looking for someone to spend some weekends with doing nothing but hanging out in bed, being goofy, binge watching a show, playing video games, and of course adult activites!
I'm 37, 5'10'' ish, 200lbs, dad bod, I would say I'm not bad looking. I'm fresh off a divorce, so maybe not the best time for something serious but i'm not going to turn it down if it happens. I've got two kids that live with me part time. I have a great dog, she's a 7 year old boxer who loves to cuddle and take walks. She's a goofball. I have a good job in software QA. I have my own house. I'm a video game nerd, I admit it. I'm a console player (PS4 FTW). Play just about everything I guess, although I'm not really into the Fortnite/Battle Royale seen. I love action movies, even terrible ones. I love staying up too late and sleeping in on the weekends. I love hockey, I coach and recently started playing in a men's league. I work from home so I'm around a lot. I do my own chores, don't mind folding laundry or cooking dinner for you. Current favorite show is Letterkenny. I prefer Coke over Pepsi. Rum is awesome, hard cider as well. Anything else? I guess? Just ask.
I'm looking for someone 25-45, has a solid foundation, good career goals, can hold a conversation, and loves to have fun. I'm not a huge go out to bars guy, but I do love live music so I'm down for concerts and such. Outdoors? Cool, lets go hiking or camping. I'll take you ice skating, cook dinner on the grill, and can supply drinks. I don't mind if you have your own hobbies, we don't need to do everything together right? But I will spend all the time in the world being with you if it works out. I'm looking for someone who's on the same page with me for sex as well. (who doesn't right?) That was something that was an issue with my previous partner, it causes a lot of issues. I'm not saying you gotta be all about it, but lets not be shy about it either. lol. Probably too forward?
Let me know if anyone is interested, I can share pics or video chat or whatever you're into. I'm just looking for someone to spend time with and have a lot of fun.
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2020.09.20 21:35 ScarlettTheRed How My 13th Birthday Party Solidified My Childfree Stance

Long time lurker, et cetera. I've read a ton of your stories about the hellishness of growing up in a big family with little kids. My immediate family wasn't so bad, but when my extended family got mixed in, it was all about my little cousins.
My 13th birthday alone indicated this. I'll admit I borrowed a detail or two from other gatherings that wouldn't make a good post on their own, but most of the story of the party remains intact, and it pisses me off years later.
Key players:
Me - ScarlettTheRed - budding teenager and future witch. Only girl of 4 and one of 12 cousins.
BigBro, TwinBro and BabyBro - 16, 13, and 1 respectively - the awesomest brothers to ever brother even when they were shitheads.
Mom and Dad - My parents. Side note: they were awesome parents and never expected their teenage kids to take care of BabyBro. I'm happy to say I never changed one of his diapers.
Grandmama - Dad's mom. My very matriarchal and, ahem, "traditional" grandmother. To this day will not believe I'm childfree. LOVES children. The younger the better. Gets upset when we grow up.
Various aunts, uncles, and cousins - too many to name here, but the important thing is several of my cousins were under 6 years old at this time.
So, TwinBro and I were standing on the brink of adolescence. We were turning the big 1-3. My family all lived near the same town (yeah, we were one of THOSE families) and we gathered a lot growing up, usually for holidays or somebody's birthday. So my brothers and I would celebrate our birthdays with pizza/bowling/go-karts with friends, but we'd also have a family party at our house.
TwinBro and I decided that we were getting too old for a bunch of screechy toddlers at our party. They also had a habit of going into our rooms - you know, a safe haven for teenagers - and messing with our things.
Me: Dad, can we skip the family party this year?
Dad: No. It would break Grandmama's heart. It'll be fun. We'll have everybody over and play games and eat some good food.
Me: Can we at least just invite Grandmama and not everybody else?
Dad: Why don't you want them to come?
Me: Every time the family comes over, the cousins go to my room and mess with my stuff.
TwinBro: Yeah, last year they shattered one of my Sonic discs. And some of my controllers got all sticky.
BigBro: Yeah, I kinda wanna skip out, too. Catch a movie or something.
Dad: We can have the party outside. And no, BigBro, you'll be here. Grandmama likes seeing everybody together. How do you think she'd feel if I called her up and told her you guys didn't want everybody there?
And that was that. Dad did end up getting locks for our doors, though. My books, CDs, stuffed animals, video games and art supplies would be safe from grubby hands.
Time to plan the party. Mom and Dad let TwinBro and I each pick out a cake.
Mom: What kind of cake do you want at the family party?
Me: Reese's Cheesecake. (Mom has a recipe. It's divine and I still request it all the time.)
Mom: Aren't Cousin X and Cousin Y allergic to peanuts?
Dad: Yeah, they are. Pick something else.
Me: It's my birthday! Can't we just get them a cupcake?
Mom: But the fumes from the Reese's can spread. (I have since learned that this is not how peanut allergies work. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.) I'll make the cheesecake for when you go out with your friends. Just pick something else for now.
And that's how two allergic four-year-olds I didn't even want at the party dictated my birthday cake.
The day of the party comes. BigBro, TwinBro and I have taken everything we hold dear and put them in our rooms. I hide my key in one of my shoes (we had a pool in our backyard, and I was going to be in a bathing suit, so no pockets.)
Food's set out, presents are gathered, twenty bottles of sunscreen are on the porch because we're all vampires. Grandmama is the first to arrive. She spends a solid twenty minutes cooing over and holding BabyBro before she hugs us.
Me and TwinBro: Hi, Grandmama!
Grandmama: Look at you both! You're growing up too fast! You've got to go the other way and be little again!
I do not understands grandparents and their obsession with us being little.
Grandmama: Well, it won't be long before you're popping out little great-grandbabies for me!
Me: I think I don't want kids.
Grandmama: (laughs) Oh, you'll change your mind when you get older! Everybody does.
The rest of the family arrives, snotty, screamy, can't-form-sentences kids in tow. Everybody tells their kid, "Can you say, 'Happy Birthday?' Then the brats say something completely unintelligible.
Soon, our pool, our trampoline, and our entire backyard are infested with toddlers. Did I mention they were screamy?
Dad fires up the grill, and the adults stand around drinking, playing cornhole and talking, save for a couple moms in the pool. I grab a Coke and a floaty from the garage and try to enjoy myself in the midst of all the chaos. It's not easy when a toddler in one of those floaty rings is babbling loudly and his mom is encouraging him. Reh-reh-reh-reh! REH-REH-REH-REH!
It's also not easy when some 4- and 5- year olds decide that trying to knock you off your floaty is a fun game. Especially when your shithead of a big brother starts encouraging them because he thinks it's fun.
I gave up on the pool and went to get something to eat. A bunch of kids were eating around a little table my mom had set up, but my plan was to take my plate to a lounge chair or something because who the fuck wants to eat with kids who haven't learned the art of chewing with their mouths closed.
So I loaded up my plate with hot dogs, coleslaw, watermelon and chips and headed past some of the adults. I figured that since the only rugrat with them was my infant cousin (BabyBro had been put down for a nap,) sitting with them was a safe bet.
Suddenly, a white milky substance DRENCHES my plate. Milk has erupted out of my baby cousin's nose. He starts crying. The moms laugh and start cleaning up the baby. My appetite is ruined. I go to my room to change.
I come back down. One of my little cousins is having a meltdown. He sounds like a damn howler monkey. What could be the cause of this? See, TwinBro had a Hot Wheels collection he was super proud of. He had a bunch of cars, cool tracks, he'd spent years collecting them. One of my little cousins would always want to play with his collection...the collection that was now safe in TwinBro's room.
Child: *unintelligible screeching*
Child's Mom: What's wrong?
TwinBro: He wants to play with my Hot Wheels and I won't let him. They're in my room, and it's locked.
Grandmama: Won't let him play? Whatever for? You can start teaching him about sharing!
TwinBro: I don't have to share what I don't want to. Last time he played with my set, he left it a mess and one of my cars was missing.
Grandmama: Oh, TwinBro. He's littler than you are! Just let him play! You're gettin' too big for toys anyway.
Child's Mom to Child: Why don't you jump on the trampoline? The party's outside, not inside.
Party shenanigans ensue. Time to sing Happy Birthday and cut the cake. Dad has the camera out to record the family singing Happy Birthday to us. Sadly, one of my little cousins was OBSESSED with the Happy Birthday song. She would SCREECH it. Then she started over and screeched it AGAIN. And the attention was taken off of us because she was just soooooooo cute! On the video, you can see me and TwinBro grimacing.
We have cake. We open cards and presents. I receive a woodburning kit. My little cousin starts bugging me to open it up because he wants to see.
We wrap up the present portion (ha ha.) People mill about. The adults drink more beer and play cards. Then I see one of my cousins play on my Gameboy.
MY Gameboy.
That was in my room.
Shit. I never locked the door after I changed.
I yanked the GameBoy out of his hands. He starts crying. I don't care. I run up to my room and open the door.
Three of my little cousins are in my room. Two of them are having a pillow fight with my stuffed animals. The third, to my horror, has opened up the makeup set my parents gave me for my birthday and is painting with it.
I snap. I grab little tiny arms and shove them out of my room. Then I lock my door. I was done with this party.
Oh, and the kid who got into my makeup? His mom yelled at ME.
Dad comes and gets me when it's time to say good-bye.
TwinBro and I talked that night, mostly about the kids in our family. Keep in mind we had also been dealing with the shifting family dynamic that is a baby sibling in our teenage years, and that's hard enough when it's not actually your child. We realized we didn't want children. They're screechy, they're sticky, they're all-around annoying. I wondered if Grandmama had been right and if I would change my mind one day. The thought terrified me.
I never changed my mind.
Flash forward to this past summer. We turned 26, our 13th anniversary of our 13th birthday. I'm grateful to say I built a nice brat-free life and enjoyed a brat-free birthday. I live with my husband, and TwinBro (who, much to my grandmother's horror, turned out ace and aro) currently lives in our basement suite, which he's made into a man cave. We now have no children at all in our lives and prefer to keep it that way. We do not have to lock our doors, because nobody gets into our things. We have birthdays and invite whoever the hell we want to (in non COVID years.) This year, I had an at-home spa day and my husband grilled steaks and lobster tails and we watched Harry Potter before we all chilled in the Jacuzzi. We installed a Jacuzzi because we have no children to save for. It was a quiet, lowkey CF birthday.
People say that childhood is the best time of your life, but I don't completely agree. I had an all right childhood, but this is just one of many instances (thought admittedly the most noteworthy) of me being expected to spend time around/share things with/not be annoyed by my little cousins. Now, I don't have to. I can live the life I want and never, ever have to be around a snotty kid again.
Have a nice one, CFers.
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2020.09.18 13:48 DebatePopular189 I am 26 years old and make $88k/year, live in Indianapolis and work as a financial planner.

Section 1: Assets and Debt
I make $88k/year + quarterly bonuses (anywhere from $5 to $10k/year). My husband normally makes about $90k between base and bonus but it has been reduced 20% during COVID. Everything is joint, so I will share his expenses as well to make it as fair as possible.
Roth 401(k) - $54,500
My husband’s 401(k) - $78,000
Our 529 - $1,300
HSA - $16,700
Equity in our home - about $45k.
Savings - $25,000
Checking - $4,000 (I keep just enough for bills, etc.)
Credit Card Debt: $0 (pay off every month)
Student loan debt: $0 (we paid off about $40k over the last four years)
Car loan - about $1,000 left
HVAC (we just had to replace) - about $8,750
Section 2: Income
My net paycheck (every 2 weeks) - $1,945
My husband’s net paycheck (2x/month) - $1,501 (during pay cut)
I did not come from money. My parents divorced when I was in highschool and my Mom then made minimum wage. I paid my way through college by working, getting scholarships, and taking out about $20k in student loan debt. I moved to Indy for the job with $100 in my bank account.
I’ve worked at the same company since I graduated and love what I do. I started out making $41k. I have received merit raises and a few other raises for completing various financial certifications. I am now a senior financial planner and have assumed a more managerial role. My firm paid for all of my certifications (about $10k) and I am in the process of getting my EA (enrolled agent, an IRS/tax certification). I’ve passed one test and have two more to go. I will receive another $3k/year raise after completing.
Section 3 Expenses
Giving - $1,300month (goes to church and two missionaries)
Mortgage - $584 (yes Indy is cheap and we love it)
Utilities - about $150/month
Internet - $80 (we just got past our promotional period...urgggg)
Coffee subscription - $50 (we get four bags of coffee sent to us every month from a local roaster)
Phones - $50/month for both of us
HVAC - $182 (0% financing for 4 years)
Netflix - Like $3 (we share it with a few other people)
Disney + - $7
Car - $150
Patreon - $5 (I support Crime Junkies and am obsessed)
Amazon - $120/year
Roth 401(k) contribution - $576/pay
My husband’s 401(k) contribution - $436/pay
My husband’s HSA (for both us) contribution - $243/pay
Health/dental/vision (from husband’s pay) - $43/pay
I want to address the elephant in the room before I get into my diary. Yes, we give a lot. No, we aren’t part of some crazy cult that requires we give a certain % or something. We love to give, we have the means to give, and we have made lifestyle choices to allow us to give.
Day 1 (Friday)
7:00 - I wake up and the dog is waiting at our bedroom door to go out. We leave him in our bedroom at night (with his dog bed) or else he walks around the house all night like the grim reaper.
7:30 - Off to work with my coffee and oatmeal in hand. I’m wearing my yellow sweater today. I love mustard yellow. Funny back story, I once wore this sweater to an event in downtown Indy and got “catcalled”. The guy kept following me, calling me the “bitch in the ugly sweater”. I now love this sweater even more and wear it with a sense of pride. Today is definitely my day.
12:00 - LUNCH! I make myself a quick sandwich and head home. I work from home a few afternoons each week.
2:00 My afternoon is filled with talking with clients on the phone, answering emails, and training/providing feedback for my associate financial planner. He preps meetings for me and I review them before presenting to the client.
5:00 - Done with the work for the day and I prep dinner - various fall squashes and pork roasted in the oven. M (the husband) and I take turns with dinner. This is my week and next week will be his week to prep and cook. Not gonna lie, I love getting cooking breaks.
7:30 - M and I play cribbage for hours (any cribbage players out there?) and we also order a new dog bed. Our dog’s current bed is super thin and old so we are majorly spoiling him with temperpedic...I don’t think our own mattress is this nice. - $72.75
12:00 - How are we still playing cribbage?
Total: $72.75
Day 2 (Saturday)
9:00 - We sleep in and M runs to Aldi to get a few breakfast-type foods, milk, cream cheese, etc. - $17.45 We eat breakfast, sip coffee, and of course play more cribbage. He wins this time. I’ll get him next time.
11:00 - I whip up some chipotle style chicken bowls and include some tomatoes from our garden.
12:00 - Wash the dog which is always an experience since he absolutely hates water. He now smells like hibiscus and I somehow smell like a wet dog.
1:00 - Scone time! I love to bake and usually I only do so on the weekends. M has a gluten allergy. Today, I’m trying a new recipe from King Arthur. I will link it if it’s good. I make two variations, cinnamon with cream cheese frosting and blueberry, walnut, lemon zest. And let’s be honest, I put the cream cheese frosting on everything. The more the merrier.
3:00 - Ok, these scones are awesome:
4:00 - I tried on some clothes that just arrived from J Crew Factory. And as my doctor recently told me, “You’ve gained some weight, but you are still in a healthy range.” Not sure how to take that. Half the clothes fit, half will go back. I then ran to Goodwill and dropped off some donations and also found a few new fall items ($36.05). I try to buy about half of my clothes second hand, and the other half new.
7:00 - M and I hang outside with our dog and ducks. Yes, we have ducks. We talk to our neighbors and then play yet again more cribbage and eat pizza. $16.19
Total $69.69
Day 3 - Sunday
10:30 - Wake up, M makes cappuccinos, we eat breakfast, and watch our church’s livestream.
11:30 - I try on the Goodwill clothing from yesterday and half of it doesn’t fit, specifically the bottoms. Then I try on my jeans from last year and again, they don’t fit. I feel so defeated and on the verge of tears. I know I’m at a healthy weight, but I find it mentally very hard to not fit into stuff I’ve had since college and then to navigate the crazy world of women’s sizing. I struggled with some disordered eating in highschool. I’ve always been skinny but with a healthy appetite and I would watch people eat way less than me or just eat salads and then I felt insecure that I had to do the same. News alert, if your body is hungry, eat something! I go onto Everlane, a website I’ve looked at but never actually bought anything. I buy two pairs of jeans, but in two sizes each. I checked and they have free returns. Ordering this many clothes is completely not normal for me. I typically can go close to a year without ordering anything. $217.
1:00 - We head out to Costco to buy toilet paper, dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent, gluten free flour, seltzer, etc. We also run to Menards for more duck coup supplies and then finally Meijer for weekly groceries. $285.79
5:00 - We get back and are starving. M makes some quesadillas and we enjoy a quiet evening walking the dog, playing games, and surfing Youtube.
Total: $502.79
Day 4 - Monday
7:15 - Definitely slept in. It’s such a gorgeous morning! I make some of my daily steel cut oatmeal, brew coffee, and am out the door by 7:45.
8:00 - I pick up a PSL on the way to work for my admin as a surprise. This is her favorite drink and it finally feels like fall this morning. I don’t get anything since I brought my own coffee. I had to re-load my card. $10
9:00 - I’m bombarded by emails and questions from my associate planner. It’s definitely a Monday. Coffee, please work.
12:00 - I eat a turkey and swiss cheese sandwich with a clementine at my desk. I do take a walk around the parking lot because it is so nice! If you aren’t from Indy, our weather goes from like 90 to 0 overnight it seems.
3:00 - It’s now the time of day when I snack on an apple with peanut M&Ms. I believe in balance. I also work in compliance in our firm (small firm, several hats) and right now we are undergoing a mock audit. Finance is a highly regulated industry so it's expensive and time consuming for our smaller firm to keep up with it all. I spend several hours collecting requested data.
5:30 - I head home and M makes cauliflower pizza for dinner tonight. I never get tired of pizza.
7:00 - We spend hours working on the duck coop and then M and I sit outside, drink beers, and just enjoy the evening. We are both trying to make it a practice to just sit and talk, without the distraction of Netflix or our phones nearby.
Total: $10
Day 5 - Tuesday
7:15 - Definitely slept in again. M makes coffee for me because it is our 2-year wedding anniversary. It’s the little things. We both decided not to do gifts this year because we really don’t need anything.
12:30 - Is this now a food diary? I eat the same lunch as yesterday, a turkey sandwich with a clementine. Kinda sad, but easy to prepare during the week. I enjoy a quick walk outside.
1:00 - I’m knee deep in compliance but I know I need to get back to the more financial planning side of my job. My associate prepared an estimate for a client’s section 1231 taxable gain from the sale of a rental property. Then, I responded to another client about 529 questions. Going into this job, I thought financial planning was more about investments (which it can be), but there are more nuances and aspects to holistic planning than I ever knew.
4:00 - Head home and curl my crazy hair, put on a cute dress, and then we grab dinner at a really good pizza place with a pretty view of downtown. We eat and sip beer outside on the patio. Yes, I love pizza. No, I do not normally have pizza three times in a week! Just worked out this way and I’m not mad about it. We tip 30% because we know how hard people working in the service industry have been financially hit during COVID. $52
9:00 - The rest of the evening we just lazily lie around and watch parks and rec, which I’ve seen like 1,000 times. It never gets old. The Indiana jokes and stereotypes are honestly fairly accurate. Except, Leslie goes on a date in season 2 to the Indianapolis aquarium. We don’t have an aquarium. Fact checked.
Total: $52
Day 6 - Wednesday
7:00 - Switching it up today, no oatmeal! I eat the last of our scones and drink my coffee while staring at emails on my work computer. This morning I’m running calculations to fairly withhold taxes based on variable incomes for two separated clients.
11:30 - Just scheduled my next EA exam and paid the $182 fee. Work will reimburse. I schedule my exams to motivate me to start studying and to make a plan. I’ve taken over 10+ tests for various certifications so I’ve developed a system for studying that works for me. If I don’t have a deadline, I just don’t study.
12:00 - Head home to work from home in the afternoon and eat leftovers. Again, it’s a gorgeous day so I’m able to sit outside on my laptop.
4:30 - I take a few minutes to make my “plan of attack” for my next EA test. I know this sounds crazy, but I like to plan what I’m studying each day on a calendar. I plan out break days, catch-up days, and give myself a few weeks to review all the material after I’ve finished my first reading. I like going in with a plan because then I don’t have a lingering sense of guilt if I’m not studying. If I built in a break, I can take the break.
5:30 - M grills some fish and roasts asparagus (oh, he ran to Aldi to pick up fish and beer earlier for $15.03). I then head over to my friend’s house to catch-up with a few other ladies. There are like five of us outside. It’s so good to catch-up.
9:30 - I get home and talk to M for a few minutes. We shower and head to bed earlier tonight.
Total: $15.03
Day 7 (Thursday)
7:30 - This seems redundant at this point, yes I have oatmeal and coffee while checking my working email.
11:30 - I just found out that my Q3 bonus will be paid tomorrow! I’m on track this year for a 12% bonus of my base (about $10.5k gross). Also, I took a few seconds to donate to my coworkers’ charity that he is volunteering for. $50
12:00 - I stop at Office Max and get a chore chart laminated so we can use dry erase markers. M and I argued last week about chores. While I don’t expect a perfect 50/50 division of chores, I told him I would like more help than what he is providing. He agreed he needs to contribute more towards house work and I agreed that my expectations can be out of line. I will often ask him to do something and then get frustrated when he doesn’t immediately drop everything and do it (just typing this makes me realize how ridiculous I can be). Thus, the chore chart. We can agree beforehand on who’s doing what. Does anyone else have a system that works for them? $2.14
5:00 - Head home and eat dinner with M. We walk the dog, enjoy more beautiful weather (how is this possible in Indy?!?), and sip some Aldi beer on our patio. We work on cleaning up the house (laundry, dishes, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom).
Total: $52.14
Weekly Total: $774.40
End of Week Reflections:
This is WAY more money than I typically spend in one week. I don’t usually buy $200 worth of jeans (although I will return at least half since I bought multiple sizes)! We also only go to Costco about once a month to stock-up on the bigger items (like laundry detergent, etc.). Regardless, it was sobering to realize how much the spending can add-up. I’m blessed that we have stable income, but I also don’t want to thoughtlessly spend money just because we have it. We try to be intentional in what we spend money and conscious of when we eat out.
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2020.09.18 07:11 TheMasterCommander Friends for the end of the world 26M

Just another regular not so regular average not so average Joe looking to connect with who ever is willing to talk! Been a hell of a year so far this past few weeks more than this whole year. Was quarantined for a week then displaced from my house for another week due to wildfires. Then it just struck me I've been so desensitized to all of this shit I never gave any thought to the fact that I have to show proof of residence and ID at a national guard checkpoint just to get home. It's been 5 days of this and just now I realized that's not normal.
Anyways if you've read this far a little about me: Gay hick Happily engaged Obsessed with science fiction. Everything from books to movies to games. Currently sucked into the raised by wolves and Ridley Scott universe. Love beer, guns, outdoors, pop culture, music, and interior deco. Have 2 dogs both heelers. Super into grilling and cooking.
If you are interested hit me up?
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2020.09.18 02:02 OTSPOKN 8ight After: if you don't believe, then you have nothing to fear - With Photos -- Part 2

Part 1 of 3
Part 3 of 3

It's here

Tuesday October 8, 2019
As I return home from walking Tica and Pismo, a high pitch voice yells my name. I turn, and there she is, filled with cheer. Christina skips her way to me and begs to play with the dogs. Her big brown eyes are sadder than my Labradors. The pups seem to love her, so I cave.
Deanna arrives home from work and is disappointed when the dogs aren't there to greet her at the door. It gets worse when she discovers it's because they're playing with Christina on our patio.
I try to reason with Deanna, "What am I supposed to do? She followed us home on the dog walk again."
"Well, how would you like it if some challenged guy followed me home?"
"Does he have, like super special strength or something?" I get side-eyed at this and go on to explain, "I don't want to be mean because she's special."
"She's also very pretty."
"So she's pretty special!" I joke. Deanna is not amused.
I have a talk with Christina to tell her she can't come over anymore. I tell her no more dog walks. "Why?" she pleads. I explain that she doesn't have a dog, so it's like she is just walking with me. She seems to understand. She even utters the words, "I crossed a line."
Back in the house I find Deanna in her office. She tells me she wants to get a gun. I'm like, What? First religion, now guns; she really has swung right.
I'm not anti-gun, we've just never felt a need to own one. I have an alarm on the house, a nice fence, two barking dogs, and 16 security cameras. That should scare any intruder away. If someone gets past that, and I need to pull a gun, then that intruder is probably intent on killing me and has already formulated a plan that they will most likely succeed with.
Let's face it. I know this is a sad thought, but if someone wants to kill you, they will. A gun will do you no good. I'm not afraid of guns. We've fired guns before, but I always felt that if I don't buy one, then that's one less gun in the world. But now Deanna is talking all kinds of crazy.
I veer the subject away from guns and try to convince her to sleep in our bedroom tonight. The last four nights she's slept on the couch in her office. Instead, she convinces me to sleep on the pull-out couch in here with her. I agree, figuring this will blow over in a day or two.
That night, I get into bed, and Deanna reads a Bible verse. I kid you not, she has a Bible in hand and reads, "Keep this book of the law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful. Joshua 1:08."
I'm like, "Where did you get a Bible?" She says she found the book out back and thinks it's Christina's. I don't really want to have the Christina conversation, nor do I want to have a biblical conversation, so I just let it pass. We exchange good night kisses and go to sleep.
Wednesday October 9, 2019
As I write today's journal, I pull up the security footage from last night to transcribe Deanna's Bible quote correctly.
I open files, hunting for the right one. I notice the door is closed in some videos and open in others. I narrow it down to the last clip with an open door. As the clip plays the door slowly closes for no apparent reason. Next, to my horror, the sheets around Deanna's feet flutter, then with a quick whoosh they blow off her. Deanna kicks. She sits up, gets out of bed, kneels and prays over me. I click through a bunch of clips and find that she prayed for over an hour before finally getting back into bed.
Surveillance Footage capture of Deanna praying over Vince.
When Deanna gets home from work, I show her the clip of her praying. She's frightened by it and starts to sob. She begs to know if she's ever done that before. I tell her I don't know and that there's a ton of footage to sift through. I decide, maybe mistakenly, to not show her the door close and the sheet flutter. I worry it will only scare her more.
That night, she pops sleeping pills before bed. Her rationale is that they'll put her into a deep sleep; this way, she won't be able to get up and pray.
After struggling to fall asleep myself, I finally nod off, only to be woken by a door slam. I spring up and turn to the closed door. I'm sure it was open when we went to bed. Deanna is still sound asleep and doesn't move. I climb out the foot of the bed and slowly creep my way to the door. I kneel down to peek through the threshold crack to see if someone is on the other side. I can't make anything out. I stand up and reach for the knob. The door opens on its own. I stop to consider that maybe the latch didn't catch from the slam. Sometimes doors do that, right? I peek out through the open crack, half-expecting to see someone standing there. There isn't.
I tiptoe out and turn on the hall light. I peer into my office and flip on that light. It's clear. A noise emits from the hall. I follow it, but it subsides. Again I hear something; this time from the game room. I flick on that light and scan the room. Nothing. I canvass the house room-by-room; everything is clear. I find the dogs asleep in our bedroom. They seem safe and happy in there. Why doesn't Deanna? I double-check the alarm and make sure the front door is locked. The house is secure. I head back to Deanna's office. She's still sound asleep. I examine the door. It swings freely and appears to be fine. I can't find any reason it would slam. I leave the hall light on and climb back into bed.
Thursday October 10, 2019
I pull up the security footage from last night and see the sheets flutter again. This time Deanna's body sorta jolts like she got an electrical zap. A moment later she is pulled into the bed or possibly pushed. I notice something in the hall. There seems to be a figure moving on the far wall, but I can't focus on it. When I play the footage back slowly, I don't see anything, but at regular speed, something is there. I let the video play, and suddenly a shadow sweeps across the door. This one is easy to see, even as a still frame. A moment later, the door slams.
Surveillance Footage capture of Deanna and Vince sleeping as a human looking shadow passes over the white bedroom door.
I scan through the rest of last night's footage, but see nothing else. I don't know how to process this. My mind oscillates between reason and what I'm seeing. Who do I show the video to? The police? The news? My friends? People will assume I faked this. I certainly can't show Deanna. She'll flip out.
I decide it's best to first build a case. I need a substantial amount of undeniable proof before I show this stuff around. I have 16 cameras running 24 hours a day for 7 days, which is 2,688 hours of footage to comb through. That's an impossible amount for me to tackle. I decide to back up the last 7 days of surveillance footage to another drive. I turn to my journals and figure I can compile a record of any unusual events. I can use these records to narrow down which surveillance files might be worth examining.
Michael arrives and interrupts my hunt. He's here to test out my gimbal. He played with it a bit at the BBQ, and now he's considering purchasing one. I contemplate showing him the footage; surely he'll believe me, but then, shouldn't I have believed Deanna?
First, I test the waters and ask if he believes in God. He doesn't. He says he's unconvinced. I expected this, as we had this conversation years ago, and since that time, neither of us has been particularly religious. However, Michael became an online ordained reverend and has performed a few wedding ceremonies for his friends; thus, I wasn't sure if his views changed.
He did say he thought God was an "unfalsifiable hypothesis," and compared him to Santa Claus. I don't know what that means, but I'm pretty sure I don't want to show him the footage yet - at least not until I get a better understanding of how to explain things.
We head out to the parking lot so he can run around with the gimbal and test its smoothness. The gardener's truck is there, and I can hear Juan's blower polluting the air with noise. Thankfully, we aren't testing any audio equipment.
Michael runs through the open gate toward the pool. He goes around the pool and onto our wooden deck, which overlooks the dry Los Angeles River below. He yells for me, "Come quick, the gardener has fallen off the deck!" Alarmed, I sprint.
Camera VLOG still of broken deck with gardener laying at bottom of hill.
Michael is already at the bottom of the hill by the time I begin my descent. The wooden deck rail is broken and partially hanging off. It's probably a fifteen-foot fall to where Juan has landed. I climb down to find Juan unconscious on his back. He might have hit his head on a paver stone, but there's no blood.
I grab Juan's chest and shake him. I think he's alive. I hope he's alive. I need him to be alive. I realize I ran down with my iced coffee in hand. I quickly pop the lid off and throw it in Juan's face. The coffee flows up his nose, causing him to choke to consciousness. I grab his head to cradle him and finally exhale a sigh of relief.
After a few minutes, Juan sits up. Michael runs to fetch him water while I stay behind. His English is broken, but he explains he was blowing the deck when he leaned back and fell. He blames himself. I'm confused, as the deck has plenty of nails holding it together. It's never been flimsy before. I offer to take him to the hospital; he refuses. I offer again; he says to call his brother. I take his phone and call.
He speaks to his brother in Spanish. It sounds like they argue. Juan hangs up. I ask if everything is okay; he nods, then stands up, but quickly gets woozy and slumps back down. I catch him and ease him back to the dirt. He laughs embarrassingly. Michael gets back with water and Gatorade. Juan drinks up and rests. We sit and rehash the events that just transpired, as if we're telling old war stories.
After a while, Juan stands again. He's fine now. He stretches. Michael and I exchange looks. Should we take him to the hospital? At that moment, his brother, Cruz, appears at the top of the deck, looking down. Spanish is exchanged again, along with a chuckle. Juan translates. He says Cruz is asking why he broke the deck and says Juan will have to pay for it. I shake my head no and assure them everything is fine. Cruz chuckles; it seems like it was just fun brotherly harassment.
We get Juan back to his truck. Both he and his brother insist everything is okay. They will be okay. Surprisingly, Juan does look okay. I tell them both to call me if they need anything and they leave.
Michael and I go back to the deck to marvel at how Juan could take a fall like that and live. We also ponder how big a lawsuit this could be if he'd died.
Later, I recount the events for Deanna. She's blown away. I offhandedly remark, "Thank God he's going to be okay."
Surprisingly, Deanna retorts, "Wouldn't God have saved him?"
I'm confused. I thought she was all "God power," but tonight she goes on to claim that she never really believed there was a God. I decide it's best not to indulge this conversation now.
Deanna is on edge all night. I put on Friends. The show always seems to cheer her up. Tonight, it doesn't. I know she's angry, but I can't actually point to a single thing, and if I do, it'll just spark a fight, which it seems is what she wants.
We sleep in her office again. I get the cold shoulder, as she rolls away from me without so much as a kiss. I wish her good night, and she does reciprocate, so maybe all isn't lost.
I lie there awake and listen to the silence. I focus on Deanna. The gentle rise and fall of her back, up and down, up and down; she is out. I contemplate staying up all night to comb through the security footage. I think about the shadow. I keep watching the door, wondering if it will appear. I think about Juan. I hope he's okay. At some point I nod off, but suddenly I'm jarred awake. Deanna gasps for air as if she just broke free from drowning.
I'm dazed. My eyes are heavy and won't open. Is this a dream? Is everything a dream? I ask if she's okay, but I'm also not sure if asking is a dream. I manage to pry open my eyes. My head clears as I see Deanna exit the room. She hobbles like Frankenstein's monster. I get up to follow her. I call out her name. She doesn't answer. I'm getting creeped out.
I follow her into the dark hall and switch on the light. She hobbles down the hall toward the foyer. I wave my hand in front of her with no reaction. Her eyes are open, but she doesn't see me. She is sleepwalking.
Surveillance Footage capture of Vince waving his hand in front of sleepwalking Deanna
I have never seen this in my life. I always thought this was a Hollywood gimmick, but here she is hobbling around the house, eyes open and unconscious. I stay near her in case she falls or collapses. I wonder, do sleepwalkers collapse?
Deanna approaches the alarm panel and keys in the disarm code. Maybe she's messing with me? Sleepwalking is one thing, but how is she conscious enough to key in the code? She turns and hobbles back down the hall. I reset the alarm, then follow her.
She heads to the game room sliding glass door. I grab the door handle to stop her from opening the slider. She hobbles right into the glass. Not hard. Not like she could break it. It's a slow hobble into the door, as if she was going to pass through it, but instead the glass blocks her. She tries repeatedly like a wind up toy banging her head on the door with a light thud.
I always heard you shouldn't mess with a sleepwalker, but I place my hand between her head and the glass. I reach for her shoulder and nudge her. She is receptive to my guidance. I lead her back to her office.
I get her to sit on the bed and lean her over to lie down. I gather the covers, when suddenly she wakes. She screams! I scream and jump back. At that moment the alarm sounds. I look at Deanna; she's confused. I'm confused. The alarm is blaring. I head out of the room to the alarm panel. I key in the disarm code. The display shows Game Room Slider as the fault.
I rush back to the game room, and the slider is open a good three feet! I get angry. I don't know why. I'm mad the door is open, since it shouldn't be. I close the slider and make sure it's locked. I turn on all the lights in the house and reset the alarm. I canvass the house, room by room, and I look in each closet. The dogs hibernate in our bedroom; they don't seem to want to leave that room.
I find nothing. Deanna falls back to sleep. I stay up and watch Friends all night. When the sun rises, I finally pass out.

The Day After

Friday October 11, 2019
I wake up around noon. Deanna is home. I guess she skipped work. I head into my office to watch last night's footage. I speed past Deanna sleepwalking and go to the game room slider. I'm aghast. The door just floats open on its own. I can't explain it.
Deanna watches over my shoulder. She's still angry, I think. She seems stiff, almost robotic. She's more concerned with her sleepwalking than the slider and wants me to go back to that footage. I continue to examine the slider though. I just can't figure this out.
I hear a noise coming from the game room. Deanna hears it too. We proceed to investigate. I peer into the game room. The noise comes from outside the slider. It's Christina playing with the dogs on the patio. Now Deanna is definitely pissed. Suddenly, I'm pissed too.
Deanna storms out onto the patio, grabs up Tica and leads Pismo into the house. There's a third dog on the patio, a little Chihuahua that I've never seen before.
Groggy, confused, and mad, I yell at Christina. She claims I told her if she got a dog, she could come over, so she got one. I tell her she's trespassing, that we have cameras, that she has to go. She scoops up the little dog and storms off, crying. I feel really bad, but what alternative do I have?
I go back inside and catch Deanna in her office with a gun. She sees me coming and quickly sits on it in an attempt to conceal the weapon. I go for it, and we struggle. She puts up a fight, but I'm determined. I yank the gun out from under her.
"Where the hell did you get a gun?" I demand.
"I bought it."
"You brought a gun into our house?!"
"We need protection from crazy fans and doors opening up in the middle of the night. I don't know, maybe it was her, maybe she opened the door?"
I release the clip. The gun is loaded.
She quips, "The safety is on."
I explain if she wants to have a gun, then we need to learn how to use it properly.
I'm not happy about the gun. This is something we should have discussed and decided on together. She could argue that about me and the security cameras. I'm pretty sure they're not in the same league, but I feel like it's the least of my problems. The gun is already here, now I need to mitigate it, and that starts with lessons.
Saturday October 12, 2019
Today we meet our friend Wes at the shooting range. He is very proficient with guns and gives us the basic safety course. We shoot off a bunch of rounds. Deanna seems elated to be firing the gun. This isn't the first time we've fired guns. Last time was when she was first hired at the zoo; we rented a gun at a range and shot targets. This was to prepare her for the dreadful day a dangerous animal might escape. Today she's like a kid with a shiny new toy. Maybe the last time we shot was under bleaker circumstances, but why would this be a happier one? I don't question her. I'm just happy to see her happy.
Deanna firing the gun at the shooting range.
Sunday October 13, 2019
It's a beautiful day. The pool is 88 degrees, the weather is about 78, which is nice, but it makes you want to stay under the water, allowing it to swallow you like a cozy blanket. We frolic in the pool, toss the ball for the dogs, and grill up some food. We even dine Italian aperitivo style with salami and wine, as we watch the sun set.
Monday October 14, 2019
I wake from my wine coma around 3 a.m. Deanna is not in bed with me. I call out for her, but she doesn't answer. I get up and cautiously make my way through the house. Again noise emits from the game room. I follow the noise and find the slider open. Coming from outside is what sounds like a chisel hitting a rock.
I run back into Deanna's office to grab my phone. I flip on the camera light and follow the chisel sounds. As I approach the pool, I hear the noise coming from the deck. Crap, the deck is still broken; what if Deanna fell off? I rush to the rail.
I peer over the broken deck and find Deanna at the bottom of the hill. She has a shovel in her hand and has dug several holes. I call out to her. She doesn't react.
Deanna digging a hole at the bottom of the hill in the middle of the night.
I hurry down the hill and ask her what she is doing. Gravely, her eyes pierce right through me. She laughs a deep, hushed, "Heh. Heh. Heh." I feel my spine collapse.
I flip off the camera and gingerly approach her. She appears to be sleepwalking again. I reach for the shovel, and she lets it go without resistance. I set it down, then take her by the shoulders and guide her back to bed. She eases in and lies down with no problems. Thankfully, she doesn't wake and scream at me.
Tuesday October 15, 2019
Deanna has no recollection of digging last night. She denies it and claims I'm messing with her. I show her the footage, and she insists it's not real. I assure her the video is not fake. She begins clicking around and opening the backed up surveillance footage on the computer.
I decide that between Juan's fall and Deanna's digging that I should move a couple of the wireless security cameras down to the bottom of the hill.
While tackling the job, I pass by my office a few times to grab tools and occasionally I pop in to check the camera feed. I wonder when Deanna will come across the sheet flutter or the shadow footage. She remains focused on the computer, poking through clips. She stops me to ask a question. I'm expecting to have a conversation over the unexplainable footage, but instead she asks me about the file name.
I explain to her that I had turned off the ugly on-screen security date and file stamp that superimposes into the camera footage. I wanted a cleaner, timeless video file to use in VLOGS. On-screen stamps aren't necessary anyway because the system names the recorded files with a timestamp. For example CH15-1014-010800_011059: CH15 is CHannel 15 or Camera 15, -1014 is October 14th, -010800_011059 is the recorded time from 1:08 a.m. to 1:10 and 59 seconds. The DVR breaks files into three-minute chunks.
Deanna has the footage from the ceiling fan fall and her praying open on the computer. She points out that both of these clips happened on different days, but in the same 010800_011059 time-slot.
I tease her about it being creepy and that we should have an exorcism at 1:08 a.m. I even invoke a Jim Carrey impression from Ace Ventura that we should "Exorcise the demons." Deanna is against it, but I lose myself in what was suppose to be a light-hearted joke.
I sorta feel like I want to challenge faith. The shadow, the sheets, doors, cups, and Deanna's moods, is there a reason for it? Is it real? I want proof or no proof. I'm in this weird borderline. I wonder if I give in to Deanna's belief and commit that maybe we can finally put this stuff to rest.
I convince Deanna to stand at the foot of our waterbed at 1:08 a.m. She nervously holds the Portate cross charm from around her neck. I grab Christina's Bible and prepare to chant.
Surveillance Footage capture of Deanna and Vince in their bedroom. Vince hold the bible up as Deanna holds the Portate cross.
Deanna begs me not to do this. She suggests we hire a priest.
I retort, "A virgin! This is not a job for a virgin! Look, I've seen The Exorcist like a hundred times. I have a Bible. I totally got this."
I call for the ghost to move something, to do something, anything. Nothing happens, except Deanna gets woozy. I attribute it to her being dramatic. I demand the ghost move the door. Deanna claims something is there; I seize that moment and begin the chant from The Exorcist:
I cast you out, ghostly spirit!
In the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ!
It is He who commands you!
Be gone from this house.
In the name of the Father. In the name of the Son.
In the name of the Holy Spirit.
It is the power of Christ that compels you.
I continue to chant, "It is the power of Christ that compels you!"
Suddenly Deanna's arms fall to her sides, her palms open, fingers outstretch. She exhales a loud, guttural, "Get outta my house!" She collapses to the ground. I'm stunned.
I drop the Bible and rush to her. I'm frantic; she's unresponsive. I shake her but she doesn't move. I scramble to get my phone from the tripod to call for help. With a sudden loud, prolonged gasp for air, Deanna wakes with a deep inhale. Relieved, I grab for her, "Oh God. Oh thank God."

The Hunt

Wednesday October 16, 2019
I visit the Los Angeles County Registrar Recorder office to do a property search. I'm able to print out a list of the previous owners of my house.
I immediately note on the list that the people who owned my house before me, the ones who were foreclosed on, have the last name Spottiswoode. That doesn't sound Mexican at all, but I'm thankful it isn't a generic John Smith. The name is unique enough that I figure I should be able to track them down on the Internet.
I force Deanna to sleep on the couch in my office. I want to be able to keep an eye on her while I search online. She doesn't want to sleep on our waterbed and I don't want to sleep in her office anymore. That leaves my office. The dogs even come in to sleep with us. I thought they preferred the master bedroom because that's where they've always slept, but now I wonder if they were just avoiding Deanna's office?
I search the Internet until 2:30 in the morning. The even sound of Deanna's breathing fills the air. I haven't heard any other noises, so I decide it's time to crash. I tuck Deanna in on the couch, and toss a pillow on the floor in front of her; this way I can block her if she gets up to dig.
About a half an hour later, I wake to the blaring house alarm. Deanna is not on the couch. I call for her and get no answer. The dogs are still with me. I get up and scramble for a camera monopod to defend myself against an intruder. My phone rings. I already know it's going to be the alarm company. I give them the verbal pass-code, and they tell me the alarm triggered because the wrong disarm code was entered. They're concerned that someone might be in the house.
I make my way to the alarm panel, and explain that I had changed the disarm code recently and my wife didn't know the new code. I key in the correct code and tell them all is fine and not to send the police. I hang up and go searching for Deanna. Naturally, I check the game room slider first and there she is, standing in front of the closed door. She's sleepwalking again. I guide her back to my office couch.
Sunday October 20, 2019
Jackpot! I finally tracked down a work address and phone number for Mr. Steve Spottiswoode. I'm going to pay him a visit tomorrow.
Over the last several days, I've really been editing my journals to assemble a clear record of the events. I've been able to cross-reference emails with photo dates and times on my phone to reconstruct a clearer picture of what's transpired.
I've also been backing up the security camera drives and gathering the footage on a timeline. Deanna is right; things seem to happen at eight after one in the morning. I still have a bunch of footage to sift through, but what I've seen so far makes me think I might be able to assemble all this into a comprehensive documentary.
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2020.09.17 18:00 Corddot My Mother and My Dog

I woke up that morning much like I woke up every morning, with a long, moist tongue rubbing all over my face.
I laughed. “Jeez Laz, good morning!” His paws were on my chest, and his tail was wagging back and forth. He was so excited it would shake his whole body, and my whole bed.
He left off my bed, and looked back at me, queuing me to follow. He was always a very smart dog. He always came when he was called, which if you have a dog, you know how unusual that is. But there were other things too. I would be searching for something, not say what it was, and then he would find it and drop it at my feet. He also figured out how to open doors by jumping up towards the knob and shouldering it open. Lazarus was quite the dog.
Lazarus walked down to the kitchen and looked up at my mom. He loved my mother. She would walk from one side of the kitchen to the other, then he would follow her. She would stop, he would sit and look up at her. Of course, he followed where he knew he could get food. But even when she left the house, he would sit by the window, patiently. He would sit there, staring majestically off into the distance, waiting for mom to come home. And every time he heard her car, he would leap to the window, then to the door, then back to the window, and back to the door again.
My dad had left a long time ago. He probably did us a favor. It made us closer. It was the three of us, Laz my mom, and me.
“He seems to be doing well this morning.” I scratched the back of his neck. His fur went up a bit, exposing the naked skin beneath. They were riddled with black tumors and sores. They were coarse to the touch.
“Yeah, he was coughing a bit this morning, but he was happy when he got his chicken.” Laz whacked her leg with his paw. Looking up at her, expecting attention. She knelt next to him, looking him in the face. “You like that chicken don’t ya bud?”
My mom was a bit... eccentric. Since my dad left, that dog became her world. He didn’t get dog food, oh no. Gourmet meals were all he could have, followed by vanilla ice cream with a dog biscuit for dessert. She would cook for him and forget to eat herself. He got used to it too. I tried to give him some dog food once, and he would quite literally stick his nose up when it got near his face as he refused to eat it.
My mom became one of those middle-aged women who know how to use the internet but doesn’t REALLY know how to use the internet. One of those people who posts how she’s doing on Facebook every hour and shares every picture she sees about news stories that never happened. I swear, she would be wearing a tinfoil hat, but she hasn’t gotten to that part of the internet yet. She even tried to get Laz on this special “alligator food and egg white diet” because she thought it was going to help his fur.
He stuck her nose up at her.
Lazarus started choking, and with a wet gurgle, and a bit of a sneeze, he spat black and red bile on the floor in front of him. He looked up at my mom as if to ask her, “What’s happening to me?”
We knew the day was coming. The day every pet owner dreads. The day that we outlive our best companion and his mind goes to rest in a world unknown. What would it be like for him? No longer experience anything, the darkness, and the nothingness that he would be exposed to in death? How could I put him through that? But how could I let him continue to suffer so?
I knelt beside him, looking him in the eyes, and petting him. It was perhaps more painful for me than it was for him. They were so excited, so full of life and excitement. Then he would wheeze, and his eyes would squeeze shut in agony. He would lick my face, then fall on the floor, gasping for breath.
The veterinary would be here later. We took him outside, so he could sit and enjoy the sun. He always liked that. Even when he was so hot that he would pant and barely be able to breathe, he loved laying in the sun and being around his family. We cooked on the grill for him. Hamburgers, hotdogs, whatever. It’s not like we needed to worry about what kind of food we gave him at this point, he was going to die all the same. But he was going to die a happy dog. A good dog.
He was sitting in his favorite spot when the vet got there. Looking over his yard through the window. Keeping guard to the last moment. I sat with him when the doctor injected him, and I watched his breathing get slower and slower. Then, at last, his stomach didn’t rise anymore.
I had seen dead animals before. I even remember watching my grandparents die. But I wasn’t ready for this. I wasn’t ready for his eyes. The life I had seen in them only moments earlier, was wiped out. They were blank and dark. It wasn’t like he was sleeping. There was something missing. He was just dead. I had watched my beloved companion turn into nothing but meat. And we did it to him.
My mom burst into tears and merciless wails that reverberated throughout the house. I had to be strong for her, but it was so loud. And his eyes had taken me so by surprise I didn’t know how to react until tears began to fall from mine.
They never tell you what to do with the body after. You’re just kind of stuck with it. With that hunk of meat that wore the same skin as your closest friend. A mocking reminder of what he was. So, I had to take him out back, and I buried him, while I heard my mom’s cries from outside the house.
It’s hard digging holes that deep. Laz is a big dog. I mean, was a big dog. It was raining, too. I was worried his body would start to smell. Without the processes of life to keep him clean, mold and mildew would start to grow and take over his body. No one ever buys a casket for a dog. It took a while to cut through all the roots and clay, and all the time his corpse was just lying there. I almost imagined he would get up to help, to dig with his paws all he could. But no. He was gone. It was only flesh beside me now. Until he too, would become one with the ground.
The morning after I slept in. There were no dog kisses to wake me up. No paws on my chest. No tail wagging that would shake my bed. Just me. My mom was locked in her room. All I could hear was her crying. I went to bed and would hear quiet sobs suppressed into her pillows. She only left to eat, and she would stumble out of the room, reeking of vodka and unable to complete sentences, then return to her room.
I tried not to be hard on her. I had lost my best friend, but she had lost her shadow. Her whole world was buried in the back yard. But then one night, she almost started a fire.
“Mom, you can’t just light candles and leave them all over the house. I know you’re upset-”
“I SAW him. You don’t understand. I SAW him.” Her words were slurred.
“Mom, Lazarus is gone. I buried him.”
“You and your clear logic bullshit. I know what I saw. I saw him. I heard him walking around.”
“You saw him, or you heard him?”
“Mhm” She closed her eyes, satisfied.
“No, I mean which one? Did you see him, hear him, or both?”
She rolled her eyes, which in her stupor became her whole head. Her body motions became exaggerated when she had been drinking. “I heard footsteps, so I lit the candles.”
I sighed. “Ok, if you did hear him, what good is a giant candle going to do, other than burn our house down?”
She paused for a minute. Biting her lip and squinting as she thought. “He needs to find his way home.”
She had this tick when she was lying, that she would play with her wedding ring when she talked. Maybe it reminded her of my father. “Mom, why are you lying to me?”
She threw her and up. “I don’t need this. I’m going to bed.” I shrugged and shook my head. I guess I would just have to check for candles every night before I went to bed.
I was out with my friends late. It felt good to be social again. It helped to get my mind off my lack of dog. I guess my mom didn’t really have any friends, or anywhere to go. So, she just hid. She locked herself in her room, she buried her feelings in alcohol and into useless information on the internet in a desperate attempt to make herself feel better. Maybe I should have been there for her more.
Because when I got home that night, none of the candles were out. There were small little flames, all over the house, lighting a path outside. And when I looked out into the yard, I saw my mother naked, laying in the center of five candles forming an inverted star.
And beside her, something was moving.
“Shh” I heard her whisper. “It’s ok, buddy. It’s ok. Mommy is here now. Everything is going to be ok.”
I slowly stepped outside as my heart began to pound. “Mom, what is going on?”
It was like she didn’t hear me. She just kept looking down at the ground, crying, with a giant smile on her face. Her nude body was exposed in the candlelight, showing every detail a son never wants to see of his middle-aged mother. I kept stepping closer. Maybe I should have called the police.
“Mom, why don’t we get some clothes on, ok? I think you should go to bed.”
She started giggling and shaking. Then I heard a bark.
“I did it, see? I brought him back. I brought our Lazie back to us.”
I saw it- him, now. He was looking up at her. And somehow, he was breathing. And his eyes, his eyes were alive. His tail was wagging. Lazarus had returned from the dead.
But then I got closer. Yes, Lazarus was alive. And this isn’t some pet cemetery thing where he comes back as a demon or some shit. No. That was my dog. He knew my mom. He knew me. And he was covering us in kisses and love, as if he had gone years without us. I don’t know where he went, but he was back now.
And for him to come back, he had to come back into his broken, rotting, cancerous body.
He was on the ground because he couldn’t stand up. The muscles around his legs were rotted or eaten away, leaving his bones exposed. The tumors and sores had kept growing somehow, consuming the rest of his body, even after he had died. The softer tissues around his mouth were just completely missing, leaving the white of his jaw bone to glimmer in the candlelight.
One of his eyes was missing. It was just a black, empty socket staring at me. And when he stared at me, I could see how he felt. He was in utter, agony. I could hear his every whimper and cry. The slightest shift of his weight would cause him to bark out in searing pain. He was staring at me, begging for mercy. To make it all stop.
“He’s here! Can you believe it, he’s here! I told you I wasn’t crazy, I told you!” My mother hugged and kissed him over and over. She held her close to her bosom, and I went to grab the shovel.
“Where are you going?” I didn’t answer. I knew what I had to do. I had to spare him this pain. I needed to end this. Again. Cold, blank, dead eyes were awful to see. I dreamt about them for days after he died. But this was monstrous. This will haunt me in my nightmares for the rest of my life.
So, I raised the shovel high above my head. “What are you doing?” And I swung, as hard and as fast as I could at his face. I flattened it against the stone beneath him.
When I realized what I had done, I heard a yelp.
If whatever this was forcing him into his body, with all the tumors, the decay, and a clear cease of function throughout his entire system, why would crushing his face make any difference? All it would do is force him to suffer more.
So, I heard his whines through his broken teeth, confused and lost and in pain. He struggled to breathe through a snout that had now completely collapsed. His body began to twitch in convulsions caused by the damage to his head. My hands started to shake. I had no idea what to do.
He’s sitting with me while I write this. Resting under my feet like he always used to. He smells awful. Flies are constantly eating at his flesh, less and less of which is visible each day. He’s too weak to move, never mind run, or chase off the pests in his yard. So, he just stares out at them. He watches as his yard is no longer under his control.
Every waking moment, he cries out in constant suffering. He can’t sleep. He can’t eat food. He is damned to exist in a life of unending pain.
But part of me is happy. I love the rancid smell of his breath and the weak coarseness of his fur. I’m so selfish. I’m just happy that I have my dog back.
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2020.09.17 11:20 P1ppopotamus I need this written down somewhere before I forget it. It was a weird one.

Started off with walking home with my friend from school. Except I’m not in school, and that friend went to a different high school. He was then picked up and drove home, leaving me to walk the way I normally walk finding a phone on the ground, which I ignored. Still walking home, I started getting harassed by some younger kids, about 5-6 of them, trying to hit me with bits of wood from a palette. I caught them before they hit me and snapped them, one of which I did with my teeth. All the while there was a group of girls in the other side of the road yelling incoherent advice that was supposedly useful. Then one of them tried to kick me, so I grabbed his leg, lifted it, and dropped him on the floor where he proceeded to roll around in immense amount of pain. I turned and continued to walk ,at which point the rest of them started chasing me.
The dream then changed art styles. That happens a few times. This one was a kind of children’s cartoon. I was a mouse? Tiny dog? I’m not sure but it was something that could hide in small spaces. I was chased into a nearby farmers field, and was saved by the farmer who owned it, who yelled at the kids to sod off while brandishing a pitchfork while I hid under a hay bale.
Then the art style switched back to what it was before and I continued walking home, except now it was pitch black. Complete darkness. I somehow made out the form of my old Head of Sixth Form, (who had really helped me get through it, so that’s probably why my brain picked him out) and started walking with him. The route home was still similar enough to what it is in reality and starts diverging a small amount now. There were two ways found to the next part, the longer route and the shorter route. Obviously I took the short route, and my HoSF started on the longer route before realising I was going the shorter one (loads of people didn’t realise the left route was shorter and way faster). During this waking, he asked me why I did what I did to the kid who had tried to kick me, and vaguely told me off for getting revenge and how revenge was bad. I responded with “that not my philosophy” and the subject was dropped.
This was when it all completely broke down. We then entered a really packed series of what I think were gardens with various rooms mixed in, but again, it was pitch black so I’m not sure. We stumbled around for a while before I ran into someone, a (I think) gorgeous women with red hair and green skin (think poison ivy and you’re close enough). I apologised for walking into what I assumed was her house and three younger sisters (?) of hers basically just spawned from the shadows and smiled at me, not saying anything (as far as I can remember). HoSF started yelling at me that he’d found a way out and to stop talking to them. I responded I’d prefer not to be arrested for breaking and entering.
We walked up some stairs into some kind of wine ba Chinese market mashup and I think this was where I lost HoSF. I wandered around it for a little while before running into someone who I guess knew me? Might have been one of those kids from earlier, might have been someone completely different. They bought a load of snacks and shoved one of those big twisty lolly pops into my mouth, the kind that take forever to get through and that taste like processed sugar and little else. At first I refused it cause he’d purposely picked a shitty one, the lolly was at a 90 degree angle with the stick, but he shoved it in my mouth so there wasn’t really change to give it back. The woman at the counter counter it up and told us we were one “tone” short. Luckily, in the waking world, I remember I had been given a pound that we had spare from paying the window cleaners. So I pulled that out of my pocket and paid with it, which worked.
I then sat down (without the lolly I had just paid for, I don’t know where it went) and pulled my hoodie up over the lower part of my face and lipped the hood over. I don’t know why I did this. I then started getting harassed again, this time by someone who kept trying to pull my hoodie away from my head. This ,apparently, really made me mad. So I started repeatedly punching him in the chin, which got redder and redder with each pathetic hit (dream punches amiright). Then the ba counter started getting really rowdy so we both paid attention to that. Someone was... chugging something? No idea, but this is when I decided I could leave. Out of the door I hadn’t found earlier.
This door lead to a really creepy part for me. The light level was the same you get at just before twilight, and was one long corridor after another, with huge flights of stairs leading up to things that could be doors, but could also be vent grills or other openings. I set about trying to find a proper way out, my first port of call being a door with the window having changing slides of Monsters Inc, the first slide being of Randall, Mike and Sully, all being happy and smiley and cartoony. The rest of the slides were just pictures of literally anything else, but due to the first one and where this door led, I came up with the logical conclusion that this was how the monsters from the movie got around to different houses, despite that being so completely incorrect. Anyway, I open this door and found myself in a huge room (maybe I was just small) and under some kind of hallway drawer stand, poking my head out of a vent. I figured that this wasn’t what I was after, and went back into the friendlier Backrooms. I tried another door, which lead to a regular sized room, with every surface being covered in blue and white swirl patterns and utterly nonsensical furniture choices. Even dream me was immediately disturbed by this room and closed the door. The entire time in the friendly Backrooms I was terrified to try and turn around for fear of something happening. A monster showing up, the layout changing, something. But literally nothing happened. The lady door I opened up was one that lead into my high schools P.E. Hall. It wasn’t what the hall looked like at all, but dream me thought it was perfectly normal. I hopped down from the wall panel I had just pushed open, and tried to rattle the doors open, at which point two boys from a rear below me called out and said something that I don’t remember, but that really took the wind out of my sails for some reason. I looked over to the right and saw a long table full of food, and all the people who I made friends with at school but don’t talk to anymore (I’m absolutely terrible at keeping in touch with people). I sat down with them and slumped over, which prompted them to ask what was wrong. I then recounted the mess which had lead me to this point. Fast forward in the dream (don’t know how that happened) and I’m walking home again along the main road the school is on. I turn into the ginnel (a shortcut between buildings) and see the phone again, at which point, the friend I was originally walking home with calls out and says it’s his. I pick it up, hand it to him, and he’s gone again and I’m on my way.
Once I exit the ginnel, I’m somewhere it doesn’t lead and am now a strange shape.Think early 3D cone kind of shape with legs. I’m also tiny. And the art style changed again. On front of me is the busiest road I have ever seen, completely packed, several lanes wide and everyone going as fast as they please. Someone to my left, who is also a cone, tries sprinting across the road, only to discover timing matters. Me and a girl (don’t know how I knew she was a girl, with her also being a featureless cone shape) started moving across together, carefully timing when it would be safe to cross. We were successful and continued down the path. She turned off wordlessly into a side part behind a van, and I follow her to she what’s up. I don’t remember what was up, but while doing this I heard voices. It might have been the group of kids that attacked me with bits of wood, but it just as easily couldn’t have been. I immediately think “I have to hide” and start moving my way to behind a van so the don’t see me. I think I wasn’t quiet enough, I was on gravel, and one of them came over to investigate. Upon seeing me, he opened his mouth to scream, and then I woke up.
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2020.09.17 08:38 cats_without_hats Knowing my cat in a past life?

So I have this cat named Bandit but I didn't adopt him. It actually feels super unreal to me how he came into my life because I wasn't looking for an animal companion and didn't think I really wanted one either. I love animals, but I wasn't very responsible at the time and doubted I could care for one.
The first time I met him, I was grilling chicken outside, he came by, random little tuxedo cat who looked starved, his fur was dull and his ribs were sticking out and he looked generally unhealthy. He didn't even know me and began to rub into me. Of course I gave him some chicken, how could I not? Turned out it wasn't good enough for him cause of the bbq sauce on it. He turned up his nose and left.
Fast forward about three days, and I hadn't really thought of him. I had an argument with my then boyfriend, now husband. There were rumors about him and some girl and the argument was bad. I was thinking about my life, possibly ending it. My mother kicked me out, my boyfriend was possibly being unfaithful and he wouldn't even get out of bed to discuss it. I had no money, no family, no where to go. I went on the back porch and wept.(boyfriend wasnt cheating, but we were teenagers and I felt like my life was falling apart and some girl who liked him thought she could get me to break up with him if she spread some rumors, this is besides the point but in case anyone was wondering).
Thats when Bandit came again. This malnourished tuxedo cat came over and began to rub into me and lick my nose and force his way onto my lap. It was actually very strange but I just had this feeling that he was as sad as I was. I pet him and loved on him and he loved on me. When I looked in his eyes I felt like I've known him a long long time, it kind of scared me to be honest, but I held him and he rubbed into me. I never had a connection with anyone like that, not even family members.
I wasn't really allowed to have him yet. We had two other cats and I wasn't even allowed to share their food with him. I began to save my meat for him. I wouldn't eat my meat at all and I would rinse it or peel off breading and feed it to him. Even when I had no food, he came to cuddle, every night on the back porch. We had a chair back there so I got a pillow and put it out there for him, we would cuddle until he fell asleep and then I would place him on the pillow and shut the porch door to keep the wind from making him too cold.
Our neighbors began to take notice. They had a talk with my boyfriend's mom, explaining how he was a terrible cat, getting in fights with their other animals and spraying everywhere and if we wanted him we could keep him. This honestly made me angrier than anything. They had kicked him out of their house and had not so much as left food out for him. When I met him, he was skin and bones, he looked starved. It broke my heart. My boyfriend's mom still refused to let me keep him, but I kept him on the back porch still, no one cared about that. Eventually, it turned out we were going to be moving, just before winter and we get bad winters where I live.
I couldn't leave him. I would defend him with my life. Someone could offer me a million dollars and I would still refuse to give him up. I always can sense what he needs, when he's hungry, when he's sad or angry, when he wants to be loved on or not. When I lay down, he is always there, ready to be with me. Sometimes when I'm talking to him, I swear, I think he understands. When I'm upset or not feeling good, he comforts me. My boyfriend's mom ended up letting me keep him because I begged and begged. If I left, and he stayed, would he die in the winter? I wouldn't let that hapoen, no matter what. I was so joyous when she told me I could take care of him still, and bring him with us. He doesn't get on with the other cats, but he had never sprayed. Neighbors were full of crap in my opinion. I think their other animals(three dogs two cats) had made him very wearry of other animals though, he doesn't get on with any other animals I have ever tried to introduce him to, even using techniques to introduce them properly and slowly.
Either way, I feel this crazy connection to him, and although I have never done past life regression, I feel he was someone I knew in a past life. Either my husband or wife or perhaps my child. Maybe he was an animal companion in the past, but at times he seems to know me better than anyone else and seems so human like. When we cuddle he lays on his side and sometimes pets my head with his paw, it gives me weird feelings, good weird feelings, like this was a way he comforted me in his human past life. Its like a strange sense of deja vu.
Sometimes I weep at the thought of losing him. He still has many years, but I'm so scared. Facing the world without him seems like it will be empty. I'm married now but I don't think I could face life without my cat. I've already a few times wept to him and whispered how much I love him and that if he ever leaves, to please return to me, that he is my best friend.
Is it possible that he is someone I knew in a past life, sometine I'm so connected to that we are in a way soulmates? Although I love my husband, I feel that my little bandit truly completes me, he makes me feel radiant from the inside. I never knew how empty I was until I met him because when he came into my life, everything changed. My heart changed, my soul changed, for the better I think. He taught me just how much love is in my heart, that my love can be boundless. I just feel like we've known eachother forever but I just don't remember it, but sometimes I feel that he somehow does, or maybe bits and pieces.
Well anyways, I just wanted to talk about this and see about other people's thoughts on if people can reincarnate into animals and animals into humans if they choose, or is it like your an animal until you evolve enough to be human? Do you think a human can decide to be an animal in their next life or even devolve if they don't learn their life lessons? A cat's life is too short but in my heart, I feel Bandit and I will always find each other, one way or another.
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2020.09.16 08:33 AnimatedMajor Charlie McCarthy - Basement 2: Eclectic Boogaloo

Charlie McCarthy - Basement 2: Eclectic Boogaloo
So, this is a continuation of this story, It covers from a few months after the moving doll in 1993, to the year I was supposed to graduate high school in 2000. I feel I should clarify a few things before moving on. First, the Basement was written in 2017, and a copy/paste from where I had written it. This story is being written right now, in 2020, and my writing skills are a bit rusty so I apologize. Second the appearance of the doll. He had a hard head and hands, molded plastic, his right eye had a slot carved out, to hold a plastic monocle. I lost that Monocle pretty early in owning him. He had a felt hat, that got beaten up pretty quickly by me, so it was misshapen, but I had managed to hold on to it all through this stuff. His jacket could be removed, his whole torso and arms were white cotton, the elbows were just a strip of sewn thread dividing a long tube of cloth. My doll's hair had a scuff at the back of the partition, showing the flesh colored plastic under the paint. He had two plastic shoes that you could tie, but i had lost one years ago. Inside the other one, I had painted two letters with white paint. The letters were parts of my last name, so I won't divulge what they were, but they were distinct and very much a support to my claim that Toy Story was a ripoff of my life as it came out 2 years after the events in this story. Pictured below is what this bastard looked like, I hate it with a burning passion and looking at it makes me sick to my stomach. The last detail was he had a braided nylon loop sticking out the base of his neck, when pulled his mouth would move.
Charlie McCarthy Doll
See after Charlie had showed back up in the basement, I refused to sleep down there ever again. It was the first time I stood up to my father about anything. He tried to force me to stay in the basement, but I'd wait until he was asleep, then move myself to the den and slept on the couch. He'd get up for work every day to find me sleeping on that couch. Eventually he stopped trying to make me go into the basement. It was summer by this time, and I have fond memories of staying up all night playing NES, and then riding my bike to the beach every morning to swim for hours. Despite what happened near the end of the season, I still hold that to be the best summer of my life, because I felt so free. (that might have had a lot to do with my dad working all the time so I didn't feel the normal foreboding fear that I was going to do something to make him mad at me as often and could be myself without judgement)
Okay, so I'm going to stop being so long winded I promise (this is a lie). I slept in that den for the whole summer, but my dad didn't like the idea of me sleeping on the couch all the time, so eventually he moved my bed and my toys into my sister's room. This was '93 so she would have been 8 at the time, and I was just about to make that full time rush into puberty, which made that situation uncomfortable to me. However, we made do, and I just avoided the room unless I was sleeping. But I had to maintain her "bedtime" so I was in bed super early, and I didn't like that. I made do by reading under the blankets, and playing my Gameboy by the light of my book-light. No big deal, I adapted, but I missed the freedom of the Den. When my dad moved all the toys and my bed into the room, I distinctly told him to put Charlie back into the shed. I watched him throw it in the plastic bag that had all my other dolls and puppets from my younger years. He wasn't pleased that I made him do this, saying I was being dumb and I needed to grow up and stop dragging him into my games of pretend.
Well, one night, before school started, I was sleeping soundly on my back (something I NEVER do anymore) when I felt a weight on my chest. It was heavy and... I don't know how to say this any other way... pointy. Like there were odd angles to it, pressing into me, at first I thought it was my dog, a 40 lb springer spaniel, but it felt wrong... too small. I know this sounds like a sleep paralysis demon, but two things push this outside sleep paralysis for me. One: I started flailing immediately, no paralysis involved. Two: I opened my mouth to scream when something hard and plastic shot into it and pressed into the back of my throat. I flailed around, grabbing at the thing on my chest, but it was weird, like, it was covered in a cloth, that had a lot of give, but it also was firm and heavy for something so small. The top of it was round plastic, and I kept trying to push it but it wasn't moving and I couldn't roll to my side. Eventually in my wild attempt to get this thing off me and out of my mouth (I was barely able to breath, and I've had a distinct fear of suffocation ever since this day) my hand latched onto a part that was hanging off the main mass. A single string at the base of the hard plastic on top. That's when I realized what this was. It was Charlie, I could feel it now, the weight of him on my chest was like someone had filled him with lead instead of fluff. It was his hand in my mouth, making me gag against as it tried to push deeper in. I think realizing what was on me helped me panic less. I felt like I needed to see him, I needed to make him real I guess. So I fumbled around, grabbed my book-light and turned it on. The second there was light in the room the doll was just that a doll. He slumped off my chest, and the wet cotton arm that ended in a rigid plastic hand fell out of my mouth as if I had been sucking on it, not choking on it. I stared hard at the doll, coughing and crying and scared as hell. I had realized earlier this summer no one in my house cared about what was happening to me, and I had nowhere to turn. I simply sat in bed with the small ring of the light illuminating tat damned doll... something I used to love, and now despised. I don't know how long I sat there. By the time the batteries died on my light, the sun was coming up casting a soft light in the room. By the time I left the room, my throat was extremely sore.
I never fell back asleep, I know that much for sure. It's the only reason I don't think it was all a bad dream. Well, that and the other nightmarish things that happened involving that doll. That day, after my father had left for work I took my frustrations out on that doll. I smashed his face in, I kicked him, I took him and swung him around smacking him against my porch outside. I was working some stuff out, okay? After that I took him back into the shed and saw that the bag he was in had a small hole in it, about the size of his head. So I wasn't going to take any chances. I put him in a toy chest I had in the shed, it was a square, with the ninja turtles painted on all the sides with a lid that locked. I shoved him in there and locked the lids declaring victory. Which worked, for a while. I didn't see him again that summer, I had a different supernatural encounter, with a being the internet has begun to call the "hatman" I guess. I didn't know he was basically a cryptid, but apparently he's a big deal and has a sub dedicated to him. I'll leave that one be for now... this story isn't about him.
The last time I saw Charlie in Idaho was after school had started. I had just come home from school and my "girlfriend" had come home with me. She was a cool kid, I really liked her (despite not know what a romantic relationship really was), but this was the last time we ever hung out. We got home, and dumped our backpacks on the floor next to my front door, and sat down to watch Star Trek TNG. It is part of why we were friends, she loved Star Trek and so did I. We watched it together every day after school until her mom picked her up. It should be noted that though the backpacks weren't visible to us, from where my couch was, the only way to get to the bags was to pass by us, in between us and the TV screen, kinda hard to miss. Well, halfway through the episode we were watching our backpacks flew across the room. They didn't roll or slide, they passed in front of the TV, in the air, like someone had chucked them. She screamed, I screamed, there was no ice cream involved. We ran over to the bags, then we looked back at where they came from. Sitting against the door, with a smug air about him was Charlie. It was like he was taunting me. The girl didn't know what was happening, or why I was so much more freaked out then her. My mind was racing, and I decided the only thing to do was make sure he was gone forever.
Now an adult would think "FIRE" but to a 6th grader fire was not on the menu. I decided to bury him, and the girl got conscripted into helping me. She was scared and confused, but eventually, she did help. I got my Dad's shovel, and took Charlie to the woods behind my house. I dug a deep hole, super deep, to a pre-teen that had to have been at least 3 feet. I threw charlie in and the girl said the "As I lay me down to sleep" prayer while I buried him. I don't know what it's called, I never was a church kinda guy, but after I finished I put a set of crossed sticks on the dirt and covered the mound with pine needles. And that was it. The girl broke up with me when she left my house that day. The next summer I moved back in with my mom, and never looked back at Charlie or that house again. I never told anyone, neither did the girl as far as I know. Not that it'd matter, I never saw anyone who knew me from Idaho ever again, even when I went back, I didn't run into any old friends.
So I grew up, moved to California for high school, met a girl and fell in love, as one does. Eventually, roughly 1998, my dad moved out to Cali to be closer to the kids he used to neglect and brought with him all the things we had left behind, hoping we would equate nostalgia with love. I kept that Ninja Turtle box out and left the toys in it. Don't worry, he wasn't in the box. The rest of the stuff went into the "attic" we had... a small crawl space with very little room. And that was that. Two years passed after dad had moved away from that property. It was January of 2000, we had all just survived Y2k. Life was good. I had dropped out of school the year before, so I was working for McDonalds and taking every shift I could. Things were kinda growing stale between me and my girlfriend, We will call her A. A was kinda mean honestly, but she was hot and I was fat so I thought I'd never get anything better. So one day, after a morning shift of work I came home and she was waiting on my porch, she knew I would be home alone, and she wanted to do the thing 17 year old kids do when they can be alone together. I was also a 17 year old kid, and though I was beginning to dislike her, I was 17 years old. Nudge Nudge Wink Wink say no more!
We went into my house, went into my room and I was trying to convince her to let me take a shower to get McMuffin stink off of me when she asked why my bed was so dirty. I turned around and on my bed was a small set of sticks, crossed, under a pile of pine needles. That made little sense, because there were no pine needles around my house. Also dear readers, though you've made the connection I'm sure, I did not. I simply commented on how weird that was, brushed them onto the floor and did what I had come to do. It was later... after... we were sitting together talking and she said something about not knowing I had such a cool doll. I followed her gaze, and sitting on the Turtle Toy Box way dear old Charlie. Now, I won't lie to you, I screamed. I got really dizzy and I thought I was going to pass out, I started hyperventilating as a ton of memories all caught up to me at once. The thing is though, this guy was fresh, he still had his jacket (I lost it years before the whole Basement thing), his hat was perfect, he had is monocle and both shoes. "A" didn't know why I was freaking out so hard, I asked her to check inside his shoe, she said there was white paint inside with my special mark for my last name. I ran over and grabbed him, as I picked him up I realized what the pine needles meant. I spun around and looked next to the bed where they had been swept off. There was nothing on my floor, I told "A" and she started to get why I was so upset. I checked the doll all over, he had the same bald spot, everything. This wasn't just another doll, this was Him. "A" wanted to know the story, so I explained it all to her over my Webber grill... I learned plastic stinks when it burns and leaves a residue at the bottom of charcoal grills. I also learned I wasn't as crazy as I thought, cause as he burned we both swore he was screaming. A part of me wants to think it was just air escaping his head as it melted... but I don't think that's the truth.
Anyway, the long lasting repercussions of those events means I get terrified of any dolls. I can't do ventriloquism, and I can't watch the Goosebumps movies because guess who R.L. Stein based the looks of his Haunted Dummy off of? I swear everyone steals my life story. Also my Wife (not "A") bought a Charlie McCarthy doll from goodwill just to mess with me, it isn't the same doll, I've never seen it, and I forced her to leave it at her parents house across the country. She also laughed at me while I was struggling to find a decent picture of him for this story. That's true love right there.
the TL;DR: The dummy shoved his arm down my throat while I was sleeping, then tosses a couple backpacks across a room before rising from the grave 6-7 years later to freak me out once more. Then he became a BBQ and I haven't seen him since. I've seen a lot more stuff... but not him. Also be proud of me, I wrote this whole thing without swearing.
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Look there is a owl house rule 34 sub report all rule 34. there is child rule 34 I think y'all see my problem we can't let stuff like this be accepted
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Awards are dumb
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The word disrespectful makes me wanna not
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я не говорю по-русски, лол
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I don't pay taxes give me upvotes
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I'm a grill
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Just was in a lobby you couldn't shoot and I still got a 9 kill streak my record
i6cseh in AmItheAsshole on 09 Aug 20 (1pts):
AITA for stepping on my dogs paw
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I'm trying to get banned on subs so whats up (racist term)
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2020.09.15 22:21 itsamandafasho [HOUSING] Room with private bath for rent in Downey; $825 with all utilities included, plus internet, one cat will be allowed!

(Posting for a family member as they don't have an account here)
Edit: laundry included!
Room is available with a private bath in a 3 bed/2 bath house located in a cul de sac near Warren High School in Downey, CA. Located 20 minutes from Long Beach, and 25 minutes from DTLA.
Images here:
The bedroom can come furnished like in the photos with a television and dresser (minus the mattress if you'd like to bring your own). There is a closet in the back left corner that I forgot to take a picture of, but it's there! There is a spacious backyard and patio area with a grill that you can freely use. Owner of the house likes to grill on the patio with family from time to time. Please note there are 3 dogs on the property, but are very friendly after meeting (and smelling) new people. Owner's son (m21) also lives in the home in a separate room.
(We can also remove all furniture for you if you'd like)
Neighborhood is very quiet since there's no through traffic and one parking space will be available to you. Just down the street is an office that closes at 5pm on weekdays and closed on weekends, so the neighborhood likes to use their parking; they never have issues outside of business hours. Other than that there is ample street parking outside the cul de sac and in the little neighborhoods around it. Owner loves to garden, she keeps lots of plants in the backyard, and you are also welcome to garden if you feel so inclined.
As mentioned in the title, owner will allow new tenant to have a cat, but $100 pet deposit will be added. Please PM me for additional info, and any inquiries.
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2020.09.15 22:00 LukeDougherty How would you rank the episodes of each respective Breaking Bad season? I’ve watched Breaking Bad from start to finish 6 times and have watched some individual episodes 25+ times even, so I’ve put a lot of thought into this list. Thoughts?🤔

Season 1: 1. Crazy Handful of Nothin’ (S1E6) 2. ...And the Bag’s in the River (S1E3) 3. Pilot (S1E1) 4. Gray Matter (S1E5) 5. A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal (S1E7) 6. Cat’s in the Bag... (S1E2) 7. Cancer Man (S1E4)
Season 2: 1. Grilled (S2E2) 2. Phoenix (S2E12) 3. ABQ (S2E13) 4. 4 Days Out (S2E9) 5. Better Call Saul (S2E8) 6. Peekaboo (S2E6) 7. Mandala (S2E11) 8. Seven Thirty-Seven (S2E1) 9. Bit by a Dead Bee (S2E3) 10. Over (S2E10) 11. Negro Y Azul (S2E7) 12. Breakage (S2E5) 13. Down (S2E4)
Season 3: 1. Full Measure (S3E13) 2. Half Measures (S3E12) 3. One Minute (S3E7) 4. Sunset (S3E6) 5. Fly (S3E10) 6. I See You (S3E8) 7. Caballo sin Nombre (S3E2) 8. Más (S3E5) 9. No Más (S3E1) 10. Kafkaesque (S3E9) 11. Abiquiu (S3E11) 12. I.F.T (S3E3) 13. Green Light (S3E4)
Season 4: 1. Face Off (S4E13) 2. Crawl Space (S4E11) 3. Salud (S4E10) 4. End Times (S4E12) 5. Hermanos (S4E8) 6. Box Cutter (S4E1) 7. Problem Dog (S4E7) 8. Bug (S4E9) 9. Shotgun (S4E5) 10. Cornered (S4E6) 11. Bullet Points (S4E4) 12. Open House (S4E3) 13. Thirty-Eight Snub (S4E2)
Season 5A: 1. Gliding Over All (S5E8) 2. Dead Freight (S5E5) 3. Say My Name (S5E7) 4. Fifty-One (S5E4) 5. Buyout (S5E6) 6. Live Free or Die (S5E1) 7. Madrigal (S5E2) 8. Hazard Pay (S5E3)
Season 5B: 1. Ozymandias (S5E14) 2. Confessions (S5E11) 3. To’Hajiilee (S5E13) 4. Felina (S5E16) 5. Granite State (S5E15) 6. Blood Money (S5E9) 7. Buried (S5E10) 8. Rabid Dog (S5E12)
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2020.09.15 07:00 WhatDoIPutHereLmao Firestone Grill Full Menu

FireStone Grill Full Menu:


Sliced Tri-Tip & BBQ Sauce on a French Roll
The Pig
Shredded Pork, Cole Slaw & BBQ Sauce on a French Roll
Veggie Avocado
Avocado, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Sprouts, Mayo & Jack Cheese on sliced Wheatberry Bread
Grilled Chicken
BBQ Chicken Breast, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Sprouts, Mayo, BBQ Sauce & Jack Cheese on a Wheat Bun ABC Style for +$2.49
Two Chicken Strips, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Mayo, Sriracha Ranch & Jack Cheese on a Wheat Bun On a French Roll for +$1.00
Bar-B-Que½ ChickenRack of Pork RibsTaco
Tri-Tip or Chicken in a Flour Tortilla filled with melted Cheese, chopped Lettuce & Salsa
½ Chicken Meal
Chicken, Garlic Bread & choice of Beans or Dinner Salad
Pork Rib Meal
7 Ribs, Garlic Bread & choice of Beans or Dinner Salad
Hot Dog
10" All Beef, Served Plain
Burgers⅓ lb. HamburgerABC Burger
Avocado, Bacon & Jack Cheese
Monster Burger
Double Patties with Cheddar & Jack Cheese
⅓ lb. CheeseburgerGarden Burger
Garden Patty, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Sprouts, Mayo, BBQ Sauce & Jack Cheese on a Wheat Bun
Hal-a-Peño Burger
Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Mayo, Sriracha Ranch, Jack Cheese, Bacon & Jalepeño
SaladsChoice of dressing on the side: Ranch, Vinaigrette, 1000 Island, Caesar, Asian or SouthwesternFirestone
Leaf Lettuce, Red Onion, Red Bell Pepper, Tomato, Feta Cheese & Pine Nuts
Tri-Tip or Chicken, Leaf Lettuce, Red Onion, Red Bell Pepper, Tomato, Bleu Cheese & Bacon
Romaine Lettuce, Parmesan Cheese & Croutons Add Chicken or Tri-Tip for +$3.00
Asian Chicken
Chicken, Leaf Lettuce, Red Bell Pepper, Chow Mein Noodles & Mandarin Oranges
Chicken, Leaf Lettuce, Avocado, Corn, Black Beans, Red Onion & Red Bell Pepper
Side Salad
Leaf Lettuce, Red Onion, Red Bell Pepper, Tomato & Croutons


5 Chicken Strips
Garlic Bread
Cole Slaw
Add Ons
Cheddar Cheese
Grilled Bell Peppers
Jack Cheese
Bleu Cheese
Mandarin Oranges
Feta Cheese
Pine Nuts
Taco Cheese
Grilled Onions
Sriracha Ranch


Hot Dog
Grilled Cheese


Sauza Gold Tequila, Triple Sec, Sweet & Sour Mix, Fresh Lime Juice
Tropical Passion
Ciroc Pineapple Vodka, Cranberry Juice & Lime
Buffalo Bill
Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Pineapple Juice, Cranberry Juice with Amaretto Floater
Cadillac Margarita
Sauza Silver Tequila, Cointreau, Sweet & Sour Mix, Fresh Lime Juice and Topped with Grand Marnier
Lemon Drop
Citron Vodka, Triple Sec, Sweet & Sour Mix, Sugar, Fresh Lemon Juice Make it a Raspberry Drop +$1
SLO & Low Old Fashioned
Slow & Low Rock and Rye Straight Rye Whiskey garnished with Orange Rind & Cherry
Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Vanilla Vodka, Pineapple Juice, Grenadine & Cherry
Tito's Mule
Tito's Vodka, Ginger Beer & Fresh Lime Juice
Poly Punch
Malibu Coconut Rum, Pink Lemonade, Pineapple Juice with a Dark Rum Floater
Beer & WineDraft Beer
805 - Blonde Ale - Firestone Walker (4.7%), Luponic Distortion IPA - Firestone Walker (5.9%), Mind Haze IPA - Firestone Walker (6.2%), Union Jack IPA - Firestone Walker (7.0%), Mango IPA - BarrelHouse (6.2%), DBA - British Pale Ale - Firestone Walker (5.0%), Bud Light - American Lager (4.2%), Modelo Especial - Mexican Lager (4.4%), Sierra Nevada - Pale Ale (5.6%), Stella Artois - Belgian Lager (5.0%)
Corona Extra, Corona Light, Modelo Negro, Pacifico, Michelob Ultra, Budweiser, Sunny Daze, Bon Viv Sparkling Seltzer, Angry Orchard Cider, Brooks Dry Cider, Newcastle, Heineken, Guinness
Blue Moon, Coors Light, Coors Original, Miller Light
Figueroa Mountain, Lizard's Mouth Imperial IPA (9.0%), Sierra Nevada, Hazy Little Thing IPA (6.7%)
Red Wine
Cabernet - Ancient Peaks Winery - Santa Margarita, CA Pinot Noir - Tolosa Winery - Edna Valley, CA Zinfandel - Rabble - Paso Robles, CA House Red - Pessimist - DAOU Vineyards - Paso Robles, CA
White Wine
Chardonnay - Chamisal Vineyards - Edna Valley, CA Sauvignon Blanc - Justin Winery - Paso Robles, CA Pinot Grigio - Local Rosé - Local Sparkling
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2020.09.15 04:53 bathfullofnuggets Perfume allery?

Been spending some time at my sister's house this week, and my pups been pretty good all things considered (almost 4 months). She lit a new scented candle today while I grilled, and I dont think there was a reaction right away cause she was sitting at the door away from the candle watching me cook. Then we sat down to eat in the livingroom, and my pup settled down under the coffee table, almost directly under the candle. Little while later, pup gets up to get a drink and we see it. Pink, puffy eyes, little puffy around the nose. I'm dumbfounded, we just travelled thru numerous states, bugs, sand, ocean water, nothing got to this pup, and it happened in a familiar, comfortable place. Took us a second to narrow down to the candle, some Target brand thing, just bought it today to help with the dog smell (she was dog sitting my senior dog while away). Gave her a benadryl, no other swelling popping up, and now knocked out in her travel crate. See what the morning brings, suppose to drive home tomorrow.
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2020.09.14 20:35 wifelovesthegym AITA For not helping my soon-to-be-ex move out of our house on my birthday?

My wife and I are getting a divorce. I won't get into the details of it other than to say the whole thing sucks and I want it all over with so that I can start to move on. She has been living with her parents for the last few months and I have been staying at the house we rented together. This past weekend was when she planned to come and move all of her stuff out. This past Saturday also happened to be my birthday. She asked if I was going to be around the house when she was moving and I said I didn't know. I really didn't want to be there while she was moving all her stuff out, it would not be fun for me and she said she had people to help anyway.
So I decided to take my dog out to a couple state parks nearby to get out of the house while she was there. I told her I am going to be out of the house all day because I don't want to be there while she's moving. She just said "OK" and hung up. I decided to turn my phone off because I just wanted to be able to relax a little bit and not focus on my failed marriage.
When I got home she was still there and I'll admit I was going to just drive right by and not stop, but she saw me and flagged me down. She was sweaty and dirty and looked tired. She said she still had a bunch of stuff to move and asked if I could help. I said no it's her stuff. Not mine, not ours. Her's.
So I went inside and the place is a mess. Boxes everywhere, furniture half disassembled, it didn't look like she had moved a single thing. I went to the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of whiskey and went on to our back patio to have a drink and start up the grill to make myself a nice steak I had gotten for myself. She tried to ask me again to help because apparently the people she had asked backed out and she was doing it on her own. I told her that wasn't my problem but if she needed to come back tomorrow that was fine by me. I also told her not to worry about the mess, I would clean that up if it meant she would be done faster.
So I sat on the patio drinking whiskey and cooking my steak and by this time it was getting dark so she came out to tell me she was going to have to come back the next day to finish up. I said that was fine by me, but I'm still not going to help other than to clean up after her. She left in a huff and I did kind of feel bad about it, but fuck her, in my eyes she did this to herself.
After a few glasses of whiskey I decided to help her out after all. I finished taking apart furniture, boxed up a bunch of her shit, and brought everything out onto the curb. When she came back the next day she was pissed that I put all of her stuff outside and that anyone could have came by and taken it. I told her she asked for help, I helped, now finish packing your stuff up, I have to finish cleaning up after you. She called me an asshole but I feel I did more work in 2 hours while half-drunk than she did in an entire day and she didn't even remember that it was my birthday.
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2020.09.14 15:11 startingtomorrow2 Apophis - April 11, 2036

2 Days Until Impact
I couldn't sleep last night after watching the video feed from Mars. My wife and I sat in the living room flipping through the TV channels for hours, desperately hoping that another video feed would appear. Nothing. We moved to the basement TV and then to the bedroom. We clicked through hundreds of channels. All static.
My wife fell asleep on the couch around midnight, watching me cycle the channels. I was wide awake. My brain was on fire with questions. Was it just coincidence that the Mars feed appeared at the exact moment we turned on the TV yesterday? How long had the video been playing before we turned it on? Why was it from 2 years ago? Who was Etsuko looking at in the video? Why was she crying? And of course, why was there text scrolling along the bottom of the screen that read "SEND THE BOMB?" What "BOMB" are they talking about? Where is it supposed to be sent? I tried to get some sleep, but I couldn't quiet my mind. I couldn't stop searching for more footage. I continued through the night and into the morning.
My son woke up at 7:00 am. I grabbed him out of bed and made him breakfast and sent him to play with his toys. I should have been spending time with my family, but I kept trying to find more footage. I thought, "maybe there is more footage that we missed. Maybe the humans on Mars are in some grave danger. Maybe there is other news that we need. Maybe the asteroid isn't going to hit Earth!" I checked all the other devices in the house. Phones, tablets, laptops. Nothing worked. The internet was still down.
"Travis, let it go." My wife woke up from the couch, picked up our son, and sat down next to me. "We need to spend these last few hours thinking about each other." She grabbed my hand. I looked away from the TV, set down the remote, put my head down, and cried. "I'm sorry." I sobbed. "I guess I was hoping there was something more to be seen. Maybe they would tell us they stopped the asteroid. Maybe they would tell us it was smaller than expected. Maybe they would tell us it was going to land in Antarctica instead of Kansas City." A tear streamed down my face as I pulled my wife and son in for a group hug. "We need to be strong for each other now." She calmly said. "We need to be sure our son's last 2 days are filled with happiness." She was right. "I'm sorry," I said wiping the tears from my cheek.
I picked up my son and held him at eye-level. "No more tears buddy." He gave me a concerned look. "Nothing but laughs and smiles until our time is up." I kissed his cheek and he shot me a grin. I picked up the remote to turn off the TV. "Let's turn this static off and forget about it. I looked at my wife and smiled. "It doesn't matter anyway." I held my gaze on my wife and pointed the remote at the TV behind me. "Stop" she whispered. Her eyes were wide. "It's back on." I turned slowly back to the TV. There was indeed something on it once again. This time, however, it wasn't Etsuko. It wasn't Mars. It was a picture map of our solar system, with a SpaceX logo in the top-left corner of the screen. All the planets were labeled, but there was no other text. We stared at the motionless map for what seemed like minutes. Then, in the top-right corner of the screen, a number appeared: "T - 39:00:00" It was a countdown clock, just like the one used in all the SpaceX rocket launches. A few seconds later, the imaged zoomed to the point that only Earth, the moon, and Mars could be seen. Suddenly, an additional object appeared halfway between Mars and Earth. Next, a number was placed above the object "4,353,180." And finally, below the object, a name appeared in bold, capital letters - APOPHIS.
"No!" My wife caught me off guard with her cry. I closed my eyes for a moment, reached out my hand to hold hers, and again pulled my family in tight. We turned back toward the TV, staring at the map and the unchanging numbers for another minute. Then I looked back at my wife and whispered: "If these numbers don't change, maybe that means they stopped the asteroid." She looked up and me and forced a grin. "Maybe" she replied with a half cry, half laugh. That hopeful moment lasted only a few seconds. My eyes again welled as we watched the timer tick to "T - 38:59:59". At the same time, the number above APOPHIS started shrinking. It represented the distance the asteroid was from Earth. That number moved quickly. It was very hard to watch. The asteroid was still alive and still headed for us. "Turn it off." My wife grabbed the remote, pushed the power button, and tossed it on the couch. She looked out the window. "It's a nice day! We shouldn't waste it inside," she said, grabbing our son. "Let's go to the park!"
We spent the rest of the day playing at the park, grilling hot dogs, and looking at family photo books. We put our son to sleep and my wife went to bed shortly after. I stayed up to pick up his toys and the photo-books. Under one of the books was the TV remote. I knew I shouldn't turn it on, but I couldn't help myself. I pressed the power button. The map appeared. I took a long look at the top-right corner of the screen before turning it off. I dropped the remote and headed for bed. How can I sleep with that number burned into my brain? "T-26:38:32"
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Barbecued dog meat - Crispy Roast BBQ Whole Dog ... DOG HOUSE GRILL, - YouTube Most Creative Dog Houses Ever - YouTube I Opened a Restaurant for Homeless DOGS! - YouTube The Rowdy Cowboy Show & The Dog House Mannequin Challenge ... Abandoned Puppies Rescued And Build Castle Mud Dog House ... eggdog - YouTube BUILDING MY DOGS A HOUSE - YouTube

The Dog House Saloon & Grill - Twp of Washington

  1. Barbecued dog meat - Crispy Roast BBQ Whole Dog ...
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After rescued the abandoned puppies i build the castle mud dog house for the dog at the 1st video then i feed these poor puppies and but them the great wall ... Barbecued dog meat - Crispy Roast BBQ Whole Dog - Primitive Living Skills Join group: #mannequinchallenge 2016 The Rowdy Cowboy Show & The Dog House Bar & Grill in Maplewood, MN DanieGeo Production An eggdog in real life lol - the meme really exists (O♡O) He lookin so fine and cute with this haircut Hi Sonja, this is my channel mmkay ;) Sources: Pet Lov... dog house episode, dog house english movie, dog house easily, wabi sab e dog house, dog e den underground dog house, dog house full movie, dog house full mov... Check this video about most creative, coolest dog houses and get some inspiration to make it also for your dog! These particularly creative dog houses may in... Wait til you see them catch shrimp! So cute. Opening a restaurant for homeless dogs has been a dream of mine for a long time. DOGIHANA serves most delicious ... BUILDING MY DOGS A HOUSE! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe and enable notifications so you don't miss videos! Hi I'm Little Lia, you can just call me L... I made this dog house out of shiplap cladding that was left over from the build of my workshop. I sold this dog house on eBay to someone who lives locally, a... dog house from cardboard, dog house forest, dog house for rottweiler, dog house from pallet wood, dog house glitch, dog house game, dog house grill, dog hous...